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Lancaster Watch Company Catalog (c.1882)

This c.1882 Lancaster Watch Company catalog was graciously digitized by an anonymous member of our community. The 6-panel pamphlet features select endorsements and full descriptions of the 16 grades offered by the company at the time.

Copyright Status: Public Domain (+95 Years)

Digitized Date May 10, 2022

> PENNSYLVANIA. #< ‐‐_‐_‐____‐‐ Movements on your recent trip to Europe isvery gratify: to o u r Company. Very respectfully, ‘ i v e us fe al A. BITNER, Manager. | REPLY. | LANCASTER, Nov. Ist,1878. ‐ I nanswerto yourinquiries of Oct.28th,I shown through the factory, we were conducte es- room,where ourattentionwas calledbythe Superintendent to a large number of very fine watches, the product of the establishment. He also gave us his reasons for thinking % e.‐ 1 that better watches could be made in Switzerland than in H Exposition. quoted,andwillvouchforthe a * e s-¢Three-Quarter Plate Movements3, > SIXTEEN GRADES.=; All 18-Size, Quick-Train Movements, Making 18,000 Beats to the Hour. No.2. FineNickel Movement. Straight-line Es‐ capement, Four pairs Extra Ruby Jewels ih Gold Settings, Patent Pinion, Exposed Pallets, Improved Let-down, Ex‐ pansion Balance, Adjusted to Heat, Cold, and Isochronism., Name,) * Melrose,” Lancaster, Pa. This very fine movement is identical in all respects with No. 15. Name, ‘* Lancaster, Pa.”’ No. 6. FineGilde capement, Patent Pinion, Name. * West End,” Lancaster, Pa. } No.13. F i n eGildedMovement. Straight-line Es‐ capement, Exposed Pallets, Improved Let-Down, Patent Pinion, Expansion Balance, Plain-Jeweled. Name, “ N e w Era,”’ Lancaster, Pa. No.7. Fine Gilded Movement. “Keystone” Key-wind. I n a l l other respects this Movement Is identi‐ cal with No. 4. 3 No. 8 Fine Gilded Movement. “Fulton” Key-wind. In all other respects this Movement is identi‐ cal with N o . 5. No.9.FineGildedMovement. “Franklin” Key-wind. In all other respects this Movement Is identi‐ cal with No. 6. No.10. FineGildedMovement. “WestE n d ” Key-wind. In all other respects this Movement Is identi- ‐ cal with No.12. No.11. Fine Gilded Movement. “New Era” Key-wind. In all other respects this Movement is identi‐ cal with No. 13. Mr.J. J. Higgins, Duquoin, Illinois: ‘ Y o u have a movement that must sell, and that too by its own merit.’ Mr.C.F. Kesselmire,salem,Ohio:‘‘Ihavesold several of your watches, and theygive good satisfaction.’ Mr.HermanPlack,Harrisburg,Pa.: ‘‘Allyour watches have been very satisfactory. I have been selling a great many of them.’ Messrs. S. R a m e y & Son, Pataskola, Ohio: ‘‘ The movements received fill the bill. They are the best we have seen for the money,’ Mr. Alden Webb,Beverly, Mass.,writes: ‘‘A rail‐ road engineer here, who carries a Lancaster Watch, thinks ‘ i t cant be beat.’ I am of the same opinion. M r . J. H. Danbrook,Railroad Engineer, writes: ‘I am well satisfied with the JLancaster Watch as a time‐ keeper, and do n o t wish anything better.’ Messrs. C o o k & Jaques, Trenton, New Jersey : ‘ T h e watches bought from you prove very satisfactory |i n ‐ t e e d . We feel well pleased with their performance.” Mr.BE. P. Grove,Waynesboro, Pa.: ‘I have sold several of your movements, and they have given splendid satisfaction, M r . M. C. Hawkins, Edinboro, Pa., writes: ‘‘ Your watches are doing finely.’ Mr.Wm.H. Hobbs,Buffalo,N.Y.: ‘‘Yourwatches give good satisfaction.”’ M r . J. B. Deitrich, Crestline, Ohio: ‘ ‘ I had one of yourNo. 4 movements that did n o t vary more than half a m Mr.EK. Castor,Waseca, Minnesota: “Your watches keep better time than any other watch I ever sold.” Messrs.Craft& Co.,ofIndianapolis,Indiana:‘‘We have sold several of your watches lately, and they a r e ’ doing splendidly. Mr. John Schneider, New Brunswick, N, J.: ‘‘The movements give perfect satisfaction.”’ minute in time here. onths, as near aswe could tell with railroad S1 X i :P E N N S Y L V AWANU ICAH .: McNaught& Co.,Whole‐ . ents, loronto, Canada: ‘‘ Your Watch gives entire satisfaction to the trade here. time-piece in every particular. We could send you a hundred testimonials from our cus‐ tomers if they were desired.” M r . B. Richardson, Aurora, Ontario: ‘ T h e Lan‐ caster Watch has given the utmost satisfaction to my cus‐ tomers, who all agreein pronouncing it a splendid time‐ Keeper and first-class in every particular. I have examined and tested them thoroughly, and, in my opinion asa prac‐ tical watchmaker, they are unequalled in their time-keep‐ ing qualities. They give m o r e value for the money than any other American watch I haveever handled.” M r . A . M . Gilpin, Uxbridge, Ontario, writes:nee regulatorin one of them. Mr.W.G.Hillock,New Castle,Indiana: ‘Iama w a r m advocate of the superior merits of the Lancaster Watches. It requires an extra exertion here to sell any‐ thing new, but all I have sold give satisfaction.”’ M r . R. B. Camp, Meshoppen, Pa.: ‘ Please send movements ordered as soon as possible. American watch but the Lancaster. best of satisfaction.”’ AmemberofthefirmofW. D,Chapman& Son, Theresa, N. Y., writes: ‘‘You are making a splendid watch. I am carrying the No. 3, and would n o t sell it if I could not get it duplicated.”’ =