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Company Profile: Hampden Watch Co.

Location: Springfield, Massachesetts and Canton, Ohio

Years of Operation: 1877-1927

Factory Building Status: Demolished. Interstate 77 now cuts through the property.

[Dueber Watch Co.]

Company Timeline

June 1877

The New York Manufacturing Co. is reorganized as the Hampden Watch Co.


A new factory for the Hampden Watch Co. is constructed in Springfield, Massachusetts.


John C. Dueber purchases a controlling interest in the Hampden Watch Co. Looking to expand the watch production, Dueber explored suitable land in Springfield, Massachusetts for a new factory. However, his search was unsuccessful. Dueber begins looking for a place to relocated his watch case company and the Hampden Watch Co.

Dueber Watch Case Factory, Newport, Kentucky


John C. Dueber moves The Dueber Watch Case & Manufacturing Co. from Newport, Kentucky to Canton, Ohio and rebrands the company as the Dueber Watch Case Works to provide cases for the Hampden Watch Works company.

April 1888

The Hampden Watch Co. is relocated to Canton, Ohio. and rebranded as Hampden Watch Works.


John C. Dueber passes away and Albert M. Dueber takes over the Dueber Watch Case Works.


The Hampden Watch Works and Dueber Watch Case Works merge to form the Dueber-Hampden Watch Co.


The Dueber-Hampden Watch Co. is purchased by Walter Vretmann.


The Dueber-Hampden Watch Co. goes into receivership.


The Dueber-Hampden Watch Co. is purchased by a company in Russia. All equipment and some employees were relocated overseas.