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Brooklyn Watch Case Co. Lion
Watch Case Marking for Brooklyn Watch Case Co. Lion: B.W.C.Co.

Image Provided by Jones & Horan

Note: Case manufacturers modified markings over time. As a result, the image above is simply a representation of one particular marking used by the company. Your case marking may differ based on the production era and other parameters.


Database ID:PWDB-122
Case Grade:Lion
Gold Content:10K
Note:The "Lion" mark is assumed to indicate 10K solid gold. However, Jones & Horan has tested some of these cases as 14K.
Catalog Sources: 1878CYC 1880GHR 1880JAB 1880NHW 1882SFM 1883GHR 1883UNK 1884LSS 1885OY 1886RA 1888BA 1888OY 1889BAM 1889EVR 1890AP 1890BA 1890CHK 1890JC05 1890OY 1890SFM 1891RR 1891SAC 1892ACR 1892BAC 1892WES 1893BFNA 1893BHIA 1893MCE 1893SAC 1894BA 1894BATM 1894NRC 1895OY 1895SFM 1896MF 1896OY 1897BB 1899ACB 1899BHIA 1900BA 1900BHIA 1900LMC 1900NHW 1901BAC 1901OY 1902ACB 1902BATM 1902BB 1902MF 1903ACB 1903BAC 1903FDW 1903N76 1904ACB 1904BA 1904LB 1904PWC 1905ACB 1905BAC 1905DH 1905FNCS 1905ON 1906ON 1906SRC 1907ACB 1907NAC 1907NBC 1907SFM 1908ACB 1910ACB 1911NG 1911OY 1911WJJ 1912COC 1912HA 1912NG 1912WJJ 1913FDW 1915ACB 1915ON 1915PWE 1916LCM 1917BA 1923CBN 1923ON 1925ASJ 1925CPS 1928ON 1932ON 1942WAG
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