Pocket Watch Database

American Pocket Watch Companies

Manufacturer Name Location Years of Operation
Adams & Perry Watch Manufacturing Co. Lancaster, Pennsylvania 1874-1877
American Horologe Co. Roxbury, Massachusetts 1851-1851
American Repeating Watch Co. Elizabeth, New Jersey 1885-1892
American Watch Co. Waltham, Massachusetts 1859-1885
Ansonia Clock Co. Brooklyn, New York 1896-1929
Appleton Watch Co. Appleton, Wisconsin 1901-1903
Appleton, Tracy & Co. Waltham, Massachusetts 1857-1859
Auburndale Watch Co. Auburdale, Massachusetts 1876-1883
Aurora Watch Co. Aurora, Illinois 1883-1892
Ball Watch Co. Cleveland, Ohio 1891-1960
Ball - Elgin -
Bannatyne Watch Co. New York, New York 1905-1911
Benedict & Burnham Co. Waterburry, Connecticut 1855-1870
Benedict & Burnham Mfg. Co. Waterburry, Connecticut 1870-1880
Bogle Brothers White River Junction, Vermont -
Boston Watch Co. Roxbury, Massachusetts 1853-1857
Brown, Robert & Sons 1883-1856
Burlington Watch Co. Chicago, Illinois 1908-1925
California Watch Co. Berkeley, California 1876-1877
Charles Fasoldt Rome, New York and Albany, New York 1849-1878
Cheshire Watch Co. Cheshire, Connecticut 1883-1892
Chicago Watch Co. Chicago, Illinois 1895-1903
Columbia Watch Co. Waltham, Massachusetts 1896-1900
Columbus Watch Co. Columbus, Ohio 1874-1903
Cornell Watch Co. Chicago, Illinois and San Francisco, California 1870-1876
Corona Watch Co. New York 1900-
Crescent Watch Co. -
Crown Watch Co. -
D Goddard & Son Worcester, Massachusetts 1842-1850
D. Goddard & Co. Worcester, Massachusetts 1860-1872
D.D. Palmer Watch Co. Waltham, Massachusetts 1864-1875
D.N. Freeman & Co. Atlanta, Georgia 1885-1887
Dean & Co. -
Denver Watch Co. Denver, Colorado c.1891
Dudley Watch Co. Lancaster, Pennsylvania 1920-1925
E. Howard & Co. Roxbury, Massachusetts 1857-1861
E. Howard Watch & Clock Co. Roxbury, Massachusetts 1881-1903
E. Howard Watch Co. (Keystone) Waltham, Massachusetts 1902-1930
E. Ingraham Co. Bristol, Connecticut 1912-1968
E.F. Bowman Lancaster, Pennsylvania 1879-1882
E.H. Flint Cincinnati, Ohio 1877-1879
E.N. Welch Mfg. Co. Bristol, Connecticut 1834-1897
Edgemere Watch Co. Chicago, Illinois -
Elgin National Watch Co. Elgin, Illinois 1864-1968
Excelsior Watch Co. Bedford, Massachusetts -
First National Co-Operative Society Chicago, Illinois -
Fitchburg Watch Co. Fitchburg, Massechusetts 1875-1878
Fredonia Watch Co. Fredonia, New York 1884-1885
Freeport Watch Manufacturing Co. Freeport, Illinois 1874-1875
George P. Reed Boston, Massachusetts 1865-1885
Goddard & Co. Worcester, Massachusetts 1857-1860
Gruen Watch Co. 1870-
Hamilton Watch Co. Lancaster, Pennsylvania 1892-1969
Hampden Watch Co. Springfield, Massachesetts and Canton, Ohio 1877-1927
Herman von der Heydt Chicago, Illinois 1883-1895
Howard Clock & Watch Co. Roxbury, Massachusetts 1861-1863
Howard Davis & Dennison Roxbury, Massachusetts 1850-1851
Howard Watch & Clock Co. Roxbury, Massachusetts 1863-1881
Illinois Watch Co. Springfield, Illinois 1869-1948
Independent Watch Co. Fredonia, New York 1880-1884
Ingersoll Watch Co. 1892-1922
International Watch Co. Newark City, New Jersey 1902-1907
J.H. Allison Detroit, Michigan 1853-1890
J.H. Mulford Albany, New York 1842-1876
J.P. Stevens Watch Co. Atlanta, Georgia 1882-1887
J.R. Brown & Sharpe Providence, Rhode Island 1856-
Jacob D. Custer Norristown, Pennsylvania 1840-1845
Jacob Karr Washington, DC 1857-1895
James & Henry Pitkin Hartford, Connecticut 1838-1852
Jonas G. Hall Montpelier, Vermont and Miliwood Park/Roxbury, Vermont 1850-1890
Kankakee Watch Co. Kankakee, Illinois 1900-1900
Kelly Watch Co. Chicago, Illinois 1896-1896
Keyless Watch Co. -
Keystone Watch Case Co. 1882-1927
Keystone Watch Co. Lancaster, Pennsylvania 1884-1891
Knickerbocker Watch Co. New York, New York 1899 - c.1930s
L. & C. Mayers Co. New York -
L. Goddard & Co. Worcester, Massachusetts 1817-1825
L.A. Munger Publishing Co. -
Lancaster Penn Watch Co. Ltd. Lancaster, Pennsylvania 1877-1879
Lancaster Watch Co. Lancaster, Pennsylvania 1879-1884
Les Reymond -
Luther D. Goddard Worcester, Massachusetts 1850-1857
Luther Goddard Shrewsbury, Massachusetts 1809-1825
M.S. Smith & Co. Detroit, Michigan c.1868-1871 (Watch Production)
Manhattan Watch Co. New York, New York 1883-1891
Manistee Watch Co. Manistee, Michigan 1908-1911
Marion Watch Co. Marion, New Jersey 1872-1874
McIntyre Watch Co. Kanakee, Illinois 1908-1911
Melrose Watch Co. Melrose, Massachusetts 1866-1868
Misattributed -
Mozart Watch Co. Providence, Rhode Island and Ann Arbor, Michigan 1864-1870
Nashua Watch Co. Nashua, New Hampshire 1859-1862
National Watch Co. Elgin, Illinois 1864-1874
New England Watch Co. Waterbury, Connecticut 1898-1914
New Haven Clock & Watch Co. New Haven, Connecticut 1853-1956
New Haven Watch Co. New Haven, Connecticut 1883-1887
New Jersey Watch Co. New York, New York 1888-
New York Chronograph Watch Co. New York, New York 1880-1885
New York City Watch Co. New York, New York 1890-1897
New York Standard Jersey City, New Jersey 1885-1929
New York Watch Co. Springfield, Massachusetts 1866-1875
Newark Watch Co. Newark, New Jersey 1863-1870
Non-Magnetic Watch Co. Geneva, Switzerland and USA 1887-1905
Osaka Watch Co. Osaka, Japan 1893-1896
Otay Watch Co. Otay, California 1889-1894
P & D Goddard Worcester, Massachusetts 1825-1842
Peerless Watch Co. San Francisco, California 1892-
Peoria Watch Co. Peoria, Illinois 1885-1895
Philadelphia Watch Co. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1868-1886
Potter Brothers Chicago, Illinois 1870-1875
Potter Watch Co. New York, New York 1855-1875
Quick Train Rockford Watch Co. Waldboro, Maine -
Railroad Watch Co. Albany, New York 1896-
Reliance Watch Co. -
Robert H. Ingersoll & Bro. New York, New York 1892-1922
Rock Island Watch Co. Rock Island, Illinois 1870-1872
Rockford Watch Co. Rockford, Illinois 1873-1915
Royal Gold American Watch Co. New York, New York -
San Jose Watch Co. San Jose, California 1891-1891
Self-Winding Watch Co. -
Seth Thomas Watch Co. Thomaston, Connecticut 1885-1915
Smith D. French Wabash, Indiana 1866-1878
South Bend Watch Co. South Bend, Indiana 1902-1929
Springfield Illinois Watch Co. Springfield, Illinois 1879-1885
Sterling Clock and Watch Co. Sterling, Illinois 1889-1895
Suffolk Watch Co. Waltham, Massachusetts 1900-1901
Swiss Elgin -
Swiss Hamilton -
Swiss Waltham -
Tracy, Baker & Co. Waltham, Massachusetts 1857-1857
Tremont Watch Co. Boston, Massachusetts 1864-1868
Trenton Watch Co. Trenton, New Jersey 1887-1908
United States Watch Co. (Marion) Marion, New Jersey 1864-1877
U.S. Watch Co. (Waltham, Mass) Waltham, Massachusetts 1885-1904
Union Watch Co. New York, New York 1908-
Unknown -
Various -
W. Hanson 1887-
W.C. Potter Chicago, Illinois 1875-1876
American Waltham Watch Co. Waltham, Massachusetts 1852-1957
Warren Manufacturing Co. Roxbury, Massachusetts 1851-1853
Washington Street Watch Co. Chicago, Illinois -
Washington Watch Co. Washington, D.C. 1872-1874
Waterbury Watch Co. Waterbury, Connecticut 1879-1898
Westclox Athens, Georgia 1899-
Western Clock Co. Peru, Illinois 1895-1930
Western Clock Manufacturing Co. Peru, Illinois 1888-1895
Western Watch Co. Chicago, Illinois 1877-1880
Wichita Watch Co. Wichita, Kansas 1887-1888
Williamstown Watch Co. Williamstown, Massachusetts 1883-