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B.W. Raymond Pocket Watch

B.W. Raymond was a grade of pocket watch movements manufactured by Elgin National Watch Co..

The Elgin National Watch Co. manufactured watches in Elgin, Illinois from approximately 1864 to 1968. See more information about Elgin National Watch Co. or find out more information about your watch by conducting a serial number lookup.

Elgin National Watch Co.

Initial Marking: E.N.W.Co.

Location: Elgin, Illinois

Years of Operation: 1864-1968

Predecessor: National Watch Co.

The larget watch manufacturer in the United States during the pocket watch era.

Specialty: Specialized in mass production of various quality levels.

Production Jewels: 7-23 Jewels

Production Sizes: Wide Variety

Total Production: 55,000,000+

Factory Building Status: Demolished in 1966. Shopping center now resides on the property.

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