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Rockford Grade 81

Grade 81 is a 17j Hunting watch maufacturered by Rockford. The size 18s, Model 8 movement features a twotone finish and is adjusted to isochronism and temperature. Each movement was fitted at the factory with a double-sunk dial.

Grade 81 Movement Characteristics

  • Size18s
  • Jewels17j
  • ConfigurationHunting
  • FinishTwo-Tone
  • Model3 or 8
  • SettingLever
  • AdjustedYes

Grade 81 Production Info

  • Total Production1,600
  • Number of Runs6
  • Years1886-1894
  • First Serial245,001
  • Last Serial442,150
  • Largest Run1,000
  • Smallest Run50
  • Most Common Run200

Research Notes:

According to factory serial lists, the Rockford Grade 81 was produced in six runs with inconsistent features. In the 1896 A.C. Becken catalog, the Grade 81 is described as being fully adjusted and is paired with the No. 61 (Openface) movement. By 1899, neither option was offered in the annual A.C. Becken catalog. Understanding of the Grade 81 traits is quite vague. The first run [245,001-246,000] is designated in factory serial lists as an 18-Size Model 3 with 9 Jewels and Gilt plates. Observations in this run have confirmed this description. Following a large gap, the Grade 81 returns for a second run [415,001-415,200], this time listed as an 18-Size Model 8 with 17 Jewels and "Plain" finish. The remaining runs are consistent with these traits with the exception of the finish designated as "Nickel" for the second-to-last run [439,651-439,700]. Observations of actual production causes additional confusion. Movements recorded in the second run are damaskeened nickel, marked "R.W.Co. - Rockford, Ill. - 17 J - Adjusted." Observations from the runs following indicate a two-tone finish was applied despite the "Plain" or "Nickel" finishes listed in the serial lists. This two-tone finish is consistent with the 1896 A.C. Becken catalog description. Additionally, multiple movements from the third-to-last run have been verified as marked "21 Jewels" (likely the first 100 of the run).

[245,001-246,000]: Listed as Model 3, Gilt, 9 Jewels. #245153: Verified (3rd/4th Wheel Jeweled Top Plate)
[415,001-415,200]: Listed as Model 8, Plain, 17 Jewels. #415188: Verified with Nickel Finish.
[433,751-433,800]: Listed as Model 8, Plain, 17 Jewels
[437,801-438,000]: Listed as Model 8, Plain, 17 Jewels. Multiple "21 Jewel" movements in the first 100. "17 J" movements confirmed in second 100. All Two-Tone.
[439,651-439,700]: Listed as Model 8, Nickel, 17 Jewels. #439652: Verified as Private Label "17 J" with Two-Tone Finish.
[442,051-442,150]: Listed as Model 8, Plain, 17 Jewels

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