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Company Profile: E. Howard Watch Co. (Keystone)

Location: Waltham, Massachusetts

Years of Operation: 1902-1930

Production Jewels: 17-23 Jewels

Production Sizes: 16s, 12s, 10s

Total Production: ~550,000

Average Quality:

Average Rarity:

E. Howard brand purchased by Keystone Watch Case Co., 1902

Company Timeline

Predecessor: E. Howard Watch & Clock Co.

October 1902

The E. Howard Watch Co. Is organized in Portland, Maine with a capital stock of $250,000 to carry on the sale of E. Howard watches and materials. Principle office located at 403 Washington Street, Boston. (The Keystone, September 1902).

April 1903

The first advertisement featuring an E. Howard Watch Co. movement is published in The Keystone by Hayden W. Wheeler & Co., promoting the 16-size bridge model, available in hunting and open face. The magazine also features the new movement, mentioning availability in 17, 19, and 21 jewels. (Waltham-Howard). The model is referred to in future advertisements as the ?1903 Model.?

August 1904

The new Howard Bridge Model is announced in The Keystone within an advertisement by Hayden W. Wheeler & Co. Described as "Fine ruby jewels in raised gold settings; double roller escapement; steel escape wheel; exposed pallets; compensating balance; accurately adjusted to temperature, isochronism and five positions, and carefully timed; patent Breguet hairspring; micrometric regulate; exposed winding wheels and gold train; fine glass enamel hand-painted dial." However, the model is still referred to as the "Model 1903" in future advertisements.

April 1905

The new line of bridge-model Howard watches is announced in The Keystone, sold as complete watches cased in solid gold and high-grade gold filled cases. The movements are offered in 23, 19, and 17 jewels.

May 1905

An advertisement published in The Keystone showcases the new Howard line, featuring two of the new Model 1905 movements. Grades offered: 23-Jewel Bridge Model [Waltham-Keystone Bridge Model, Series 0], 19-Jewel 3/4 Plate A3PTI [Waltham-Keystone 3/4 Model, Series 1], 17-Jewel 3/4 A3PTI [Model 1905, Series 2], and 17-Jewel 3/4 Plate AT [Model 1905, Series 3]. The Bridge model and 19-Jewel 3/4 model are movements with Waltham charactereistics while the two 17-Jewel offerings are the new 1905 Model.

December 1907

The new extra-thin 12-size Howard watch is announced in The Keystone, advertised as ?bridge model, exposed stop work, white enamel dial, open-face only.?

April 1908

Howard reports all watches are now adjusted to position, temperature, and isochronism and features a steel escape wheel and ruby/sapphire jewels. "The 17-jewel 16 size size grade [Series 3] that has heretofore been adjusted to temperature only is now adjusted also to three positions and isochronism; and every grade that has been adjusted to three positions is now adjusted to five positions and isochronism." Three grades of "Railroad Watches" are indicated as 16 size, open-face, lever setting, double roller, adjusted to five positions, temperature and isochronism.


The Keystone Watch Company discontinues production of the E. Howard watches.