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Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Years of Operation: 1864-1866

Production Jewels: 7-15 Jewels

Production Sizes: 18s

Total Production: ~12,000

Reorganized as the Melrose Watch Co., 1866

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Company Timeline

April 1864

The Tremont Watch Co. is started in Tremont, Massachusetts by Aaron L. Dennison and A.O. Bigelow with a capital of $100,000. The concept of the company is to have certain parts manufactured in Switzerland and shipped to America. This strategy would offer the benefit of low labor costs and decreased factory expenses.

May 1865

The Tremont Watch Co. offers its first watch, a fully-jeweled 18s key-wind movement.

St Johnsbury Caledonian, St Johnsbury, Vermont
Friday, November 8, 1867


The Tremont Watch Co. is moved to Melrose, Massachusetts and renamed the Melrose Watch Co. At this time, it is decided to manufacture the entire movement in America. Mr. Dennison, the arcitect of the prior strategy to conduct the majority of part manufacturing in Switzerland, withdraws from the company. The remaining movements are refinished with the "Melrose Watch Co" name.


The Melrose Watch Co. runs short on capital and requests the stockholders to contribute more money. After this fails, Mr. Dennison returns to Boston, seeking to organize a new company to purchase the Melrose Watch Co. and factory.


After Mr. Dennison fails in creating a new company to absorb The Melrose Watch Co., the equipement is purchased by the English Watch Co. of England.

Successor: Melrose Watch Co.