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0 7' 7 , W m : » ReadT“hese Letters Note the absolute confidence and genuine sincerity these men express. They are } the heads of the strongest most conservative financial institutions of the state. 1 They know the officials of the Santa Fe Watch Company, their business methods 1 ‘ and reputation for fair dealing. These men will not lend their names nor give their sanction or approval to any company unless honesty and integrity are its caulinal principles. ‐ %Wu Vuulml|||| nu... u “t!“01:12?"17".11 “five4 "’ one. ”5'Ana “Mum b y n . 1 1 : 3 1 n u . . 1. 3 “ a n a n ‘ b014t , “Wee,"n” "late or "m t o , " m 17:11 WP :v u row 1 u h ". 1 M , - ”in“:3011-1}2:91; 1m”. :.. e n,» S t a g . ?, “ fl " : "1! Hal-z " ' " 1 . " M " - h “in“. "11:5 o r“”firmif” C00' m m “ “mum“‘ n can“mew- ¢ g3 As “1°“ Snub ’~ 0 nannies 3 no h u: .h v u are man“ “m 9an (any yours‐ ‘ei The Santa Fe Watch C0. Insists on Written Guarantee You will note by reading our letter to the Illinois Watch Factory that we de‐ manded an absolute and legal guarantee on the “Santa Fe'Special.” Their Reply Shows Their Unflinching Faith in this Masterpiece An unconditional guarantee that is all any one could expect and but few manufacturers give. The “Santa Fe Special" will last a lifetime. Read the guarantee belowl III CI WE le7/ Perfection in Watch-Making Has been more nearly attained in the production of the “Santa Fe Special” than in any other watch ever oflTered at a price within easy reach of everyone who needs and appreciates a dependable timepiece. Our one ambitionfor a full quarter of a century has been to make the “Santa Fe Special” watch the recognized standard timepiece of the United States, and now our fondest hopes have been realized. Today the “Santa Fe Special” is carried and praised in the Navy, the Army, on the big Railway Systems of this country, and by public men and thousands of delighted customers in every civilized country under the sun. The Noticeable Price Reduction And our easy terms, quoted in this, our 27th annual catalog, are made possible ’ only because of the enormous output of our watches, and it is our aim and expecta‐ tion to again double the business within the next six months. Stats Capital, Topeka, with I f ” Santa Fe Office: in the distance The Officers and Management Of the Santa Fe Watch Company enjoy the distinction of having been for many years closely identified with railroad watches and railroad men; also, the time service of the greatest railroad system in the country; and we had to do with the installation and perfecting of the first time service on the Santa Fe Railroad, ’way back in the year 1896‐a time service which is still acknowledged to be one of the best on a n y railroad system in the United States. This work and experience required, among other things, highly specialized super‐ vision and regulation of regulators at all division and important points on the system, which supervision embraced the inspecting, testing and rating of each and every individual watch which passed into the service of this great railroad. In this connection and service, having rated, tested, handled and sold every make of high-grade watch from all the principal factories of the United States and most foreign countries, we learned the merits, also the weak points of every make of wotch, with a view to perfection in the design and creation of the now world‐ iéamous “Santa Fe Special,” for years a standard watch on the Santa Fe Railroad ystem. l i t ]II,I II!v i i i NE 3 I7 \i R'1 dS ' Is the Acid Test It is well known that the most severe test a watch can possibly be put to is in the hands of railroad men in engine service. The j a r and vibration a watch is subjected to in the hands of engineers pulling fast passenger and mail trains of the country is a test of the accurate time‐ keeping qualities of a watch and so recognized by the best authorities. Still in Service After 27 Years Our watches, originally guaranteed for twenty years, have proven to be even better than we claimed for them, when first introduced. Nearly a thousand of our watches passed into the service of the Santa Fe and other big railroad systems, years ago, when time service was first introduced, and these watches are still passing the critical inspec‐ tion required by these great roads, notwithstanding the fact that they have been subjected to years of the roughest treatment and hardest usages. l I l o Twenty-seven Years’ V Experience 0 l\ \ . 1 H It was after many years of actual experience, which is the best and most practical teacher, that the Santa Fe Watch Company conceived the idea of combining accuracy and durability with the beauty, the classic lines and finish of the modern thin model, gentleman’s watch, the “Santa Fe Special.” The famous old “Santa Fe Route" Watch, known as o n e of the highest standard watches a m o n g railroad m e n for nearly twenty-five years, has been improved and embellished by elegance of lines and beauty of workmanship. The “ Santa Fe Special” This superb and master timepiece was designed and perfected by the great Illinois Watch Com‐ pany after plans and designs submitted in de‐ tail by the Santa Fe Watch Company. These plans and designs call for not only the most modern lines of beauty, compactness and ‘ _ . finish, but an accuracy of ad Justment that Is little short of marvelous. Where ” r a n in time are quirtlj disravcred. Theengine"andcunduttarnmparingt'mz. l The “Santa Fe Special” Combines Beauty and Dependability ,_ This is a Day and Age When the Public Demands the Best. The “Santa Fe Special” w a s built n o t only to suit the m a n of culture and fastidious taste, but is particularly intended for those whose v e r y lives, and the lives of m a n y others, m a y depend upon the accuracy of their timepieces. In these days of hurry and fast travel few people realize what great responsibility rests upon the engineer’s watch, a responsibility which prompts the time-service management of the leading roads to require and demand engineers to c a r r y the ' v e r y best watches made, and that conductors and head and rear brakemen carry equally accurate watches. A GoodWatch would haveAvoided this Wreck Some of the most disastrous wrecks that have ever occurred, and one in particular, which cost a road half a million dollars because of the loss of life and destruction of property, was due entirely, it is said, to an inaccurate watch on a road having no time service, that is to say, no inspection of railroad watches to compel and secure accuracy. No wonder, then, that we demanded of the Illinois Watch Fac‐ tory that no pains bespared in building the “Santa Fe Special” in accord with the most exacting requirements laid down by the Santa Fe Watch Company. Greatest care is exercised in timing and rating each watch to the various positions. Each one is carefully adjusted to r u n accurately in either the freezing temperature of a refrigerator room or the burning superheated atmosphere coming fromthe fire-box of the fastest locomotives. Fully jeweled with its carefully-selected gems, this watch has been fittingly called “A Masterpiece of Watchmaking Ingenuity.” The Califirnin Limittd Runs daily via the Santa Fe between Chicago and Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, on rock-ballasted and oil-sprinkled tracks, safeguarded by a modern sys‐ tem of block signals and protected by the most perfect time service, MakeOnly High-GradeWatches The great Illinois-Springfield watch factory was established in 1869, and many of the best watches ever carried by railroad men have been and are being made by this institution. Testimony as to the supe‐ riority of the watches made by this company is furnished by watch inspectors and time-service officials of the greatest railroad companies in this country. United States Government Accepts Them The strongest recommendation as to the perfection and accuracy of this company’s watches is the fact that in a competitive examination of watches from many factories for use in the National Naval Observ‐ 5tory in Washington, D. C., out of eleven watches accepted, ten of them were made by the great Illinois Watch Factory, the home of the “Santa Fe Special,” where the services of the most highly skilled inventors and workmen are employed, insuring highest perfection in watch production. Must RunTrue The first and most important requirement of the “Santa Fe Special” watch is accuracy. Every watch must r u n true. The highest-paid experts manufacture, regulate and adjust the “Santa Fe Special.” Weeks and months of studious, scientific adjusting is given each watch. For instance, a watch apparently perfect as it comes from the factory, is timed to great accuracy under a v e i y low temperature until it performs to perfection. It is then timed in a very high temperature; then to various positions; face down, then face up, until it performs perfectly; then stem up, until there is no doubt of its dependability. Could Such a Watch be Made?,‘ When the specifications for the new “Santa Fe Special” watch were submitted to the Illinois Watch Company, the leading makers of High-Grade Watches in America, and their experts observed the standard we had set, when they were told the rate of running record which every watch must make before it would be accepted by us, we were at first informed that it would be impossible to manufac‐ ture and adjust such watches at the price for which we intended to sell them. They were willing to make the “Santa Fe Special” watch to sell for the price desired, if we would modify the adjustments, saying that it could not be made to retail at the low price we established if we insisted on such high quality and accuracy. A Masterpiece The Santa Fe Watch Company was determined, however, that the “Santa Fe Special” watch should stand alone and supreme as a masterpiece of mechanical perfection, unapproached in its matchless time-keeping qualities, so we paid the price, as we could not and would not agree to lowering the standards set one par‐ ticle, nor do we raise the price to you. We put behind this watch our enviable reputation, built up by nearly twenty-six years of upright and honest dealing in railroad watches with railroad men, and we would not, under a n y circumstances, consent to the least lowering of standard, quality, specifications or requirements. Placingof EnormousOrders for Watches Swung the Deal Negotiations relative to the manufacture of this watch extended over a period of more than eight months, before we suc‐ ceeded in closing a contract with the great Illinois Watch Companyf o r the “Santa Fe, Special” to embrace our plans and specifi‐ cations referred to above. We demanded and we get watch perfection‐that’s What yougetin a “SantaFe Special.” Th: mfi'ti qt‘lui‘iind property 4mmmnmwnh,» \' . ff despair/“r”; watch. F Z ' A O[ m i ‐ “ I T (5) ( k i t !12! II!2 7 / ‘ * ‐ ‐-‐‘”‘J_:] “j 5 0 One of the ablest and highest-paid watch adjusters once told the writer that in adjusting high-grade railroad watches very frequently a watch would be brought ‘ , Will ” 0 1 4 m m i" m,14m“ "If“! f”" 4m'" t’" WW .. Full Adjustment ( m m . . . ) No watch can be depended on unless it is fully adjusted. The markings “adjusted to temperature and positions” include the third degree of adjustment which is called “adjusted to isochronism.” No watch is marked f o r this adjustment, as this is included in the position adjustment. While a great m a n y watches a r e adjusted to temperature, only a very few of the watches manufactured are adjusted to position and isochronism. Isochronism (71m”(p/aim it) This term means the careful adjusting of the hair spring and balance wheel so that the speed or action of the watch is exactly the same when the watch is fully wound up or nearly r u n down. A watch that does not have this and the position adjustment will lose on half of the day and gain on the other half. I/ZiJ dft‘lfldlf adjwtmmt This is the most critical, most expensive and most important of all the adjust‐ ments. It means adjusting a watch so that it will not gain or lose time in the various positions it m a y be carried. F o r instance if the watch is face down, all the Weight of the balance wheel and escapement is resting on the lower pivots. When face up, the condition is reversed. If the watch is stem up the weight is resting on the sides of both upper and lower pivots. If a watch is to run abso‐ lutely correct, the friction must be the same in the various positions. Few people realize the difi‘iculties encountered by the high-paid expert adjusters who prac‐ tically take each watch and train it, so to speak. Requires Valuable Time and Skill ’ , “1 i ° ' ' Very few wanker have) AdJuSted to POSltlonS down to standard in positions but that they would be weeks in bringing it down to standard in temperature or vice versa, all of which took valuable time of an expert, and, he added, “When we get an obstinate watch Wecan conquer it in time, but frequently it would be cheaper to smash it with a sledge hammer and throw it away rather than spend valuable time bringing it to standard.” Adjusted to Temperature A watch not adjusted to temperature will not keep accurate time in change of atmosphere, that is to say, it would r u n differently on a cold day from what it would run on a hot day. The “Santa Fe Special” movements undergo the most critical temperature tests and adjustments of any watch we know. Each watch is put into a refrigerator and left there for 24 hours. It is then taken out and adjusted, then put into an oven heated to a high temperature for 24 hours, taken out and adjusted, run in normal tempera‐ ture for 24 hours,adjusted again,and these oper‐ ations are conducted until the wat”h has attained o u r h i g h standard of perfection. Finally, it is adjusted to every change of temperature, in- suring accuracy under all conditions. These critical and exacting adjustments are made only by the highest-priced skilled experts, but it’s worth it, because it makes the “Santa Fe Special” the best watch on earth at our aston‐ ishingly low price. ,/ 7 AOL“"___ T‘il‐j (6) __‐._._ ”W” 1“) Dow ' V » E I Z Z C I1:1 1:1yd Y] E “El I7 5 0 V Lever or Stem Set It is an accepted theory that all railroad watches should be open face, 16 size and lever set. A l l 16-size open face “Santa Fe Special” 21 jewel watches are lever set to meet these requirements. A l l 16-size h u n t i n g case watches and a l l 12-size hunting or open face watches are made in stem set. Many people prefer stem set watches, especially business and professional people. Ladies’ “Santa Fe Special” watches are all stem set. The stem set used is of special construction and is just as accurate and positive as the lever set used in the 16-size “Santa Fe Special.” Improved Malnsprmg Extra long improved type highest grade spring that runs at least 40 hours. Steel Escape Wheel and Double Roller Most watches have a brass escape wheel. A few years ago an order went into effect requiring all railroad watches to have a steel escape wheel. This wheel has much more labor to perform and is in action more than any other wheel in the watch. Actual tests for years of the steel wheel used in the “Santa Fe Special” watch shows practically no wear whatever. The distinctive and exclusive double roller escapement feature is found only in the highest grade timepieces, where absolute accuracy is demanded. The function of the double roller escapement is to insure against the watch stopping when subject to violent shocks. End Jewels Preventing or Equalizing Friction Double jewels, that is, endstones on which the end of the pivots run, as well as hole jewels in which the pivots run, are used in all “Santa Fe Special” watches. O In the 21-jewel “Santa Fe Special” there are six pivots which are double jeweled. In the 17-jewel ladies’ “Santa Fe Special” there a r e two pairs of double jewels. Double jewels reduce the friction to the least possible degree; also act as oil reser‐ voirs and retain and hold the oil much longer than single‐jeweled watches. Jewels of the “Santa Fe Special” Only the finest grade of selected genuine imported ruby, sapphire and garnet jewels are used in the “Santa Fe Special” watches. The gentlemen’s watches a r e made in 21-jewel models only, in 12 and 16 sizes. ‘ The 21-jewel movement is susceptible to the most deli‐ cate and accurate adjustment, each of the 21 carefully‐ chosen gems being necessary in reducing friction to the least possible degree and to make these watches the most accurate time-keeping movements and of decidedly su‐ perior quality. Eighty per cent of all railroad watches manufactured and sold today have 21 jewels, this num‐ ber being regarded by experts as the correct jeweling for a perfect watch and to secure maximum efficiency. Jewels Carefully Fitted Each pivot is accurately fitted to each jewel. This being a most im‐ porta-nt feature of the making of the “Santa Fe Special,“ much more care is exercised by the expert makers of this movement in fi t t i n g the jewels of the “Santa Fe Special” watches made by other companies. Hand Work than in m a n y of the liighestApriced The finishing touch to every “Santa Fe Special" watch is done by hand, only workmen of proven ability beingr assigned these features. ( a n [rt l F:_‐'_T“j_‐ZK‐*Cfivw‐_:l (7) The terrific heat andjur Ufa Il/cwnotiw i; the maxi Afl'ere ten (1 watch ”‘bfimdm b y 4, g Go0054 , N T A F 5 5 / 0 5 . HANDOO M E DLEJUNKDML coupGOLDTOP GEN7512 WHEEL ADJU w T o / n O7 5 N fi f Q L y 7 A 2 1 T 5 . 0 U / Q E JOCH/eomaM tH4N77QU5 BOW > E «ff/v0a i m “$7295Z 0‐ of“000.555ig'3/{Q 546. ( 6 1 V 4 3 3 9 » 5 3 E M A - 7 & 5 ” A N D ofioo 57 WITH 2 mm UdlfdfiI/VELJ 6,047fo1 3 p r057 4/l90P/e/NG WITH/1 JAFETJ’ OVEECO DOUBLE Razz}? MiseryAC ng‘fitb , a'r , ”$511 a 52/395 77776 I? rmoffifizi \ 40a; 93,_ 4LU Important Features of the “Santa Fe Special” This diagram indicates the strong features of the “Santa Fe Special.“ The drawing points out [0 ym. definitely the superiority in the materials, the workmanship and the principles which distinguish tln “Santa Fe Special“ as a perfect timepiece. A careful study of this illustration will give you a thorough understanding of the excellence of this side» did watch and what it means to carry a “Santa Fe Special." The markings of the “Santa Fe Special" should prove of educational value to you even though you never buy one; but, remember this, never buy a watch without such markings are plainly engraved on the movement plate, as the law strictly [rm'ideN that only the true facts regarding the movement be engraved therem'. A Binding Guarantee On Every “Santa Fe Special” This guarantee, absolute and complete, covers every feature of the “Santa Fe Special” movement, and means this, in plain black and white. We will make good or replace a n y “Santa Fe Special" watch which does n o t r u n t r u e because of a n y defect in workmanship or material in a n y shape or form. Every correction will be made immediately upon receiving any just complaint. We do not feel that our customers should expect us to make good any breakage not caused by defects ll. material or workmanship, n o r does this guarantee include cleaning or repairing- parts broken t h r o u g h accident, carelessness or tinkering with the watch by incmnpetem workmen. The Movement Will Last a Lifetime We make this binding guarantee because of the absolute confidence we have in the “Santa Fe Special.” ,, ' We maintain our own repair department and employ only e x p e r t wurknwn. $____T__‐‐‐‐‐‐;:l‐‐:I (21) 0 HowEngraving is Done First the emblem is cut in the gold. and is then subjected to a special process, which gives it a beautiful Roman gold fin‐ ish, while the remaining por‐ t i o n of the case is burnished to a bright polished surface. This charming effect cannot be produced by the home jew‐ eler, with his inferior or inad‐ equate equipment. A BigSaving in Price We have saved you money in every other feature of watch production, so, in keeping with this policy we are going to cut the price of this exquisite work down to the lowest pos‐ sible figure. The ordinary price f o r such engraving" is $3.50. Our special price to you is but $1.50. Any emblem or monogram comm-mum will be engraved on any la- dies' or gentlemen‘s “Santa F e Speci al" watch a n d sent to you for your approval. 9. ' No. 1142 extra.) No. 1144 Any name, monogram or organization emblem de‐ sired will be engraved. Write the initials plainly, on a separate piece of paper. If not a well known organization. send us illustration of emblem desired. No. 1140 No. 1141 Engraved Emblem and Combination Name and Emblem Cases Any Lodge Emblem with the name m a y be furnished in the “Santa Fe Special” cases. (See Design No. 1143.) Simply tell us plainly the emblem desired, together with the name you wish engraved. Any lodge emblem can be engraved on larlies'size watch if desired. No. 1143 Prices, 1 l 40, 1 1 41 , 1142, 1143, 1144 Men‘s Open Face, 2] Jewel, 12 or 16 size, “Santa Fe Special.” $40.75 Men's Hunting Case, 21 Jewel, 12 or 16 size, “Santa Fe Spe‐ ........ cial" (Mongomery Dial, 25 cents extra; M en ’ s Gold Dial, 60 cents Engraved Design Watches, $6.50 down and $3.50 p e r month. P I T A / j013-623?) $42.25 fl - Ribbon MonOgram Distinctive Prices Desi ns Nos. 1145 1146, 1148 1149, 1150, 1151. Men's ’Open Fgce, 21 Jewel, 12’0r 16 size, “Saiita Fe Special". . .$40.75 Men's Hunting Case, 21Jewel, 12or16size, “Santa FeSpecial”. ,42.25 W at [gn‘ios' Open Face, 17 Jewel, 3-0 size, extra small, Santa Fe Special, $26.50 1Ladies’ Hunting Case, 17 JeWel, 3-0 size, extra small, “Santa Fe Spe‐ Factory .................... Engravings represented on this page and page 22 are all done by expert engravers and every facility for distinctive and su‐ perior work is installed. No. 1145 No. 1146 Beautiful Engraved Monogram Cases No. 1148 The designs shown on this page will give you some conception of the beauty and Characteristic features of the popular Ribbon and Fancy Monogram and Name work engraved upon the “Santa Fe Special" cases. This artistic work is far superior to that for which jewelers would charge $5; 30 to $3.50, The Ribbon Monogram is our leader , _ ’ (Mont . l, 4. . . . gomei} Dial, 25 cents extra, the style being ” 1 9 0 t h by intellect- ual men and women, who appreciate and. demand style, combined with delicacy Of lme. . Engravmg Done lion‘s Gold Dial, 60 cents extra.) If plain case is desired , without any engraving, see N01 1157, on page 25. Any name or mono‐ gram desired will be engraved. Print t h e letters plainly, on a separate piece of pa per, when ordering. No. 1149 Engraved Design Watches, $6.50 down and $3.50 p e r month. :!l $29.00 F o r other illustrations of la dies” watches, see page 26. No. 1151 No. 1152 The case bears a special French design and is considered one of the best-wearing patterns put out by our watch case factory. The engine‐ turned and hand-etched background of dainty blossoms serve to accentuate the strong panel and scroll effect in b r i g h t polished gold. The initial or monogram plaque is large enough to permit of workingr out the letters to a minute detail. The engraving is deep and will last a lifetime. No. 1 153 Words cannot, and this photograph does not depict even a small portion or the heauty and i'legance ot this exquisite design. Strictly con‐ ventional in the execution m". foliage, with strong, bold scrolls as the background of the design. this case will prove decidedly satisfactory to the man whose characteristics are reflected in his choice of such distinctive types. In the upper corners two birds spread their brilliant pinions against a background of satin-finished g o l d . ’ ~ -. ' .. No. 1154 No. 1155 The Leaping Deer design is a masterpiece of case engraxnvu. The beauty and delicacy of the two portions, the splendid action of the nimble littlt‐ animal as it leaps across the hrook w i l l appeal to those who admire intense activity. The hat~k-_ ground of this design is solid engine-turning. the edges being almost completely covered by a Conspicuous a m o n g the designs section is the above with i t s heautttul Killarney Rose testoons draped across the case from side to “'de, opening a beautiful landscape View, a mass e tree in the foreground drinking its lite‐ sustaining fluid from the waters of the river. Snowcappcd mountains away hack yonder hoist their majestic summits against a cloudless sky. As a background for this remarkable picture the engraver has used circular network. dense mass of flowers and foliage. never grow old. This case will ofiered in this Prices‐Designs Nos. 1152, 1153, 1154, 1155. Men's Open Fat-e. 21 Jewel. 12 or l6 sizc'. ” i n t a Fe Spi-cial". Men’s Hunting t‘ast‘. 2] Jewel, 12 or 16 si' Santa Fe Special' (If Montgomery Dial is desired, add 25 cents extra; Men's Gold Iliai. titl rents extrail Standard Design Watches, $5.00 down and $3.50 p e r month. AOair‐l: (24) { No. 1156 An engine-turned case is always popular and al- most too well known to need any description. Simple, yet rich, it is always beautiful, always equal to any amount of hard usage to which it may be subjected. Deeply engraved as our cases are they will last indefinitely. The mirror-like - surface of the center shield may be engraved in any initial you choose. This case is undoubtedly a most practical one. No. 1157 The plain case will please the person who choose> simplicity. The gold is especially hardened to _withstand hard usage and to avoid scratching or marking the case. This elegant case is easily polished; the ordinary friction against the pocket or cloth will keep the surface bright and bean‐ tiful. You will never be disappointed in the wearing of this case nor will you become dissat‐ No. 1158 'I‘liis.is an exact reproduction of our famou> “Santa Fe Special” case. This is one of the most attractive ideas ever executed. The, artist has developed and executed our own suggestions irf=this case, featrrimr and emphasizing the pon- derous‘stre‘ng‘tl‘. the terrific speed, the mastenful lines and proportions of the g i a n t locomotive. The upper portion of the case is polished g o l d . So popular do we find this case to be that when n o t otherwise instructed we will send the loco- motive =design. ‘ No. 1159 This design of the flying birds is similarly en» graved in the ladies’ size watch. The only (life fercnce being that each individual bird on this case is larger and the oval for the monogram is at the lower edge of the case with more elaborate scrolls about i t . There is so much freedom and action, so Illl‘ch detail in the etchingr of each little form that one may always be findingr some‐ t h i n g new and interesting in the attitudes and antics of our little feathered friends. Prices‐Designs Nos. 1156, 1157, 1158, 1159. Men's Olen Face, 2] c h n ‘ , 12 or 16 .\;Z€\. ‘ flaunt Fe Special“. , isfied with its richness and classic lines. 16size. “Santa FeS'eci .. . ............. 40.75 Standard Design Watches, $5.00 down and $3.59 p e r month. $ 4 10S c i ‐ i J‐‐‐‐‐‐‐-‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐~‐~‐‐L_~s «1‐ (23) Men‘s lll‘utin‘: Vase, 21err-I. 12 (‘r ( I f Montgomery Dial is desired, add 25 cents extra; Monk Hold Dial. 450 t-euts e x t r a J ' -¢ x THE FREE CHATELAlNE , K,’ ‘‘.. _It,“ ‘j'.7II,i i 5.t' _’L.‘tz1,‘ No. 1160 No. 1161 Price‐Design No. 1160. Plain Polish Case, 15Jewels ..........$29.50 have proven their vast superiority over all foreign-made movements. Any name or monogram will be engraved and the watch sent to you on approval. u I1,.-n ‘ Engraved and Plam 3-0 Slze Santa Fe Spec|a| Watches , l} Here you may select the 3-0 size ladies’ 17‐jewel “Santa Fe Special" Watches. Design No. 1163, the plain polished case, may be ordered in either open or hunting case; other designs in hunting only. . The “Santa Fe Special" Convertible Bracelet Watches, made by the famous Illinois Watch Company, No. 1162 Showing Dial. Prices‐Designs Nos. 1161, 1162 Open Face only, Engraved Monogram or Name, 15Jewels .................$31.00 THEFREE , -‘ ‘ . ' FRE E No. 1165 No. 1166 No. 1167 FOB . yL[a . ,._._._ ..i viI,(i'i1A.v.I | ,, l,w No. 1163 No. 1164 With each ladies‘ 3-0 size, 17 jewel, “Santa Fe Special" watch, your choice of diamond-mounted 48vinch chain, fob or Chatelaine pint Prices‐Designs Nos. 1164, 1165, 1166, 1167. Hunting Case only ' . Plain Polish, Open Face..........$25.00 Hunting Case...............$27.50 Engraved Design Watches, $6.50 down and-$3.50 p e r month. F341 O Biz? (26) :;: - ~' e in , A l O ' www‐‐ H Watch Values H The real value of a watch is measured in terms of service. A cheap watch, in dollars of cost, is expensive in the end. The cost, expense and annoyance of tinkering and repairing, is worth more than the difference you pay for a “Santa Fe Special,” a perfect watch. GUARANTEEDFORA LIFETIME. In offering the “Santa Fe Special” to you we know it will never fail to render the service expected and guaranteed. Selling the “Santa Fe Special” direct to y o u cuts the price clear to the bottom and places the best watch within the means of every person. iOur extraordinary liberal-payment plan makes it still easier to own and enjoy one of these excellent watches. Pay $3.50 a Month No reason in the world exists then why you should hesitate to order g a “Santa Fe Special” on our liberal terms. It is without doubt the a best watch the money will buy. Select the Watch You Want Fill out the order blank, indicate the size and model you desire. It will be sent prepaid to your address. You ExamineIt Thoroughly Note the beautiful design, the perfect mechanism, then if you decide its~the best vvatch you ever savv for the rnoney, pay the express agent the first pay‐ ment, and send us the balance $3.50 a month. VVhere therds no express ofike, you inay send us first payment with the order and we will send watch by registered mail, or we will send by parcel post C. O. D. first payment, and if the watch is not en‐ tirely satisfactory, y o u m a y return it at our expense, in thirty days, and we will promptly refund every cent you have paid. Many Want to Pay Cash and save on the price, but owing to our very narrow margin of profit, we really should not make a n y reduction. However, to those who send cash in full with order, or request us to send watch by express or parcel post, C. O. D. in full, we allow a cash discount of 5 per cent, the most liberal discount given by any watch firm. Remember, even though you have paid in full, you may return the watch, at our expense, within thirty days, if for any reason you are not fully satisfied, and we will positively refund, at once, every cent you have paid. fiAOBCZC-l (27) M M flryourexaininatinn " W,M lD::‐‐_‐_~_x -‘_\‘:I|:l D w z i j _‘: NE (EV How to Order a “Santa Fe Special” Watch for your Examination Nothing to pay unless you are satisfied, after examining the “Santa Fe Special,” that it is the most beautiful watch and the biggest watch I bargain you ever had offered you. Send No Money With Your Approval Blank Getting a watch from the Santa Fe Watch Company does not mean that you are under any obligation to buy it. Sending the approval blank is just the same as going into your home jewelry store to look and see if the jeweler has the watch you want. We send the watch for you to look at first; “then AFTER having seen the watch you can decide whether to t r y it for 30 days before buying. If the beautiful “Santa Fe Special”we send prepaid, direct to you, at less than wholesale price, is satisfactory to you, after y o u have handled it and looked it over, you may pay the express agent the full catalogue price, less 5 per cent discount, and get the benefit of a dealer’s discount, c a r r y the watch and test it thoroughly, thenif notfullysatisfied,returnittousatourexpensewithinthirtydays,andwe will refund your money in full without question or delay. Or you may pay the express agent the first payment after you have opened the package, and examined the watch, then after you use it for thirty days, if pleased and delighted, pay us $3.50 a month,but if not entirely pleased, return it to us and everycentyouhavepaidwillbepromptlyreturnedtoyou. Can anything hefairer? Our absolute faith in the “Santa Fe Special” permits this liberal offer; therefore, if foranyreasononearthyoudo notcaretokeepthewatch,afteryouhavetried it thoroughly for thirty days, take it to the express or post office and send it back, and we will return your money without a question. Very Important Notice If it is not convenient for you to have the goods sent to the express office, we can ship by registered mail or parcel post, and when this is desired, FIRST PAYMENT should accompany order. We prefer, whenever possible, to make shipments by express, thereby giving the purchaser opportunity to see and examine goods thor‐ oughly, and not a cent need be paid unless you are delighted with the goods and want to keep them. It is positively understood and agreed that any payment made will be refunded immediately if y o u do not wish to keep the goods after y o u have examined them. Evenany time within thirty days, if you decide you donotwant the goods, return them at the expense of the Santa Fe Watch Company and every cent you have paid us will be refunded. Y O U DO NOT RISK A CENT. If you prefer, we will send goods parcel post C. 0. D. Again let us impress on you that we Want NO MONEY DOWN‐nothing to pay unless y o u are satisfied after examination. N o t a cent to risk by sending the approval order to see the finest watch movement and the most beautiful watch cases ever made in America. Get the Great “Santa Fe Special” Watch while this ofier lasts. Fill out the trial orderblank. Noofferasliberalasthiswilleverbemadeyouagain. Santa Fe watCh CO., Topeka, Kansas, U. S. A. HAQQCf‐Lfi‐ji‐ (28) FineGoldFilled Knlahtsof Columbus No. 525, $7.50 Masonic No. 530. $3.25 Elks, No. 527, $7.50 Maccabee‐ No. 529, 37.50 ‘ Mom,No.55435.00 Knights of Pythias ‘ ., Nao.53 $6.00 No. 526, s}. Elke, No. 528, $3.50 : ’ Masonic. No. 531, $7.50 Woodmen No.536,$3.25 Odd No. 541, $2.75 Woodmen Woodmen '‘ ' No.538,$3.25 Mesonio,No.552,$2.75 . , . " Eagles, N o 4 2 , $5.00 Looket Charm No. 545, $3.75 No. 546, $2.50 When small items like the above are sold alone, cash should accompany order. If you have an account with us or are ordering other goods, the amount may be included in your credit account. dd Follows, No.540, $5.00 Locket Charm Looket Charm No. 547, $3.25 No. 548, $2.50 No. 549, $3.75 (29) _,“ c u RedMenNo544,$6.00 Eagles, No. 543, $5.00 Locket Charm Locket Charm No. 561, $4.50 Cigar Cutter Gold filled Waldemar Knife Gold filled No. 563, $8.00 Finest quality, goldfilled Locket, shown open Waldemar Photo Locket‐Closed No. 560, $7.50 N o . 5 5 9 $16.50 No. 562, $3 50 Waldemar pocket pieces shown above may be worn opposite the watch on Waldemar chains, as shown in "How to Wear Waldemar," at top of the page. The chains and pocket pieces on this page may be selected $2.00 down, $2.00 a month. FZ‐Oum (30) .Ie' How toWear Waldman Waldemar Knife Solid gold No. 564, $1.50 Sterling Silver Waldemar Pencil Q 0'_ i No.577 No.578 No.579 No.580 No.581 No. 2N . Shawn: Haw Cnat Chain i: mm $4 00 $3 75 / f $4 50 $4 00 $4_75 $4 25 $0350 , This chain is equipped I,with the new sliding . bar, the latest inven- ' chain to be worn as a ;' Waldemar, double- breasted, coat or vest 1 _ \ _, H Dickens ’ est Chains ' , ,v 3g _:':-p.a‘a ‘. 1 A, ‘ " ' ' ' - 11‘Q ‘ . 4 . . r ‘ " ~ ' r J . _ ,, tion, w h i c h enables ‘ ' . v‘ $-‘5 te . he Famous California Trace Link Chain ' ,, ‘ . ' Cash should accom a ' - -er for any article on this page, if ordered alone. If ordered with other goods, the amount may be pald, 50 cents down and 50 cents a month. These payments to be added to and sent in With the regular payments on other goods. ‘5 : 4 30a t ? h 1: ’ (31) 0. 565, $5.00 Order a .o_566,$450 ChainWlth Your o567 $50Watch o.568’$6.00 0.569,$630 7"0'570’$100 0571,$475 °' 572” $630 0_573,$5_50 Nomanshould V 0ar1'y a watch a minutewithout the protection of a strong, durable chain. Every chain illustrated in this catalog is solid link, made strong yet artistic m de51gn We strongly recommend th at a new chain be selected with each “Santa Fe Special” watch, as repair bills for broken watches amount to more than cost of chains. H No. 596, $8.00 Gentleman’s best quality Gold Filled Chains. Guaranteed to give entire satis‐ faction. Your choice, $2.00 down, $2.00 per month. If ordered w i t h a watch y o u m a y pay 50 cents down, 50 cents a month. These payments to be added Knights of Columbus No. 5102, $12.50 Scottish Rite SOLID GOLD EgLEM CHARMS _, Ye Odd Fellows No. 598. $12.50 Knights of Pythias N0. 5103, $9.00 Elks, No. 5101, $25.00 Mason-ii) No. 5100, $4.75 ~ - 10, No. 599, $22.50 Woodmen Odd Fellows No. 5104, $7.50 No. 5105, $10.00 No. 5106, $27.50 Any lodge or organization emblem desired can be furnished. Every charm guaranteed solid gold. $2.60 down, $2.50 a month. [ 3 2 : 3 5oE j L ] (32x 1. \ 5111h ” ' 511” 5114 Gentleman’s Bestgjguality, Gold Billed Fobs, guaranteed to give entire satisfaction. Your choice, $2.06'i‘downiand’ 2QQpermonth. 5107. Fancy Comfifnatiofi ..-...., 5108. Very prettyfizDres's Fob 5109. Five-stra.nd:£'Curb ‐ 5110. English finish; strong an , durable f v '.' A n y of the aboveffehains or febs 50c when articleffs received: a'nd’ sent in with the giggmar wato -p‘ Initials engtj‘ Adonan 5111. Artistic and nobby 5112. Indestructible Woven Wire Mesh Fob 5113. Late pattern 5114. Stylish and dressy dered w i t h a watch, m a y be paid for. as follows: a month. These payments to be“ added to and ents.