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Philadelphia Watch Case Co.


Location: Philadelphia

Years of Operation: 1884-1953

Sold to Keystone Watch Case Co. (1903)

Case Grades

Note: This chart is not intended to be a comprehensive list of grades. Some grades changed traits over time and other grades may not be listed. This chart will be improved as additional information is studied.

Name Case Material Gold Content Gurantee Source Catalogs
Crown Gold-Filled 20-Year 1907ACB
Crown 10K/20YR Gold-Filled 10K 20-Year 1904BA
Crown 14K/20YR Gold-Filled 14K 20-Year 1893BFNA, 1894BA, 1896OY
Crown 14K/25YR Gold-Filled 14K 25-Year 1899BHIA, 1900BA, 1900BHIA, 1904BA, 1907ACB
Crown Silver Silver 1896OY
Crown Sterling Silver 1907ACB
Philadelphia Rolled Gold Plate 2-Years 1899BHIA
Philadelphia Electro-Plated Electro-Plated 1899BHIA
Philadelphia Nickel Nickel Alloy 1899BHIA
Philadelphia Silver Silver 1899BHIA
Philadelphia Silver-Filled Silver-Filled 1899BHIA
Premier Rolled Gold Plate 5-Years 1899BHIA, 1900BA, 1900BHIA, 1904BA
Premier Gold-Filled 10K 5-Years 1907ACB
Silverode Nickel Alloy 1894BA, 1902BATM, 1907ACB
Victory Rolled Gold Plate 10-Year 1899BHIA, 1904BA
Victory Gold-Filled 10K 10-Year 1907ACB

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