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E. Howard & Co. Unknown
Serial #14215

Image of E. Howard & Co. Unknown #14215 Movement
Movement Image
Image of E. Howard & Co. Unknown #14215 Dial
Dial Image
Image of E. Howard & Co. Unknown #14215 Case
Case Image
Manufacturer E. Howard & Co.
Grade Unknown
Serial Number 14215
Size 18s
Model N
Jewel Count 15j
Setting Key
Finish Gilt
Case Material Gold Settings (Screw-Set)
Case Manufacturer W.P. & Co.
Case Serial # 1224
Case Details This is a especial nice solid gold pocket watch. I wish i could document more photos of this watch.

Because Howard sizes were different than those of other American manufacturers, Howard movements will not fit properly in most "standard" American watch cases. Many case-makers produced cases for Howard watches, often in 14K or 18K gold, and sometimes marked "E. H. & Co." in addition to a maker's mark (see table below).

The following case manufacturers are known to have produced gold cases for Howard.

Company Mark
American Watch Case Co. A.W.C.Co.
Booz & Thomas B & T
Brooklyn Watch Case Co. B.W.C. Co.
Crosby & Mathewson C & M
C. E. Hale & Co. C.E.H. & Co.
Courvoisier & Wilcox Mfg. Co. C.W. Mfg. Co.
D. T. Warren & Co. D T W & Co.
Fellows & Co. F & Co.
Fellows & Shell F & S
J. M. Harper J M H
Jeannot & Schiebler J S
Keller & Untermeyer K (inside) U
Keller, Ettinger & Fink N.Y. K E & F Co.
Margot Bros. M B
Mathey Bros M & B
New York Gold Watch Case Co. N.Y.G.W.C.Co.
Peters & Boss P & B
Serex & Desmaison S & D
Serex & Maitre Bros S & M B
Serex & Robert
S & R

Warren & Spadone W & S
Wheeler Parsons & Co. W P & Co.
Western Watch Case Co. W.W.C.Mfg. Co.
Dial Material Enamel
Dial Type Single-Sunk
Dial Style Roman
Dial Signing Name E. Howard & Co. Boston
Dial Details Light hair line. Starting at the 45 minute across the dial to about the 7 minute marks. Not to detract from the over all appearance. This owner of this watch wore this watch. It has some light wear to the case but is overall great condition for a for a solid gold watch dating to the mid 1800's.
Movement Markings Reed's Patent
E. Howard & Co. Boston
PAT. JULY 24. 1866.
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