Enter the serial number from the pocket watch movement below. Do not use the case number. Tips for looking up your watch

How to Find Info About Your Pocket Watch

The Pocket Watch Database has compiled data covering the major American pocket watch manufacturers and created an easy way to find information using the serial number on the watch movement. Here are a few tips to find information about your pocket watch:

  1. Always input the serial number from the pocket watch movement (the "mechanism" of the watch).
  2. Never use the serial number from the case or any other part.
  3. Always select the correct manufacturer, which is usually stamped on the watch movement or dial.
  4. If the manufacturer is not listed on the site, you may have a "private label" watch or it may not be American-made.
  5. If the serial number includes a letter, enter it along with the number when using the lookup feature.
  6. Many pocket watch case backs screw off. Others may require a dull wide blade to pry or pop the cover. Be careful not to scratch or damage the movement.
  7. Consider uploading images of your watch by creating a collection account on the website. This is compeltely free and assists in promoting research in American horology.
  8. Understand that many companies did not keep accurate or complete records. As a result, information displayed on this site may have inaccuracies. This is to be expected, and we have included an option to report inaccurate information on the result pages so the database can be continually improved.
Pocket Watch Serial Number Lookup - Hamilton, South Bend, Illinois, Rockford, Waltham & Elgin Pocket Watches
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American Pocket Watch Case Companies

Manufacturer Name Location Years of Operation
A. Anzelewitz & Co. New York -1914
A. Jaffe & Son, Inc. New York 1930-1942
A. Kamion New York 1915-1935
A.A. Robert & Foster Boston, Massachusetts 1900-1920
A.L. Ducommun Philadelphia 1796-1799
A.M. Bachrach New York 1900-1920
Adolph Bulova New York
American Waltham Watch Co. Waltham, Mass. 1857-1892
American Watch Case Co. New York 1893-
American Watch Case Co. of Toronto, Ltd. Toronto, Ontario 1893
Andrew K. Shiebler & Son New York 1890-1920
Apex Watch Case Co. New York
Appleton, Tracy & Co. Waltham, Mass. 1857-1876
Arnold Robert Boston 1889
Association of Silver Case Manufacturers 1866
Atlantic Watch Case Co. New York
Avery & Brown New York -1905
Avon Watch Case Co. Brooklyn, New York 1930-1940
Baldwin & Co. Newark, New Jersey 1850
Ball, Parker & Waters New York 1880-1890
Ball, Steffany & Co. New York 1870-1875
Bates & Bacon Attleboro, Mass 1883-1904
Bay State Watch Case Co. Boston, Massachesetts 1889
Bayer, Pretz, Felder & Mills New York
Becker-Heckman Co. Chicago, Illinois 1943
Bell & Co. Philadelphia 1866
Bell Watch Case Co. Cincinnati, Ohio -1905
Belove Watch Case Co., Inc. New York 1943
Bernard Levy Philadelphia 1878-1880
Berthoud, A. Milford, Pennsylvania 1883-1890
Bigalke & Eckert Co. New York 1920-1935
Blauer & Sperry Chicago, Illinois 1869-1883
Blauer Watch Case Co. Chicago, Illinois 1883-
Bojar Co. Providence, Rhode Island 1931-1940
Booz & Co. Philadelphia 1882-1888
Booz & Hagstoz Philadelphia 1869-1874
Booz & Thomas Philadelphia 1875-1882
Boss Watch Case Co. Chicago, Illinois 1894-
Boston Watch Case Co. Boston, Massachusetts 1884
Bowman New York 1850-1857
Bowman & Everts New York 1846-1850
Brennan, Michael Philadelphia 1884-1886
Brooklyn Standard Watch Case Co. Brooklyn, New York 1931-1940
Brooklyn Watch Case Co. Brooklyn 1865-1890
Buckley, Preston & Tracy New York 1835-1837
Byron L. Strasburger & Co. New York 1889
C. & C.P. Warner Philadelphia 1839-1861
C. & E. Tracy Philadelphia 1850-1853
C. Jacot & Bro. Philadelphia 1852-1871
C.A. Pequignot Philadelphia 1854-1884
C.E. Hall & Co. Boston, Massachusetts 1860
C.K. Colby New York 1900-
C.R. Smith & Sons 1880
C.W. Westphal Philadelphia 1801-1810
California Watch Case Co. Berkeley, California 1876
Camm Watch Case Co. New York 1899
Capital Watch Case Co. New York
Catlin New York 1861
Celestine Jacot Philadelphia 1839-1852
Central Watch Case Co.
Charles C. Glatz New York 1863
Charles L. Thiery New York 1844-1853
Charles L. Thiery Boston, Massachusetts 1844-1860
Charles Schwitter New York 1877-1878
Chas H. Stone New York 1900-1920
Chicago Watch Case Co. Chicago 1882-1885
Cohen & Co. Chicago 1881-1882
Colby & Johnson 1879
Commodore Watch Case Co. New York 1930-1940
Constant Gigon Philadelphia 1837-1840
Courvoisier & Berthoud Milford, Pennsylvania 1877-1883
Courvoisier & Wilcox Brooklyn 1875-1883
Courvoisier & Wilcox Manufacturing Co. Brooklyn 1883-1892
Crescent Watch Case Co. Brooklyn 1882-1904
Criterion Watch Case Co. Brookly, New York 1900-
Crosby & Mathewson 1860
Cross & Beguelin New York
Crowell & Dunkerly Philadelphia 1855-1856
D. Bournique Middletown, Pennsylvania 1865-1866
D. Ornstein & Son, Inc. New York 1920-1940
D.T. Warren & Co. 1860
David Louis Huguenin Philadelphia 1820-1833
David Marx New York -1915
Denver Watch Case Co. Denver, Colorodo 1920-1940
Diel Watch Case Co. Inc. New York 1920-1940
Dubois Watch Case Co. Brooklyn 1887-1890
Ducret & Leichty Philadelphia 1855-1860
Dueber Watch Case Mfg. Co. Canton, Ohio 1873-1890
Duhme & Co. Cincinnati 1871-1889
Durand & Carter Newark, New Jersey 1850-1855
Durand & Co. Irvington, New Jersey 1834-1836
E. & J. Droz New York 1837-1845
E. Imhauser Co. New York 1920
E. Tracy Philadelphia 1857-1876
E.A. Jeanneret New York 1878-1884
E.A. Muckle Rockford, Illinois 1885
Edward Perret New York 1814-1845
Elegant Watch Case Co. New York 1924
Elgin Giant Watch Case Co. Elgin, Illinois
Elgin Watch Case Co.
Elless Watch Case Co. Philadelphia
Emerson Watch Case Co. New York 1920-1930
Erie Watch Case Co. New York 1920-1930
Essex Watch Case Co. Newark, New Jersey 1884-
Fahys Watch Case Co. New York City 1857-1931
Fellows & Co. 1860
Fidelity Watch Case Co. New York 1888-1900
Fitzgerald & Smith Philadelphia
Fontenbach Bros. Carlstadt, New Jersey 1861-1878
Francis Dubois Brooklyn 1840-1857
Frank Doll Cincinnati 1857-1872
G. Gigon Philadelphia 1867-1869
George Courvoisier New York 1836-1839
George L. Wait Philadelphia 1856-1858
George W. Ladd Providence, Rhode Island 1867-1883
Gigon & Co. Philadelphia 1863-1881
Gigon & Co. (Alfred Humbert) Philadelphia 1869-1881
Gigon & Seydel Philadelphia 1855-1859
Globe Watch Case Co. 1894
Goldsmiths Company of Canada, Ltd. Ontario, Canada
Gruen National Watch Case Co. Cincinnati 1921-1958
H. & J.F. Pitkin Hartford, Conn. 1840-1852
H. Gerlack Philadelphia 1860
H. Muhr & Sons Philadelphia 1884
H. Tissot & Co. New York 1887
H.A. Wadsworth & Co. Newport, Kentucky 1889-1892
H.W. Johns Manville Co. New York -1915
Hagstoz & Thorpe Philadelphia 1875-1883
Harbor Watch Case Co., Inc. Sag Harbor, New York
Harper & Co. Philadelphia 1857-1859
Harper & McClelland & Gill Philadelphia 1850
Harper & McLean Philadelphia 1850-1857
Haydon W. Wheeler & Co. New York 1900
Henry Blank & Co. Newark, New Jersey
Henry E. Droz New York 1845-1870
Henry Freund & Bro. New York 1900-1935
Henry Goll & Co. New York 1892
Henry May New York 1880
Howard Watch Case Co. Philadelphia 1883-1884
Hubbard G. Gill 1864-1875
I. Ollendorf Co. New York 1920
I.D. Watch Case Co. New York 1930-1942
Illinois Watch Case Co. Elgin, Illinois
Imperial Jewelery Co. New York 1920
Ira Goddard New York
Isaac Swope & Co. New York -1900
J. Boss Philadelphia 1860-1864
J. Laurent New York 1863
J. Laurent & Co Linden, New Jersey -1878
J. Muhr & Bro. Philadelphia
J.A. Brown & Co. Providence, Rhode Island 1867-1883
J.A. Simpson & Bro. 1844
J.B. Rosenblatt New York 1910-1930
J.F. Courvoisier Port Jervis, NY 1883
J.H. Flyer New York 1935-1942
J.M. Harper 1860
J.P. Durfey Shiebler Co. New York 1900-1920
J.R. Wood & Sons Brooklyn 1900
Jackay Jewelers, Inc. New York -1940
Jacob Macher New York 1891
Jacot & Courvoisier New York 1839-1849
Jacot, Courvoisier & Co. New York 1849-1856
James M. Durand New York 1828-1834
James R. Bartlett New York -1915
Jeanneret & Co. New York 1884
Jeannot & Co. New York 1875-1880
Jeannot & Shiebler Watch Case Co. New York 1892
John C. Dueber Cincinnati 1865-1873
John Henry Philadelphia 1856-1860
John L. Ward New York 1832-1850
John S. Warner Philadelphia 1829-1837
John Sherwood New York 1890-1920
John T. Mauran Mfg. Co. Providence, Rhode Island -1915
John W. Sherwood New York 1898-1899
John Wanamaker Philadelphia 1900-1920
Joseph A. Feiner New York 1884-1889
Joseph Blitz New York
Joseph Daving New York 1920-1935
Joseph H. Bauer Chicago 1873
Joseph H. H. Penton New York 1866-1867
Joseph Schulman New York 1924
Juergens & Anderson Chicago 1860-1871
Julius & Guinand Favre New York 1832-1844
Julius Favre New York 1830-1832
Julius Racine New York 1889
Kasper & Esh, Inc. New York -1940
Katz & Ogush, Inc. New York -1940
Keller & Untermeyer Mfg. Co. New York 1880-
Keller, Ettinger & Fink New York -1905
Kenosha Watch Case Co. Kenosha, Wis. 1891
Keystone Watch Case Co. Philadelphia, Riverside, New Jersey 1875-1956
Knickerbocker Watch Co. New York 1890-1930
L. Lewitt & Co. Inc. New York 1930
Lachet, Louis New York, Kansas City 1860-1890
Ladd Watch Case Co. Providence, Rhode Island 1883-1890
Langdon Boston 1857-1862
Lapwell Watch Case Co. New York -1940
Leichty & Chabot Philadelphia 1860
Leichty & Co. Philadelphia -1880
Leichty & Deschamps Philadelphia
Leichty & Le Bouba Philadelphia 1880-1884
Lenox Watch Case Co. New York
Leon Hirsch New York 1920-1940
Leonard Krowler & Son, Inc. New Orleans, Louisiana 1930
Liberty Watch Case Co. New York 1930
Lissauer & Co. New York 1866-1890
Louis Eugene Glatz New York 1831-1863
Louis Gratz New York
Louis Mathey New York 1825-1839
Low & Courvoisier Philadelphia 1853-1855
Lungren & Bell Philadelphia 1864-1866
Luther Goddard Shrewsbury 1809-1875
M.W. Savage Minneapolis, Minnesota
Manhattan Watch Co. New York 1883-1895
Manheimer Watch Co. Chicago, Illinois 1930
Margot Bros. Boston 1863-1881
Martin Metzger New York -1915
Martins & Tissot New York 1884
Master Watch Case Co. New York -1940
Mathey Bros. New York 1860-1880
Max Freund New York 1885
Max Klaas Corp. Newark, New Jersey 1920-1930
May Pinnel & Co. Newark, New Jersey
Mayclese New York -1915
Metropolitan Watch Case Co. New York 1890
Metzger, Stein & Co. New York -1915
Michael H. Cronin Philadelphia 1870-1880
Montgomery Safety Dial Co. Topeka, Kansas 1907-1930
Montreal Watch Case Co. Montreal, P.Q. -1915
Morris S. Rosenburg New York
Muckle & Zesinger Philadelphia 1865-1872
National Watch Case Co. Philadelphia 1888
New England Watch Case & Jewelry Co. Boston 1900
New York Gold Watch Case Co. New York 1884-1888
New York Watch Case Co. New York 1863-1891
Newark Watch Case Co. Newark, New Jersey 1889
North American Watch Case Co. Mansfield, Ohio 1910-1935
Northwestern Watch Case Co. Rockford, Illinois 1875-1883
O'hara Waltham Dial Co., Inc. Waltham, Massachusetts 1890-1930
Oliver & Davis New York 1900-1915
Otto Fessler & Co. Newark, New Jersey
Owen & Proud Waltham, Massachusetts 1857-1861
P.A. Jeanneret & Co. New York 1874-1890
P.W. Ellis & Co. Ltd. Toronto, Ontario
Patek, Philippe & Co. New York
Paul, Simon & Phillip Philadelphia 1833-1839
Peerless Watch Case Co., Inc. New York 1921
Pennsylvania Watch Case Co., Inc. York, Pennsylvania 1900-1920
Penton, Ludlam & Underhill New York 1865-1866
Pequignet Gigon & Bro. Philadelphia 1859-1863
Pequignot & Bro. Philadelphia 1860-1885
Perrin Watch Case Co. New York 1930
Peter Henry Cincinnati, Ohio
Peters & Boss Philadelphia 1856-1860
Pforzheimer, Keller & Co. New York
Philadelphia Watch Case Co. Philadelphia 1884-1953
Pinneli, May & Co. Newark, New Jersey 1900-1920
Pioneer Watch Case Co. New York 1930
Piquet Bros. New York 1856-1876
Progress Watch Case Co. Newark, New Jersey 1900-1920
Providence Watch Case Co. Providence, Rhode Island
Queen City Watch Case Co. Cincinnati 1900-1921
R. S. Peters & Bro. Philadelphia 1851-1852
R.R. Fogel & Co. New York -1920
Randolph Peters & Co. Philadelphia 1852-1857
Rays Watch Case Co. New York 1900-1920
Reese S. Peters Philadelphia 1860-1889
Rex Watch Case Co. New York 1920-1940
Richard Oliver & Bloomfield New York 1900-1915
Robbins & Appleton Boston, Massachusetts 1860
Rockford Watch Case Co. Rockford, Illinois 1883-1915
Rogers Boston 1857
Rogers, Langdon & Went Boston 1852-1857
Roseman & Levy New York 1890-1920
Rosenzweig Bros. New York 1900-1920
Roseville Watch Case Co. Roseville, New Jersey 1880
Roy Watch Case Co. Brooklyn 1885-1900
S. & D. Jewelery Mfg. Co., Inc. New York 1920-1940
S. Anderson Chicago, Illinois 1857-1860
S. Bruner New York 1930-1940
S.F. Myers Co. New York -1915
S.H.H. Penton New York 1900-1920
Sag Harbor Watch Case Co. Sag Harbor, New York
Schwab & Wuischpard New York 1920-1940
Schwitter & Renaud Brooklyn 1878
Serex & Desmaison Boston 1876-1880
Serex & Maitre Bros Boston 1869-1876
Serex & Robert Boston 1880-1889
Shellcross Philadelphia
Sipe & Sigler Cleveland, Ohio 1900-1920
Sluka Bros. New York 1920-1940
Smith & North New York 1890-1920
Solidarity Watch Case Co. Brooklyn 1885-1931
South Bend Watch Co. South Bend, Indiana 1903-1930
Spiro Watch Case Co., Inc. New York 1924
Standard Watch Case Co. Providence, Rhode Island
Star Watch Case Co. Ludington, Michigan 1897-1982
Strauss & Neugass, Inc. New York
Susstrong, Albert New York 1885
T. Zurbrugg & Co. Riverside, New Jersey
Taylor & Baldwin Newark, New Jersey 1836-1840
The Canadian Watch Case Co. Montreal, Canada 1900-
The Juldar Co. Duluth, Minnesota 1924
The Muhr Watch Case Co. 1850-1890
Theophilus Zurbrugg Philadelphia
Thiery & Serex Cambridgeport, Boston 1858-1864
Thiery Watch Case Co. Boston, Massachusetts 1876-1890
Thomas C. Garrett Philadelphia 1834-1844
Tracy & Baker Case Co. Philadelphia 1853-1857
Tracy & Co. Philadelphia 1840-1850
Tracy & Hulse New York 1830-1831
Tracy & Shellcross Philadelphia 1853
Tracy & Ward New York 1831-1837
Ulysse Savoye New York Brooklyn 1818-1856
Union Watch Case Co. Kansas City, Missouri 1924
Unknown Case Manufacturer Various
Van Trump & Silver Baltimore, Maryland 1856-1861
Victor Nivois New York 1884
W.F. Doll Mfg. Co. Cincinnati, Ohio 1857-1872
W.H. Fitzgerald Brookly, New York
W.J. Gardiner Watch Case Co. Ltd. Toronto, Ontario -1920
W.T. Thompson 1902
Wachter Mfg. Co. Hartford, Connecticut 1900-1920
Wadsworth Watch Case Co. Newport, Kentucky; Dayton, Kentucky 1892-1953
Wait & Crocker Philadelphia 1858-1862
Ward & Co. 1860-1885
Ward & Jennings Philadelphia 1859-1860
Warner & Keating Philadelphia 1840-1842
Warren & Spadone 1860
Wendell & Co.
Western Watch Case Co. Chicago 1892-1900
Wheeler & Parsons New York 1869-1920
Willemin Watch Case Co. Brooklyn 1882-1887
William & Co. Warner Philadelphia 1839-1849
William A. Guinand 1842-1878
William Konovitz New York -1920
William McNeir Baltimore 1834-1846
William Vulcan & Co. New York 1924
William Warner Philadelphia 1811-1839
Wilmart, Moffat Curtis & Tracy New York 1840-1857
Wm. I. Rosenfeld New York 1890-1920
Young & Co. New York 1828
Z. & G. Gigon Philadelphia 1840-1855