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Pocket Watch Balance Staffs

The delicate balance staff is one of the parts most frequently destroyed when a watch is dropped or sustains a forceful blow. The tiny pivots on each end of the balance staff are prone to bend and sheer under unreasonable force. When the balance staff is broken, it must be replaced by a staff matching the same dimensions as the original. If a factory-sized staff cannot be purchased, one must be fabricated using a watchmakers lathe.

When purchashing a replacement staff, pay attention to the avialable pivot sizes available. Many manufacturers also slightly modified the staff simensions, leading to some part number available in different variations (small/large collet, old/new style, short/long hub, etc). Keep this in mind when evaluating the avaialble staffs for a watch movement. It is recommended that the old staff be removed a measured prior to purchasing a new staff. Replacing a staff is a skilled operation requiring special tools. Please contacts a reputable watchmaker that specializes in antique watches if you are not equipped to replace a balance staff.

Pocket Watch Balance Staff Diagram