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Location: Roxbury, Massachusetts

Years of Operation: 1853-1857

Predecessor: Warren Manufacturing Co.

Successor: Tracy, Baker & Co.

Total Production: < 5,000

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Company Timeline


The first Boston Watch Co. movement is manufactured.

September 1853

Edward Howard and others from the Warren Manufacturing Co. reorganize as the Boston Watch Co. in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

Waltham Factory, 1857

October 5, 1854

The Boston Watch Co. is moved to a new factory in Waltham, Massachusetts.

May 1857

The Boston Watch Co. is sold at auction to Royal E. Robbins for $75,000, who reorganizes a new company as Tracy, Baker, & Co. Edward Howard and others from the Boston Watch Co. form a new company as E. Howard & Co. and utilize the factory previously occupied by the Boston Watch Co.