Pocket Watch Database

American Pocket Watch Wholesalers & Retailers

Manufacturer Name Location Years of Operation
A. Graves & Co. or H.E. Jacobi
A. Hirsch & Co. Chicago, Illinois
A.C. Becken Chicago, Illinois
Adolph Enggass Jewelry Co. Detroit, Michigan
Alter & Co. Chicago, Illinois
American Watch Club
Babson Bros. Chicago, Illinois
Baer Bros. Co.
BBC & Co.
Benjamin Allen & Co. Chicago, Illinois
Burnett Bros. or H.A. Roubert
Burr W. Freer
Butler Bros.
C.H. Knights & Co. Chicago, Illinois
Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co.
Duval Jewelry Co. or Kranich
Equity Watch Co.
Gittelson Jewelry Co. and Gradwohl Jewelry Co.
Gold & Co.
H. Frumess, Helzberg's, Lincoln Watch Co., Chas. Schwartz & Co., or White Bros.
H.F. Hahn & Co. -1914
H.M. Jacobsen & Son
Howard & Co. New York, New York
Iowa Watch Co.
John G. Murdoch & Co.
John M. Roberts
John V. Farwell
Joseph DeRoy
Kay Jewelry Co. Reading, Pennsylvania
Kranich Bros. Lancaster, Pennsylvania
L. Manheimer & Co.
Landis Watch Co.
Lapp & Flershem Chicago, Illinois 1876-
Lippman Stores
Louis Manheimer
Marshall Field & Co.
Montgomery Ward & Co.
Morris Cohn
Muscatine Watch Co.
N. Gamse New York, New York
New York City Watch Co.
Olsen & Ebann Chicago, Illinois
Oskamp-Nolting Co. Cincinnati, Ohio
Otto Young & Co. Chicago, Illinois 1865-1928
R.R. Fogel & Co. New York, New York
Richards & Rutishauser Chicago, Illinois
Rogers, Thurman Co. Chicago, Illinois 1898-1930
S.&N. Katz Baltimore, Maryland
Santa Fe Watch Co. Topeka, Kansas 1894-
Sears, Roebuck & Co. Chicago, Illinois
Sigler Brothers Cleveland, Ohio
Sproehnle & Co. Chicago, Illinois
Standard Watch Co. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Stein & Ellbogen Co. Chicago, Illinois
Sterling Jewelry Co.
Strawbridge & Clithier Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Strow Bros.
The Kay Co.
Webb C. Ball Celeveland, Ohio
Wilkens Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Wilson Bros. Boston, Massachusetts