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Illinois Watches and Their Makers (1921) Cover Image

Illinois Watches and Their Makers (1921)

Cover Title Page Illinois Watch Company Factory Photo A Half Century Of Illinois Watches 1870-1920 Illinois Watch Company Honor Roll Temperature Adjusting Facilities Enlarged Mr. Johnson Attends Astronomical Convention An Evening with Mr. Johnson in the Illinois Watch Company's Astronomical Observatory United States Nautical Almanac Lists Illinois Watch Company's Astronomical Observatory How Accurate Time Is Taken From The Stars At The Illinois Watch Company's Astronomical Observatory Illinois Watch Company Wireless Time Headquarters for the Central Zone Magazine Writes Up Illinois Wireless Activities Abraham Lincoln Of The Farewell Address A. Lincoln Relic Of Great Historic Interest A Rear Admiral Praises The A. Lincoln Watch We Make Good Watches As Well As Good Friends Library Extension In Entrance Hall Watch Dials Connect Us With Timekeeping Methods Of Remotest Antiquity The Bolivian Minister's Visit The Days Of The Week And Their Names Watch Factory Health Service Cafeteria Lunch Room Continues Very Popular "Doings" Articles Have Wide Reading The Swastika - Once A Universal Time Symbol Swastika In Flag Of Allied Army Big Foreign Demand For Illinois Watches Some Interesting Facts About The Calendar A Timepiece Of Three Hundred Years Ago A Five Gallon Milk Can Of Watches A Tribute To The Watch Recent Letters Relative To The Superior Merits Of Illinois Watches Illinois, Illinois, That's The Watch For Me A Relic From The Mormon Temple Our Grounds Greatly Admired Why Is This Watch Shown In This Position? An Engineer's Soliloquy On His Bunn Special A Tribute To Illinois Watches We Appreciate How Illinois Watches Reach The Public Illinois-Springfield Watches for Railroad and General Service Sangamo Special Bunn Special Bunn Illini A. Lincoln The Autocrat Bracelet Watches