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Elgin Grade 27

Grade 27 is a 15j or 17j Hunting watch maufacturered by Elgin. The size 18s, Model 2 movement features a nickel finish and is adjusted to isochronism and temperature. During the time the watch was manufactured, it would have qualified for railroad service and is considered to be railroad grade. Each movement was fitted at the factory with a double-sunk dial.

Grade 27 Movement Characteristics

  • Size18s
  • Jewels15j or 17j
  • ConfigurationHunting
  • FinishNickel
  • Model2
  • SettingLever
  • AdjustedYes
  • Railroad GradeYes
  • Railroad Grade ClassClass C

Grade 27 Production Info

  • Total Production45,000
  • Number of Runs42
  • Production Years1887-1898
  • First Serial2,125,001
  • Last Serial7,020,000
  • Largest Run2,000
  • Smallest Run1,000
  • Most Common Run1,000

Research Notes

15 Jewels: 3rd, 4th, Escape, Pallet (Pairs)
17 Jewels: 3rd, 4th, Escape, Pallet, Center (Pairs)
17j in 1903 Oskamp Catalog
17j in 1898 S.F. Meyer Catalog ("Adjusted")
17j in 1907 A.C. Becken Catalog ("Adjusted to temperature, isochronism and positions)

F.M Sproehnle & Co. published an advertisement in the November 7, 1894 issue of The Jewelers' Circular closing out the Elgin H.H. Taylor movements. The following B.W Raymond movements were also offered as alternative options.

New 17=Jewel Elgin
18-Size Movement.
B.W. Raymond.
Compensation Balance, Breguet Hairspring, adjusted, D.S. Dial, 17 Jewels (4 pairs settings), Patent Regulator, Hunting or Open Face.
Gilded Movement, $28.00
Nickel Movement, $32.00
No. 70, Gilt, Hunting, $28.00
No. 77, Gilt, Open Face, $28.00
No. 27, Nickel, Hunting, $32.00
No. 116, Nickel, Open Face, $32.00

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