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Location: Brooklyn, New York

Years of Operation: 1885 - 1931

The Solidarity Watch Case Company specialized in solid gold cases, some with raised gold and diamond ornamentation. All cases were advertised as hand-made and hand-engraved by artisans.

Specialty: Solid Gold Cases

Identification: The Solidarity Watch Case Company utilized a variety of marks during the span or production. However, all standard cases are identified with the name "Solidarity." Almost all cases are also marked with the appropriate gold content. Some cases are additionally marked with one or more of the registered trademarks for the company. Cases marked "S.W.C.Co." should be properly attributed to the Star Watch Case Company, not Solidarity.

Collectibility: The Solidarity Watch Case Company was one of the longest-standing gold case companies in the United States. As a result, Solidarity cases are fairly common to find. With the intrinsic gold value, these solid gold cases are desired by collectors, especially when featuring raised gold ornamentation or diamonds.

The Solidarity Watch Case Company was a co-operative company that was organized in July 1885 by members of the United Watch Case Makers association after several strikes in the case making trade. Production began in 1885 on Plymouth Street in Brooklyn.

On June 20, 1887, the factory was destroyed by fire. The company then moved the factory to Hope Street.

In 1899, the company made plans to extend their Brooklyn factory.

The copmany advertised heavily in trade magazines with the tagline "the case that sourts comparison."

On October 3, 1931, the company was officially dissolved.

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