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Initial Marking: A.W.Co.

Location: Waltham, Massachusetts

Years of Operation: 1859-1885

Predecessor: Appleton, Tracy & Co.

Successor: Waltham

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Company Timeline


Appleton, Tracy, & Co. consolidates with the Waltham Improvement Co. and Imp Co. on January 1 to form the American Watch Co.


V.C. Gilman and others from the American Watch Co. leave to start the Nashua Watch Co. in Nashua, New Hampshire to manufacture high-grade watches.

August 27, 1864

Several key leadership figures from the American Watch Co. leave Waltham to pursue the establishment of a new company in the midwest, forming the National Watch Company. This company is later reorganized as Elgin.

May 1876

In response to the Elgin Watch Co. reducing prices, the American Watch Co. announces prices reductions of 40-50% and further guarantees wholesalers a rebate for any watches already purchased after the start of the year.


The American Watch Co. produces roughly 425 watches per day and employs 900 workers.


The American Watch Co. is renamed The American Waltham Watch Co.