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Elgin Grade 360

Veritas, O.F. Nickel. Lever Setting, for Railroad Service, Pendant Winding, Twenty-one ruby and sapphire jewels. Gold jewel settings. Double-roller escapement. Steel escape wheel. Exposed sapphire pallet stones. Pallet arbor cone-pivoted and cap-jeweled. Escape pinion cone-pivoted and cap-jeweled. Compensating balance. Breguet hair-spring, with Micrometric regulator. Adjusted to temperature, isochronism, five positions. Exposed winding wheels. Patent recoiling click and self-locking setting device. Dust ring. Double-sunk glass enamel dial. Engraving inlaid with gold. Plates beautifully damaskeened. Closely timed and finely finished throughout.

Grade 360 Movement Characteristics

  • Size16s
  • Jewels21j
  • ConfigurationOpenface
  • FinishNickel
  • Model13
  • SettingLever
  • AdjustedYes
  • Railroad GradeYes
  • Railroad Grade ClassClass A

Grade 360 Production Info

  • Total Production1,000
  • Number of Runs1
  • Production Years1908-1908
  • First Serial13,482,001
  • Last Serial13,483,000
  • Largest Run1,000
  • Smallest Run1,000
  • Most Common Run1,000

Associated Grades