Newest Addition to the Digital Archive: 1913 Hampden Watch Company Price List Catalog

At the beginning of 2019, I set an aggressive goal to digitize and upload 50 publications related to the American watchmaking industry by the end of the year. This newest addition, a 1913 Hampden Price List Catalog, represents the 50th resource on the site. These original material catalogs, price lists, and marketing distributions are now freely available online for horology enthusiasts and researchers. There will be more to come next year.

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The Hampden Watch Company flourished in the 1890s as a result of John C. Dueber’s shrewd business acumen. Despite production volume never rivaling the giant watchmaking factories, Dueber was able to establish market trends and benefited from control over a large share in the watchcase market. When he died in 1907, the company experienced a gradual downturn as the mind behind the strategic business prowess was gone. This price list published by the Hampden Watch Co. in 1913 features the product lineup as the company was slowly losing market share. The catalog booklet opens with the prestigious 23-Jewel “New Railway” grade, offered as the top railroad watch from the company at the time, and concludes with a full list of railroad-approved grades in both 18 and 16 Size.

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Dueber-Hampden Watches Price List (1913)
18-Size 23-Jewel "New Railway" Watch from the Hampden Watch Company
18-Size 23-Jewel “New Railway” Watch from the Hampden Watch Company

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