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Hamilton 934
Serial #40439

Image of Hamilton 934 #40439 Movement
Movement Image
Image of Hamilton 934 #40439 Dial
Dial Image
Image of Hamilton 934 #40439 Case
Case Image
Manufacturer Hamilton
Grade 934
Serial Number 40439
Size 18s
Model 1
Jewel Count 17j
Setting Lever
Finish Nickel
Case Material Silverode
Case Manufacturer Philadelphia Watch Case Co.
Case Serial # 870858
Case Details Silverode (nickel alloy) case with cion edge detail on both bezel and case back cover.
Dial Material Enamel
Dial Type Double-Sunk
Dial Style Arabic
Dial Signing Name private label S.G. Twambley & Son, Biddeford, Me.
Dial Details Private label dial marked "S.G. Twambley & Son, Biddeford, Maine
Movement Markings "Adjusted", 17 Jewels", "Safety Pinion". and 40430 (ser. no.) stamped on train plate. Private label marked "S.G. Twambley & Son, Biddeford ME" stamped on barrel plate.

This movement has been well cared for over it's 114 year life. Recently tested it in various positions oven a twenty day period and the average error was was only +3.21 seconds per day.