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Due to the lack of existing factory records, our U.S. Watch Co. (Waltham, Mass) database has been reconstructed using observations of known watches.
As a result, the information may contain inaccuracies. Please let us know if you have details that can improve the database.

From the American Horology Archive:

U.S. Watch Co. (Waltham, Mass)

Grade: 7

Manufacturer: U.S. Watch Co. (Waltham, Mass)
Manufacturer Location: Waltham, Massachusetts
Movement Serial Number: 13900
Grade: 7
Model: 1888
Estimated Production Year: 1888
Run Quantity: 100
Grade/Model Run: 2 of 3
Grade/Model Total Production: 300
Size: 16s
Jewels: 10j
Jewel Setting: Burnished Jewels
Movement Configuration: Openface
Movement Finish: Nickel
Movement Setting: Pendant
Plate: 3/4 Plate
Regulator: Plain
Hairspring: Flat
Adjusted: No
Railroad Grade: No
Movement Markings: U.S. Watch Co.
Waltham, Mass.
Safety Pinion
Case: Various
Run ID: 16.7G2.16S14.161888M11.O14.P14.10J2
Database Version: v52.111
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