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Location: Nashua, New Hampshire

Years of Operation: 1859-1862

Predecessor: American Watch Co.

Successor: American Watch Co.

Production Jewels: 15-19 Jewels

Production Sizes: 20s

Total Production: ~90

Average Quality:

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The Nashua Watch Co. was originally incorporated June 1860.

Company Timeline

June 1859

Virgil C. Gilman and others came to Nashua, New Hampshire from the American Watch Co. and organized the Nashua Watch Co. with a capital of $60,000. They planned to produce the most precise high-grade watches available in America.

The Old Washington House (Historic Nashua, Hodgdon)


The company establishes headquarters in the old Washington House in Nashua at 155 Main Street between Bowers and Prospect Streets.

June 1860

The Nashua Watch Co. is incorporated June 1860. [Vol 1860 Journal Of The Senate Of The State Of New Hampshire June]


After failing to increase the capital to meet financial requirements, the Nashua Watch Co. is sold to the American Watch Co. in Waltham, Massachusetts for $53,000, equal to the amount expended since the company's start. Approximately 1,000 watches were made, and almost all of them were finished and sold under the Waltham name.

November 1883

The building previously used as a factory for the Nashua Watch Co. is destroyed by fire.