Pocket Watch Database

American Pocket Watch Trade Names

The following list includes trade names and signing names used for standard grades and various private labels manufactured by the American watch factories. Many of these names were trademarked to establish ownership of the name in the watch industry.

Trade Name Manufacturer
A. Lincoln Illinois
A.G. Spalding & Bros. E. Ingraham Co.
A.H. Wallis U.S. Watch Co. (Marion, NJ)
A.J. Wood U.S. Watch Co. (Marion, NJ)
A.W.Co. Waltham
A.W.W.Co. Waltham
Aaron Bagg New York Watch Co.
Abbott Sure Time E. Howard Watch Co. (Keystone)
Abbott Watch Co. E. Howard Watch Co. (Keystone)
Acme Various
Acme Watch Co. Trenton Watch Co.
Adams St. Waltham
Adams Street Illinois
Adams Street Special Illinois
Addison New England Watch Co.
Admiral Illinois
Admiral (A.C. Becken) Hamilton
Adonis U.S.A. Seth Thomas
Advance Elgin
Age Elgin
Albany Watch Co. Trenton Watch Co.
Albert Clark New York Watch Co.
Algier Watch Co. Trenton Watch Co.
Alleghany Illinois
Allis Illinois
Allure E. Ingraham Co.
Am. Waltham Watch Co. Waltham
Am. Watch Co. Waltham
America Illinois
America - Philadelphia U.S.A. Elgin
America Special Illinois
American General New York Standard Watch Co.
American Pride Ingersoll Watch Co.
American Star Illinois
American Watch Co. Waltham
Americus New England Watch Co.
Amn. Watch Co. Waltham
Anchor Hampden
Andrews Mfg. Co. Westclox
Anniversry Westclox
Antique Westclox
Apollo Westclox
Appleton, Tracy & Co. Waltham
Are You My Neighbor Ingersoll Watch Co.
Aristo Westclox
Aristocrat Illinois
Aristocrat Railroad Special E. Ingraham Co.
Ariston Illinois
Ariston Jr. Illinois
Ariston Rated Illinois
Arlington Illinois
Army & Navy Illinois
Asa Fuller U.S. Watch Co. (Marion, NJ)
Ascot Ansonia Clock Co.
Athletic Watch Co. Trenton Watch Co.
Atlantic Varnish World Ingersoll Watch Co.
Atlas Watch Co. Elgin
Auburndale Timer Auburndale Watch Co.
Austin - St. Louis Illinois
Autocrat Illinois
Autocrat [2] E. Ingraham Co.
Aviator Hampden
B.W. Raymond Elgin
Ball Watch Co. Various
Bankers Illinois
Bannatyne E. Ingraham Co.
Bates Illinois
Bay State U.S.A. New York Standard Watch Co.
BBB Special New Haven Watch Co.
Be Prepared - A Scout Is Ingersoll Watch Co.
Beacon Waltham
Beacon Dixie E. Ingraham Co.
Beacon [2] Hampden
Beardsley-Radiant New Haven Watch Co.
Beckwith Jlry. Co. Ingersoll Watch Co.
Belmont U.S.A. Rockford
Benjamin Franklin U.S.A. Illinois
Bently Auburndale Watch Co.
Berkshire International Watch Co.
Best Calument Ingersoll Watch Co.
Betsy Ross U.S. Watch Co. (Waltham, Mass)
Big Bad Wolf Ingersoll Watch Co.
Biltmore Hampden
Biltmore [2] E. Ingraham Co.
Bingo Westclox
Boer War Ingersoll Watch Co.
Bond St. Waltham
Bonheur Ingersoll Watch Co.
Bonnie Laddie Shoes Ansonia Clock Co.
Boston Watch Co. Hampden
Boyproof Westclox
Bristol E. Ingraham Co.
Broadway Waltham
Brobell Westclox
Buck Ingersoll Watch Co.
Buck Owens Westclox
Buddy New Haven Watch Co.
Bull Dog Illinois
Bulls Eye Westclox
Bunn Illinois
Bunn Special Illinois
Burlington Bulldog Illinois
Burlington Special Illinois
Burlington Watch Co. Illinois
Buster Brown Blue Ribbon Shoes Ingersoll Watch Co.
C & O Special Illinois
C.H. Hubbard Elgin
C.M. Cady Cornell Watch Co.
C.M.K. Special Ingersoll Watch Co.
C.T. Bowman Cornell Watch Co.
C.T. Parker Waltham
Calumet U.S.A. Illinois
Cambridge Watch Co. Suffolk Watch Co.
Campus Westclox
Canadian Pacific Railway Waltham
Canadian Railway Time Service Waltham
Capitol Illinois
Captain Illinois
Captain Scout New Haven Watch Co.
Cavour New England Watch Co.
Centennial Seth Thomas
Central Park Waltham
Century U.S.A. Seth Thomas
Champion Hampden
Champion [2] Columbus Watch Co.
Champion [3] Ingersoll Watch Co.
Charles Benedict New England Watch Co.
Charles E. Hayward New York Watch Co.
Chas G. Knapp U.S. Watch Co. (Marion, NJ)
Chas. Fargo Elgin
Chester Lancaster Watch Co.
Chester Woolworth New York Watch Co.
Chesterfield South Bend
Chicago Expo 1933 Ingersoll Watch Co.
Chief Elgin
Chronometer Hampden
Chronometer Dueber Hampden
Chronos Illinois
Church St. Waltham
Cleveland Inaugural, Wash, D.C. March 4, 1893 Ingersoll Watch Co.
Climax Ingersoll Watch Co.
Clipper Various
Clipper [2] E. Ingraham Co.
Club Watch Co. South Bend
Co-Ed E. Ingraham Co.
Cola-Cola Drink Ingersoll Watch Co.
Colby Ingersoll Watch Co.
Colonel Illinois
Colonial U.S.A. Seth Thomas
Columbia Illinois
Columbia Special Illinois
Columbia U.S.A. New York Standard Watch Co.
Columbian New England Watch Co.
Columbus King Columbus Watch Co.
Comet Illinois
Comet [2] Lancaster Watch Co.
Comet [3] E. Ingraham Co.
Commercial Standard Various
Companion E. Ingraham Co.
Compensated New Haven Watch Co.
Congress Illinois
Conn Watch Co. Pilgrim Ingersoll Watch Co.
Conqueror Illinois
Constant Mermod, Jaccard & Co.
Cord Ingersoll Watch Co.
Corona Watch Co. Seth Thomas
Coronado Westclox
Coronet Ingersoll Watch Co.
Cosmopolitan Watch Co. Illinois
Country Gentleman Westclox
Courier E. Ingraham Co.
Crescent Various
Crescent Garden Waltham
Crescent St. Waltham
Cricket Lancaster Watch Co.
Criterion Ingersoll Watch Co.
Criterion [2] E. Ingraham Co.
Cronometro Superior Waltham
Cronometro Supremo Waltham
Cronometro Victoria Waltham
Crown Ingersoll Watch Co.
Crown Watch Co. New York Standard Watch Co.
Cub E. Ingraham Co.
Currier Illinois
Dale E. Ingraham Co.
Dan Patch New York Standard Watch Co.
Dan-Doe Ingersoll Watch Co.
DASCO Westclox
David Graham Illinois
DAX Westclox
Dean Illinois
Defiance Illinois
Defiance [2] Ingersoll Watch Co.
Delaware Lancaster Watch Co.
Delaware Watch Co. Phila. Ingersoll Watch Co.
Dennison, Howard & Davis Howard Davis & Dennison
Denver Lancaster Watch Co.
Dependon Illinois
Des Moines Watch Co. Illinois
Despatch Ansonia Clock Co.
Devon Mfg. Co. Chicago, Ill. Ingersoll Watch Co.
Dewey Westclox
Dexter St. Elgin
Diadem Hampden
Diamond Waltham
Diamond Watch Co. Illinois
Diamond [2] Lancaster Watch Co.
Diurnal Illinois
Dixie E. Ingraham Co.
Dizzy Dean Ingersoll Watch Co.
Dot E. Ingraham Co.
Drugsum Westclox
Drydene Westclox
Dueber Hampden
Dueber Grand Hampden
Dueber Watch Co. Hampden
Dueber-Hampden Watch Co. Hampden
Duke Waltham
Dunder Watch Co. Trenton Watch Co.
E.S. Williams Cornell Watch Co.
E.W. Bond Hampden
Earl New Haven Watch Co.
Eastern Watch Co. Illinois
Eastlake Illinois
Echo Lancaster Watch Co.
Eclipse Various
Eclipse Radiolite Ingersoll Watch Co.
Eclipse Special Ingersoll Watch Co.
Eclipse [2] Ingersoll Watch Co.
Edgemere Seth Thomas
Edgemere Watch Co. [2] Trenton Watch Co.
Edward B. Butler Special Illinois
Edwin Rollo U.S. Watch Co. (Marion, NJ)
Elberon Lancaster Watch Co.
Eldridge U.S.A. New York Standard Watch Co.
Electric Railway Special Hamilton
Elephant Watch Co. Trenton Watch Co.
Elfin New England Watch Co.
Elite Elgin
Elite [2] Westclox
Elite [New Haven] New Haven Watch Co.
Elm City New Haven Watch Co.
Elwood Ingersoll Watch Co.
Empire City Watch Co. U.S. Watch Co. (Marion, NJ)
Empire State Watch Co. New York Standard Watch Co.
Engle National Watch Co. Illinois
Ensign Waltham
Ensign [2] Ingersoll Watch Co.
Enterprise Illinois
Envoy Waltham
Equinox Ingersoll Watch Co.
Equity Waltham
Equity Watch Co. Waltham
Escort Radiolite Ingersoll Watch Co.
Eska Ingersoll Watch Co.
Everbrite Captain Westclox
Everbrite Captain [2] E. Ingraham Co.
Everbrite Ideal E. Ingraham Co.
Everbrite Leader Westclox
Everbrite Major E. Ingraham Co.
Excelsior U.S.A. New York Standard Watch Co.
Excelsior Watch Co. New York Standard Watch Co.
Excelsior [2] Various
Export Waltham
F.A. Kimball Otay Watch Co.
Farm Bureau Westclox
Farringdon Waltham
Father Time Elgin
Fattorini Fattorini & Sons
Fattorini & Sons Fattorini & Sons
Favorite Waltham
Fayette Stratton U.S. Watch Co. (Marion, NJ)
Fedella Westclox
Federal Illinois
Federal Watch Co. Illinois
Fifth Avenue Illinois
First Lady E. Ingraham Co.
Flaggs Special Ingersoll Watch Co.
Flora Lancaster Watch Co.
Football Timer New Haven Watch Co.
Ford Special New Haven Watch Co.
Fortuna Trenton Watch Co.
Four Hundred Hampden
Frances Rubie Elgin
Franklin Lancaster Watch Co.
Franklin Street Illinois
Frederic Atherton & Co. U.S. Watch Co. (Marion, NJ)
Frederick Billings New York Watch Co.
Freer Hamilton
Fulton Lancaster Watch Co.
G.A. Conant Ingersoll Watch Co.
G.A. Read U.S. Watch Co. (Marion, NJ)
G.M. Wheeler Elgin
Gail Borden Elgin
Garden City Watch Co. Seth Thomas
Gargoyle Marine Oils Ingersoll Watch Co.
Gen'l Stark Hampden
General Illinois
Gentleman Waltham
Gentlemen Waltham
George Channing U.S. Watch Co. (Marion, NJ)
George F. Root Cornell Watch Co.
George Sam Rice New York Watch Co.
George W. Waite Cornell Watch Co.
Giant Waltham
Girard Lancaster Watch Co.
Gladiator Hampden
Glo-Ben Westclox
Globe Watch Co. Trenton Watch Co.
Glory be Westclox
Gold - Mark Hamilton
Gold Medal Illinois
Golden Gate Otay Watch Co.
Goodman King Mermod, Jaccard & Co.
Gotham E. Ingraham Co.
Gotham Adjusted New Haven Watch Co.
Gotham [2] Ingersoll Watch Co.
Graceline Ingersoll Watch Co.
Granger Watch Co. Elgin
Grant Illinois
Great Northern Special Illinois
Greenwich Illinois
Gregg Ingersoll Watch Co.
Guide Ansonia Clock Co.
H. Rosenberg Special Ansonia Clock Co.
H.A. Stillwell Illinois
H.G. Norton New York Watch Co.
H.H. Taylor Elgin
H.P. Knapp Special Illinois
H.W.Co. Special E. Ingraham Co.
H.Z. Cluver Elgin
H.Z. Culver Elgin
Hale Ingersoll Watch Co.
Hallmark Illinois
Hamilton New Haven Watch Co.
Hamilton - Director Hamilton
Hamilton - Gold Medal Hamilton
Hamilton - King Hamilton
Hamilton - Pilot Hamilton
Hamilton - True Time Hamilton
Hamilton - Trustworthy Hamilton
Hamlet U.S.A. New York Standard Watch Co.
Handy Andy New Haven Watch Co.
Harvard Watch Co. New York Standard Watch Co.
Hayden W. Wheeler Hamilton
Hayward New York Watch Co.
Hayward [2] Hampden
Henry Molineux Seth Thomas
Henry Randel U.S. Watch Co. (Marion, NJ)
Herald Square Illinois
Herman Gerz New York Watch Co.
Hero Illinois
Hi-Grade New York Standard Watch Co.
Hibbard New Haven Watch Co.
Hiegrade Watch Co. New York Standard Watch Co.
Highland Watch Co. Trenton Watch Co.
Hillside Waltham
Hollers Watch Co. Columbus Watch Co.
Hollers Watch Co. [2] Seth Thomas
Holljos New Haven Watch Co.
Holt Special Elgin
Holta Brand New Haven Watch Co.
Home Watch Co. Waltham
Homer Foot New York Watch Co.
Houston Watch Co. Illinois
Howard & Rice Boston Watch Co.
Hoyt Illinois
Hudson U.S.A. New York Standard Watch Co.
Hunter Westclox
I.H. Wright U.S. Watch Co. (Marion, NJ)
I.W.C. Illinois
Ideal U.S.A. New York Standard Watch Co.
Ideal [2] Westclox
Illini Illinois
Illinois Central Illinois
Imperial Watch Co. Trenton Watch Co.
Ingraham NYAD E. Ingraham Co.
Ingraham U.S.A. E. Ingraham Co.
Inter Watch Co. Seth Thomas
Interior Illinois
Interstate Chronometer Illinois
Interurban Special Illinois
Interurban Special Hamilton
Iowa Watch Co. Illinois
Iris Lancaster Watch Co.
Iroquois Rockford
Irving Special E. Ingraham Co.
J. Watson Waltham
J.A. Briggs New York Watch Co.
J.A. Foster Co. New Haven Watch Co.
J.C. Adams Cornell Watch Co.
J.C. Perry Hampden
J.C. Perry [2] New York Watch Co.
J.P. Hess Co. Special New Haven Watch Co.
J.P. Stevens Various
J.T. Ryerson Elgin
J.V. Farwell Elgin
J.W. Deacon U.S. Watch Co. (Marion, NJ)
Jaccard's Railway Watch Mermod, Jaccard & Co.
Jackson Park Columbus Watch Co.
James A. Garfield Illinois
Jefferson - St. Louis Illinois
Jefferson U.S.A. New York Standard Watch Co.
Jerome USA New Haven Watch Co.
JMR Illinois
Jockey E. Ingraham Co.
John C. Dueber Hampden
John C. Dueber Special Hampden
John Dueber Hampden
John Evans Cornell Watch Co.
John Hancock Hampden
John Hancock [2] New York Watch Co.
John L. King New York Watch Co.
John W. Lewis U.S. Watch Co. (Marion, NJ)
Johnny Zero Cycle: Air Force Westclox
Johnny Zero Cycle: Combat Westclox
Johnny Zero Cycle: Frontiersman Westclox
Johnny Zero Cycle: Pro-Sport Westclox
Junior Ingersoll Watch Co.
Junior Radiolite Ingersoll Watch Co.
Justen Westclox
Kartevold E. Ingraham Co.
Kay Jewelry Co. Illinois
Kelton Ingersoll Watch Co.
Kermit New Haven Watch Co.
Keyless Watch Co. Newark Watch Co.
Keystone Lancaster Watch Co.
King Edward Rockford
King Henry Illinois
King Landis Illinois
King of the Road Illinois
Kolbs New Haven Watch Co.
L.B.&Co. Illinois
La Salle U.S.A. New York Standard Watch Co.
Laddie New Haven Watch Co.
Laddie Athlete E. Ingraham Co.
Lady Clare New Haven Watch Co.
Lady Constant Mermod, Jaccard & Co.
Lady Elgin Elgin
Lady Franklin Illinois
Lady Martha Illinois
Lady Penn Lancaster Watch Co.
Lady Raymond Elgin
Lady Standard Mermod, Jaccard & Co.
Lady Stewart Illinois
Lady Waltham Waltham
Lafayette Illinois
Lafayette [2] Hampden
Lakeshore Illinois
Lakeside Illinois
Lakeside Hampden
Lancaster Pa. Lancaster Watch Co.
Lancaster Watch Lancaster Watch Co.
Landis Watch Co. Illinois
Lapel Ingersoll Watch Co.
Lawson Foot Ball Timer New Haven Watch Co.
Le Blane Ingersoll Watch Co.
Leader Elgin
Lee-O-Clock New Haven Watch Co.
Leeds Ingersoll Watch Co.
LeLand Watch Co. Rockford
Lenox Ansonia Clock Co.
Lenox [2] E. Ingraham Co.
Leonard New Haven Watch Co.
Leonard Duke New Haven Watch Co.
Leonard Earl New Haven Watch Co.
Leonard Earl [2] Ingersoll Watch Co.
Leonard Watch Co. New Haven Watch Co.
Leonard [2] Ingersoll Watch Co.
Liberty Bell Illinois
Liberty USA Seth Thomas
Liberty USA [2] Ingersoll Watch Co.
Lieutenant Illinois
Light Up Time Ingersoll Watch Co.
Lighted Dial Westclox
Lincoln Illinois
Lincoln Park Illinois
Lincoln [2] Illinois
Lincoln [3] Auburndale Watch Co.
Loeser Ansonia Clock Co.
Logan Illinois
Lord Elgin Elgin
Louisiana Purchase Ingersoll Watch Co.
Love Westclox
M.D. Ogden Elgin
M.J. & Co.'s Railway Watch Hampden
M.S. Smith Freeport Watch Manufacturing Co.
Ma Cleco E. Ingraham Co.
Madison International Watch Co.
Magnat Westclox
Maiden Lane Seth Thomas
Major Illinois
Major (Ingersoll) Ingersoll Watch Co.
Major (Westclox) Westclox
Malvern Lancaster Watch Co.
Man-Time Westclox
Mansfield Glownite New Haven Watch Co.
Mansfield Paramount Ingersoll Watch Co.
Maple Leaf Ingersoll Watch Co.
Marine Special Illinois
Marion Watch Co. U.S. Watch Co. (Marion, NJ)
Mark IV Westclox
Marquis Waltham
Marquis Autocrat Illinois
Martyn Square Waltham
Marvel Watch Co. Trenton Watch Co.
Marvin Watch Co. Swiss Imports
Mary Stuart Illinois
Mascot International Watch Co.
Mason Illinois
Massachusetts Watch Co. Unknown
Master E. Ingraham Co.
Mastercraft E. Ingraham Co.
Mastercraft Radiolite Ingersoll Watch Co.
Mastercraft Rayolite New Haven Watch Co.
Mat Laflin Elgin
Maxim Westclox
Maximus Waltham
Maximus Diamond Waltham
Melrose Lancaster Watch Co.
Melrose Watch Co. Tremont Watch Co.
Menlo Park Hampden
Menoco E. Ingraham Co.
Mentor Ansonia Clock Co.
Mercer Ingersoll Watch Co.
Metrolopolis Hampden
Mickey Mouse Westclox
Mickey Mouse [2] Ingersoll Watch Co.
Midget Ingersoll Watch Co.
Midget Radiolite Ingersoll Watch Co.
Miller Illinois
Minute Man Hampden
Miracle New Haven Watch Co.
Miss Ingraham E. Ingraham Co.
Mite Ingersoll Watch Co.
Molly Stark Hampden
Monarch Ingersoll Watch Co.
Monarch Watch Co. Illinois
Monarch Watch Co. [2] Seth Thomas
Monitor Westclox
Monitor [2] Ingersoll Watch Co.
Monroe Illinois
Morton Special E. Ingraham Co.
Motor New Haven Watch Co.
Mt. Vernon Illinois
Muscatine Watch Co. Illinois
Mustang Westclox
N.H.B. E. Ingraham Co.
N.Y.W.Co. New York Watch Co.
Nathan Hale Hampden
Nation Various
National Watch Co. Elgin
Native Son Otay Watch Co.
NAWCC Inc. Westclox
Nehi New Haven Watch Co.
New Era Lancaster Watch Co.
New Era USA New York Standard Watch Co.
New Haven Watch Co. New Haven Watch Co.
New Railway Hampden
New York to Paris Airplane Model E. Ingraham Co.
New York USA Seth Thomas
No Jar Westclox
Non-Magnetic Watch Co. [1] Various
Non-Magnetic Watch Co. [2] Peoria Watch Co.
North American R.R. Hampden
North American Railway Hampden
North Star Columbus Watch Co.
North Star [2] U.S. Watch Co. (Marion, NJ)
North Western International Watch Co.
Official R.R. Standard Various
Official Souvenir Panama Pacific Int 1915 New Haven Watch Co.
Ohioan Hampden
Olympia Special U.S.A. Illinois
Olympia U.S.A. Illinois
Overland Elgin
Overland Mail Otay Watch Co.
Overland [2] E. Ingraham Co.
Overland, N.Y. Ingersoll Watch Co.
Oxford New England Watch Co.
P.H. Wheeler Otay Watch Co.
P.S. Bartlett Waltham
Pacific U.S.A. New York Standard Watch Co.
Paillard Various
Pan American Buffalo - 1901 Expo Ingersoll Watch Co.
Pan American USA New York Standard Watch Co.
Panda E. Ingraham Co.
Panther E. Ingraham Co.
Paoli Lancaster Watch Co.
Paragon Timekeeper Mermod, Jaccard & Co.
Paris World Expo 1900 Ingersoll Watch Co.
Park Road Waltham
Pastor E. Ingraham Co.
Pathfinder E. Ingraham Co.
Patrician Waltham
Patrol Ingersoll Watch Co.
Paul Cornell Cornell Watch Co.
Paul Revere Hampden
Pearl Lancaster Watch Co.
Peer Waltham
Peerless Rockford
Peerless Watch Co. Seth Thomas
Peerless [2] E. Ingraham Co.
Peerless [3] Ingersoll Watch Co.
Peke E. Ingraham Co.
Penn Special Illinois
Pennsylvania Special Illinois
Perfection Waltham
Perfection U.S.A. New York Standard Watch Co.
Peter Pan New Haven Watch Co.
Picadilly Ansonia Clock Co.
Picard R. Fils E. Ingraham Co.
Pilgrim Ingersoll Watch Co.
Pilot E. Ingraham Co.
Pioneer Waltham
Pittsburg Jewelry Co. Ingersoll Watch Co.
Plymouth Watch Co. Various
Pocahontas Rockford
Pocket Ben Westclox
Pocket Pal E. Ingraham Co.
Polaris South Bend
Pony E. Ingraham Co.
Potomac Illinois
Precise Illinois
Premier Waltham
Premier Maximus Waltham
Premire Ingersoll Watch Co.
Premium Ingersoll Watch Co.
President New York Illinois
Pride E. Ingraham Co.
Prince E. Ingraham Co.
Prince - Hamilton Hamilton
Prince of Wales Rockford
Princecess E. Ingraham Co.
Princess Various
Princeton New Haven Watch Co.
Prinston Ingersoll Watch Co.
Professional E. Ingraham Co.
Progress - Century of Progress 1833-1933 Ingersoll Watch Co.
Progress U.S.A. New York Standard Watch Co.
PUP E. Ingraham Co.
Puritan Ingersoll Watch Co.
Quaker Ingersoll Watch Co.
Queen Illinois
Queen Mab New England Watch Co.
Quincy Street Illinois
R.D. Perry Otay Watch Co.
R.E. Robbins Waltham
R.F. Pratt U.S. Watch Co. (Marion, NJ)
Radiolite-Ingersoll Ingersoll Watch Co.
Radnor Lancaster Watch Co.
Rail Road Dispatcher Illinois
Rail Road King Illinois
Rail Road Queen Illinois
Rail Way New York Watch Co.
Railroad Dispatcher Illinois
Railroad King Waltham
Railroad King [2] Illinois
Railroad Magnet Illinois
Railroad Monarch U.S. Watch Co. (Waltham, Mass)
Railroad Watch Co. Hamilton
Railroader Waltham
Railway Hampden
Railway King Columbus Watch Co.
Railway King Special Columbus Watch Co.
Railway Queen Seth Thomas
Railway Regulator Illinois
Record Lancaster Watch Co.
Red Rose of Lancaster Lancaster Watch Co.
Regent New York Standard Watch Co.
Regulator No. 44 Illinois
Relgis Illinois
Reliance Ingersoll Watch Co.
Reliance [Trenton] Trenton Watch Co.
Remington U.S.A. New York Standard Watch Co.
Remington Watch Co. Illinois
Republic U.S.A. Seth Thomas
REX E. Ingraham Co.
Rite Time E. Ingraham Co.
Ritzi E. Ingraham Co.
Riverside Waltham
Riverside Maximus Waltham
Roadmaster Waltham
Robanne Westclox
Roosevelt Hamilton
Roosevelt Illinois
Rose LeLand Illinois
Rosemere U.S.A. New York Standard Watch Co.
Royal Waltham
Ruby Waltham
Ruby [2] Columbus Watch Co.
Ruby [3] Lancaster Watch Co.
Ruby [4] Westclox
Rugby New England Watch Co.
Rural Ansonia Clock Co.
S&D Ingersoll Watch Co.
S.M. Beard U.S. Watch Co. (Marion, NJ)
S.W.Co. Illinois
Samuel Curtis Waltham
Sangamo Illinois
Sangamo Extra Illinois
Sangamo Special Illinois
Santa Fe Route Waltham
Santa Fe Special Illinois
Sapphire Waltham
Scentry E. Ingraham Co.
Scepter Westclox
Schwartz's Special E. Ingraham Co.
Scotty Westclox
Sears Westclox
Sears Roebuck Special Illinois
Seaside Waltham
Secometer E. Ingraham Co.
Senate Illinois
Senator Luminous Ingersoll Watch Co.
Seneca Illinois
Sentinel Click E. Ingraham Co.
Sergent Ingersoll Watch Co.
Service New Haven Watch Co.
Sesqui Centinnial Phila Ansonia Clock Co.
Seven Seas E. Ingraham Co.
Shelton Ingersoll Watch Co.
Shiptime New Haven Watch Co.
Sidney Lancaster Watch Co.
Silogram Westclox
Silver Star E. Ingraham Co.
Sir Leeds Ingersoll Watch Co.
Smile Westclox
Sol Waltham
Solar Watch Co. Elgin
Solar Watch Co. [2] New York Standard Watch Co.
Solo Westclox
Sonny Leeds Ingersoll Watch Co.
Southern Railroad Special Illinois
Souvenir Westclox
Special Railroad Waltham
Special Railway Hampden
SPIC Ingersoll Watch Co.
Sports-Timer New Haven Watch Co.
Springfield New York Watch Co.
Springfield Ill. Watch Co. Illinois
Springfield Illinois Watch Co. Illinois
Springfield [2] Hampden
St. Louis World Fair, 1904 Ingersoll Watch Co.
St. Regis Westclox
St. Regis [2] E. Ingraham Co.
Standard Lancaster Watch Co.
Standard Mirror Ingersoll Watch Co.
Standard P. Watch Co. Trenton Watch Co.
Standard St. Louis, Mo. Mermod, Jaccard & Co.
Standard USA New York Standard Watch Co.
Standard USA [2] Seth Thomas
Standard Watch Co., Pa. Illinois
Standard [2] Hampden
Stanley Illinois
Star of the West Illinois
State Street Hampden
State Street [2] New York Watch Co.
Sterling Illinois
Sterling [2] Waltham
Sterling [3] E. Ingraham Co.
Sterling [4] Ingersoll Watch Co.
Stevens Lancaster Watch Co.
Stewart Illinois
Stewart Special Illinois
Stewart Watch Co. Illinois
Strand Elgin
Stuart Illinois
Studebaker South Bend
Studebaker Watch Co. South Bend
Study E. Ingraham Co.
Sturdy E. Ingraham Co.
Sun Mark Westclox
Sun-Dial Elgin
Sunnyside Illinois
Superior Ansonia Clock Co.
Supreme Illinois
Surity New Haven Watch Co.
Swagger Ingersoll Watch Co.
Sweepster Ingersoll Watch Co.
Syndicate Watch Co. Rockford
T.M. Avery Elgin
Target E. Ingraham Co.
Tasco Invincible Illinois
Tasco Perfex Illinois
Team Mate Westclox
Tele-Time Westclox
Ten Hune Ingersoll Watch Co.
Terminal E. Ingraham Co.
Texan Westclox
The Admiral Illinois
The Airplane Westclox
The Albert Ingersoll Watch Co.
The American Westclox
The American New Haven Watch Co.
The Angelus New Haven Watch Co.
The Atlantic Elgin
The Banner Hamilton
The Best E. Ingraham Co.
The Cascades, St. Louis, 1904 World Fair Ingersoll Watch Co.
The Colonel Illinois
The Commodore Illinois
The Conductor Westclox
The Double Albert Ingersoll Watch Co.
The Dueber Watch Co. Hampden
The Fellows Newark Watch Co.
The Fifth Avenue Illinois
The General Illinois
The Graham Illinois
The Josephine Hampden
The Manhattan Illinois
The Mary Jane Hampden
The Master Illinois
The Master (Weisfield & Goldberg) Illinois
The Maxim Westclox
The Midget Aristic Ingersoll Watch Co.
The Murdock Special Hamilton
The Official Westclox
The Pal E. Ingraham Co.
The President U.S. Watch Co. (Waltham, Mass)
The President [2] Illinois
The Queen Extra Illinois
The R.H. Moulton Illinois
The Rail Roader Illinois
The Railroader Illinois
The Ramsey Watch Rockford
The Saturday Post Ingersoll Watch Co.
The Swingin A's Westclox
The Tecumseh Illinois
The Trump New England Watch Co.
The Union Hamilton
The Union Special Hamilton
The Warrington Illinois
The Washington Illinois
The Waterbury New England Watch Co.
The Yankee Bicycle Watch Ingersoll Watch Co.
Theo. E. Studley New York Watch Co.
Thor Hamilton
Three Little Pigs Ingersoll Watch Co.
Time and Tide E. Ingraham Co.
Time Ball E. Ingraham Co.
Time King Illinois
Time King [2] Columbus Watch Co.
Time King [3] Hamilton
Time Pilot Hamilton
Time Prince Hamilton
Tiny Tim Westclox
Tip Top New Haven Watch Co.
Tip Top Jr. New Haven Watch Co.
Tip Top Quintet New Haven Watch Co.
To-Tem New Haven Watch Co.
Tommy Ticker New Haven Watch Co.
Top Notch E. Ingraham Co.
Tourist Waltham
Tourist [2] New Haven Watch Co.
Tower E. Ingraham Co.
Tracy, Baker & Co. Tracy, Baker & Co.
Traffic Special Hamilton
Trail Blazer Westclox
Traveler Waltham
Traveler [2] Ingersoll Watch Co.
Treasure E. Ingraham Co.
Trent Ingersoll Watch Co.
Tribune Seth Thomas
Tribune [2] New York Standard Watch Co.
Triumph Various
Triumph [2] Ingersoll Watch Co.
True Time Teller Tip Top New Haven Watch Co.
Trump Ingersoll Watch Co.
Tutor Ansonia Clock Co.
Tuxedo New England Watch Co.
U.B.C. E. Ingraham Co.
Unbreakable Crystal E. Ingraham Co.
Uncle Sam Westclox
Uncle Sam Bomber E. Ingraham Co.
Uncle Sam [2] E. Ingraham Co.
Union Pacific Illinois
Union Special Hamilton
Union Watch Co. Trenton Watch Co.
United New Haven Watch Co.
United [2] E. Ingraham Co.
Universal Ingersoll Watch Co.
Universelle, Paris 1900 Ingersoll Watch Co.
USA New Haven Watch Co.
USA [2] Ingersoll Watch Co.
Vanguard Waltham
VeriBest New York Standard Watch Co.
Veritas Elgin
Viceroy E. Ingraham Co.
Victor Illinois
Victor [2] Westclox
Victor [3] New Haven Watch Co.
Victory E. Ingraham Co.
Vienna Ingersoll Watch Co.
Vogue E. Ingraham Co.
Vote Westclox
W.H. Ferry Elgin
Waldemar U.S.A. New York Standard Watch Co.
Walmay E. Ingraham Co.
Walter Scott Special Illinois
Waltham Watch Co. Waltham
Warren Mfg. Co. Warren Manufacturing Co.
Washington Illinois
Washington U.S.A. New York Standard Watch Co.
Washington Watch Co. Illinois
Washington [2] Hamilton
Wasp Ingersoll Watch Co.
Waterbury Ingersoll Watch Co.
Waterbury Radiolite Ingersoll Watch Co.
Waterbury Special Ingersoll Watch Co.
Wellington U.S.A. New York Standard Watch Co.
West End Lancaster Watch Co.
Westclox Westclox
William Penn U.S.A. New York Standard Watch Co.
Wilmington Special New York Standard Watch Co.
Wings E. Ingraham Co.
Winnebago Rockford
Winner E. Ingraham Co.
Winner [2] Ingersoll Watch Co.
Winston Ingersoll Watch Co.
Wiona Rockford
Wm. Alexander U.S. Watch Co. (Marion, NJ)
Wm. Ellery Waltham
Wm. H. Hibbard Cornell Watch Co.
Wm. McKinley Hampden
Wm. Penn Lancaster Watch Co.
Wolly Boy Ingersoll Watch Co.
Wyoming Watch Co. Seth Thomas
Wyoming Watch Co. [2] New York Standard Watch Co.
Yankee Ingersoll Watch Co.
Yankee Special Ingersoll Watch Co.
Young America U.S. Watch Co. (Marion, NJ)
ZEP E. Ingraham Co.
ZEP [2] Westclox
ZOBO Westclox
Zodiak Time Westclox