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Illinois Size 18s Model 1: Overview & Production

The 18-size Model 1 movement was the first model created at the Springfield Watch Company (later known as the Illinois Watch Company). This key-wind key-set model was designed by John K. Bigelow and Daniel G. Currier. The first run was the "Stuart" grade, introduced to the market in January 1872. Production of the Model 1 continued until c.1894.

Model 1 Features

Illinois Model 18s 1 Diagram

Movement Diagram

Illinois 18s Model 1 Sample Image

Example Image

Illinois 18s Model 1 Dial Plate Image

Dial Plate Image

Note: Diagrams and photos displayed are intended to serve as a represenation of this model.
Plate cut, finishing style, jewel count, regulator, and other features may differ between grades within the same model designation.
Size 18s
Configuration Adaptable
Plate Full
Setting Key
Finish Gilt or Nickel
Model 1 Image Gallery

Model 1 Technical Specifications

Movement Thickness (with dial): 11.48mm
Pillar Plate Diameter: 45.54mm
Core Diameter: 42.68mm
Weight (with dial and hands): 60.47g
Measurement Notes: Inner Pillar: 45.84mm, Weight without Dial and Hands: 51.04g

Note: Measurements may vary slightly depending on features, style, and time of production.

These measurements were taken on movement #18292.