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Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Years of Operation: 1879-1884

Predecessor: Adams & Perry Watch Manufacturing Co.

Successor: Keystone Watch Co.

Reorganized as the Keystone Standard Co., 1886

Production Jewels: 7-20 Jewels

Production Sizes: 18s, 8s

Total Production: ~215,000

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Company Timeline

September 26, 1874

The Adams & Perry Watch Manufacturing Co. is incorporated in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with the capital stock of $78,000. Construction on a factory for the company commences.


The Adams & Perry Watch Co. is pressed for funds and bonds in the amount of $25,000 are issued.


J.C. Adams resigns from the Adams & Perry Watch Co. after a dispute with E.H. Perry involving the manufacturing of escapements. Adams thought it best to import the escapements whereas Perry was convinced the entire movement should be manufactured at the factory.

July 1875

Construction of the Adams & Perry Watch Manufacturing Co. factory is completed.

April 7, 1876

First movement is produced, slightly larger than 18s, after 22-months of building the machinery.

May 16, 1876

The company ceases operations after they are unable to recover from the manufacturing delays. An effort to increase the capital stock is a failure.

May 16, 1876

The Adams & Perry Watch Co. is reorganized with new directors.

June 10, 1876

After being forced to pay creditors, the company is assigned to C.A. Bitner, who sells the company to Dr. Carpenter for $47,000.

August 1877

The Lancaster Watch Company was formed with an advanced capital of $21,000.

September 1877

Manufacturing at the Lancaster Watch Co. commenced and a 3/4-plate, fully-jewelled, movement was designed and produced.

September 1878

The Lancaster Watch Co. increase the capital stock to $35,000.

October 31, 1878

The Lancaster Watch Co. reorganizes as the Lancaster, Pa. Watch Co, Limited, with a capital of $160,000.

May 9, 1879

After running short on funds, a new company is organized as the Lancaster Watch Co. This new company rents the property owned by The Lancaster, Pa. Watch Co., Limited.

April 1883

After several years of success, the Lancaster Watch Co. and the Lancaster Pa. Watch Co., Limited consolidate with a capital stock of $248,000.

July 1883

The Lancaster Watch Co. factory ceases operations momentarily while securing funding of $25,000 to continue work.


The company assets are acquired by the Hamilton Watch Co.