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Illinois Watch Company Illustrated Catalog (1923)

This stunning illustrated catalog was distributed by the Illinois Watch Company in 1923. The catalog opens with a brief history of the company and production over the years and concludes with a colorfully artistic section illustrating offerings from the key product line such as the iconic Bunn Special and the illustrious Illini.

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lflflatrhm ? A complete iltuStroteddescription 0flh€111ih0t$£in6 OfOne Watchef » ' togetherwithOcondensedhistoryOfthe ’ Illinois Watch Companyo’Sprihg/‘teld MAKERS OF FINE WATCHES FOR MORE THAN 50 YEARS \ m -~. 15 HE Illinois Watch Company was established in 1870, and ' ' for more than half a century has produced high grade watches. In 1869,Mr."J. C. Adams came to Springfield to interest local capitalists in the organization of a watch manufacturing company. The result was the organization of the Springfield Watch Company, with a capital of $100,000.00.InI\/Iay,1871,underthepresidencyofMr.j. T. Stuart, the Springfield Watch Company began the manu‐ facture of watch parts, and in 1872,the first watches were completed. These watches were 18size, full plate and key‐ wind. In 1873, the company had 125 employees and manufactured five move‐ ments per day. , In 1875, after the panic, a re‐organization was effected, the company being incorporatedasthe Illinois‐SpringfieldWatchCompany,withanauthorizedcapital of $250,000.00 of which $110,000.00. was paid in. . Under the presidency of General E. N. Bates, the company began the manu‐ facture of stem-wind movements for men, and both key-wind and stem-wind movements for women. In a very short time the production amounted to 100 movements per day, but the business was n o t successful and steadily continued to lose money, which necessitated a further re‐organization in 1878. The third company was organized and is still known as the Illinois Watch Com‐ pany, having been under practically the same management for over forty-five years. M r . Jacob Bunn was elected president in 1878, and continued to direct the business until his death in 1897, when he was succeeded by his son, M r . jacob Bunn, Jr. The policy adopted by the third management is maintained to date. In 1878, the Illinois Watch Company produced the first open-face watch made in the United States. , In 1879, it made the first nickel watch movements made in America. In 1896,itbroughtoutanewthinmodel,16size,whichbecameverypopular with railroad men everywhere. ' At the present time the output of the factory exceeds 800 watches per day, these being produced by m o r e than 1300 employees. There is perhaps no greater satisfaction to employer and employee alike, than tohaveservedlongandfaithfullytogether. Inthisconnectionitmightbeofinterest to know that although fifty‐three years have passed since the organization of the company, there are at the present time thirty‐one employees in active service, who started in the year 1880, or before. Of our 1350 employees, practically fifteen percent came with us twenty or moreyearsago. Thisisindeedaremarkablerecordandthecompanytakesgreat pleasure in thus testifying to their loyalty and efficient service. {brie‐353 ,{ u ,( 1914; the making of.cheap movements ' was discontinued and the company has since confined itself exclusively to the manufacture of the higher grades, having 17, 19,21and 23jewels. Consequently,the pros‐ pective purchaser will find illustrated and deScribed in this catalog, only complete watches and movements of the highest grade, ranging in price from $25.00 to $250.00. The extreme care taken in the selection of all materials that enter into the construction; the precautions exercised in the inspection of every operation; and above all the skill and superior workmanship entering into the manu‐ facture of these watches, is in itself an assur‐ ance of quality. Illinois watches are now pro‐ duced in many different grades and sizes. The 16 and 18 sizes, such as the “Bunn Special," “Sangamo Special," “Bunn” and ”A. Lincoln," are strong substantial move‐ m e n t s especially adapted to withstand the shocks and severe'service to which they are subjected by railroad men and others pur‐ suing the more strenuous occupations. The 12 size watches are particularly well adapted for less severe service, in the hands of professional and business men, students and others who do not subject their watches to such hard service. These watches are much thinner and smaller in diameter than the rail~ road grade movements, as for example the “Mini," “A. Lincoln,” “Marquis‐Autocrat" and the “Autocrat.” In wrist or bracelet watches, only one size movement is now manufactured, that being the 6/0 size, or 11 ligne, which is one inch in diameter. This m o v e m e n t is illustrated and fully described on page 19. During the present year an 18/0 size, rectangular movement, will be placed on the market. This small movement will be fully described and illustrated in a supplementary folder, at a later date. THE SANGAMO SPECIAL Bridge Model, is the highest grade 16 size railroad watch made. This m o v e m e n t was designed and built especially for railroad men and others who follow the more strenuous occupations, and who desire an exceptional watch of accuracy and dependability. THE BUNN SPECIAL Is the recognized standard of all railroad service. This is an extremely high grade, 21 or 23 jewel, 16 size railroad movement. It is notsoldbyusasacompletewatch,but can be fitted to any standard 16 size case of your own selection, from the stock of your retail jeweler. It is a dependable, durable and excellent timekeeper and is unquestion‐ ably the m o s t popular railroad watch made in America. THE lLLINI Is a thin watch of most exclusive design, made especially for the business or professional mandesiringareliable,attractive,durableand high-grade timekeeper for a lifetime of service. Thesebeautifulwatchescanbehadinavariety of attractive cases and are particularly well adapted for presentation purposes. THE A. LINCOLN Is a new thin 12 size model. A half century of experience in making fine watches has enabled us to produce this n e w A, Lincoln ~a timekeeper worthy of its name, because of its satisfactory qualities and true depend‐ ability. Supplied only complete in cases of exclusive and attractive design, in 14 karat, white or green solid gold cases, or in white or green filled cap cases. THE AUTOCRAT This well known watch is especially suited for the young man who is just entering upon the duties of life, or for the man who desires a high-grade, attractive and dependable time‐ piece at a medium price. This is a watch that any retail jeweler can conscientiously recommend. 1' w -V ‘t V IN ~ 4,“ 0 A ‘P. , ‘ Inlaid enamel figure dial ‘ PLAIN DIRECTOIRE ENGRAVED EMPIRE “3mm" “311m” ENGRAVED EMPIRE Hand carved, raised gold figure dial. bite or green gold 12SIZE 21 e x t r a quality ruby and sapphire jewels; special tempered compensating center arm balance, having gold screws in‐ cluding timing screws; adjusted to temperature, five positions and isochronism;Breguet hairspring; double roller e s c a p e m e n t ; hardened and polished steelescape wheel; p a t e n t Illinois 14k g r e e n g o l d p l a i n D i r e c t o i r e , n o c a p 14k g r e e n gold engraved Directoire,no c a p 14k greengold plain Empire with cap PLAIN BASSINE Inlaid enamel figure dial 21 JEWELS superior m o t o r barrel, both pivots of barrel staff operating in sapphire jewels; patent recoil bar and pinion click; con‐ caved and polished winding wheels; perfect pendant setting mechanism of exceptional simplicity entirely in movement; snap bezel dial. 14k g r e e n g o l d e n g r a v e d E m p i r e w i t h c a p 14k white gold. engraved Empire 1 8 ] : white gold. hand-carved case. Sterling silver dial, 18k applied figures “ fi l l i n i ” , f fl , utility \ "I Raised figure dial. White or green gold THE MARQUIS-AUTOGRAT This is a new, thin, reliable model of excellent design and is a high-grade, dependable move‐ m e n t of exceptional value and is priced within reach of those desiring a good watch CASED A N D UNCASED MOVEMENTS In addition to the watches mentioned in the preceding paragraphs, the company also manufactures a variety of 18, 16 and 12 size movements that can be fitted to any case of standard size. This method of selling affords the purchaser a greater assortment of cases to choose from. The following movements are included in this group :‐ BunnSpecial, 18size, 21jewel, adjustcdto six positions. No. 89, 18 size, 17 jewel, adjusted to temperature. A. Lincoln, 16 size, 21 jewel, adjusted to five positions. A Special 16 size, 19 jewel, adjusted to three positions. Bunn, 16 size, 17 81 19 jewel, adjusted to five positions. No. 706, 16 size, 17 jewel, adjusted to four positions. No. 305, 16 size, 17 jewel, adjusted to temperature. A. Lincoln, 12 size, 21 jewel, adjusted to five positions. No. 410, 12 size, 23 jewel, adjusted to six positions. A Special 12 size, 19 jewel, adjusted to three positions. No. 405, 12 size, 17 jewel. adjusted to temperature. of retailjewelers, who are familiar with Illinois quality and Illinois products, and who rec‐ ommend them to their customers. The company also has available a highly interesting, three reel motion picture film, entitled‐‐-“The Story of a Watch." This film was produced under the direction of the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, United States Government, this department of the government having decided to co-operatewith representative American manufacturers in distributing approved films of industrial proc‐ esses throughout the United States and all parts of the world. The film visualizes the complete assembly of a watch, both by actual photography and tech‐ nicalanimateddrawings. Thishighlyinterest‐ ing picture can be secured, without charge, for technical or semi-technical schools, clubs, churches, Y. M. C. A.'s or other gatherings. The company pays all charges in connection with the transportation of the film. The only responsibility for those showing it, is to have next point. at,a moderate price. WRIST WATCHES (Movements only) ' Illinois 6/0 size watches a r e n o t sold complete incases. Whenpurchasingawristwatch,select acase from the stock of your retailjeweler and insist on an Illinois 15 or 19 jewel movement. These movements are high-grade and made for timekeeping purposes and n o t for orna‐ ments. A T I O N A L advertising campaigns have never been used to market Illinois watches These campaigns are very expensive and such expense obviously m u s t be added to the price of the product. The policy of the company has always been to make better watches, grade for grade, at a lower price to the consumer. ' Attractive display signs, descriptive folders, matrices and electrotypes are furnished, with‐ o u t charge, to retailjewelers upon request. Illinois watches are sold exclusively through long established and well known wholesale houses throughout the United States, no sales being made direct to dealers or individuals. Inquiries, however, are invited from both dealers and individuals, who will be given full information and referred to the nearest jobber handling these movements. To continue in business for more than fifty years, the manufacturer m u s t make high quality products. Superior quality makes friends for the merchandise and these friends are the best advertisement. Full credit should be given to the thousands News; THE M * * “j A halffcentury of experience in making fine watches‘ has enabled us, to produce the n e w L 44 K <5 { < (0: 0 .. '+ “ A. Lincolnthin watch‐a timekeeper worthy of its name because Of its satisfactory qualities and thorough dependability 7 . A 7 0 BARRISTER MODEL . . ~. PIONEERMODEL No.L6. 14k solid green or white . g o l d cage. lzlull gags-id elaezeléutlnd center. i etc .in or er " back. nside c . Sterling silver ‘ ~I handengraveddi withinlaidenamel . ,_ ‘ ” ' In cases Of ‘ ' CXClumve and NtldLhF Bathsolid g r e e n 05 o . u asedcenteran Fullchasedbezelsandcenter. 5 ecial ;", ( etched, lined or Butler back. een case. Embossedraised figure dial. ,_ ’ gold,insidecapcase. wo-color,green and silvered etched or embossed raised figure dials. extremely thin special model watch, IL size, 19ruby and sapphire jewels of extra quality. Adjusted to five positions, temperature and isochronism. Double roller estapement; steel escape wheel; polished beveled‐arm gold center wheel; Breguet hairspring; p a t e n t regulator; con‐ caved and polished winding wheels; recoil safety AN , 1 ‘» jgn ' attractive des ’ m 14k bzlhilte ze5. inractive etched. lined or Butler ac . case. Two‐color. green and white gilded new process etched click; hardened spring tempered compensating balance and Illinois MO- , t o r Barrel. Supplied only complete \ 7 whiteor green goldor in whiteor greengoldfilled cap cases. dial with ancient Roman figures in relief. ’ ' . Thesemovementscanbehadin speciallydesignedandextraheavysolidgoldorplatinumcases. Pricesonapplication. ' '_- ‘ ._. ) 1 ‘3: i " g‘ (5, A v \ {5‘} HE part taken by a modern watch or . clock in the harmonious working of the great and intricate machinery of modem civilization is n o t fully understood n o r appre‐ ciated. If the millions of timekeepers in the pockets of busy m e n and women were suddenly and permanently to stop, a demoralization would result that could n o t be obtained from the removal of any other device of modern civilization‐disorder and chaos would reign supreme. As gravitation keeps the great ma‐ chinery of the universe in harmonious working order, without variation, from sunrise to sunset, from century to century, so the ingenious device of m a n ‐ t h e watch‐keeps the great business and social systems of the civilized world in one moving unit of order. As we study the evolution of the develop‐ m e n t of the watch, we find it runs parallel with those of human progress, which go hand in hand withsystemandmethod. Whilemethodmakes time,thewatchdividesit intoseconds,minutes and hours, each u n i t having i t s appointed task in the great system of modern civilization. A short sketch of the evolution of the me‐ chanical devices to mark time is interesting. Shadows from the sun undoubtedly formed the first attempt to measure subdivisions of the day. The earliest sun dial of which we have any record being that of a Chaldean astrono‐ mer,Berosus,about Great strides toward perfection in time‐ keepers were made in the latter half of the sixteenth and the beginning of the seventeenth centuries, notably in England, by one Tompion and his successor in business‐Graham, the latter whom invented and patented the Gra‐ ham escapement for clocks, which has main‐ tained its supremacy up to the present day, Nicholas Facio, a native of Geneva, was re‐ sponsible for the introduction of jewels as 7 17} } ’ i _ I \. 540yearsB. C. This was followed by the water clock of Clepsydra, which . A STORY OF WATCH EVOLUTION E + . 4~ - (é \ 4 1 1 v, A 1 probably proved the stepping stone from which the idea of the clock run by weights was evolv‐ ed, The first watch of which we have any record was madein1504,bya I y o u n g Nuremberg locksmith, and was known as the "Nuremberg Egg." HOURGLASS i Q {i . £1,w w w " bearings for the balance pivots. - The earliest watches w e r e v e r y clumsy affairs, t o o large to go into the“ pocket, and the gentleman who was the fortunate possessor of onehadaman.accompanyhimwhenhewent o u t , whose business it was to carry his watch. The birthplace of the modern watch was in Switzerland, the Swiss being the first to make them of artistic design and of convenient size to go into the pocket, But while the Swiss were the first to make the watch of modern civilization, it remained for the inventive brain of the American genius to devise and perfect ways and means of producing and standardizing high-grade watches, in such a ‐ , 0 \ A 7 15} > 3, 7 :Q} L 3+ 7 E‘ A . . . kmA b(h (chi/"1, ( )\&,( I; )\{.\I( i\&,( )x&/( + L'fifl )\{‘\},( ¥ L&,( . k B r Rw ! h ' t MI ' dO D E l d L e n égse.gl§encigl etchgdfollinegoor 8:5!“ back. terling silver in- find] figure etched center “ w a s / la. Queen case or insidecap case This new watch was produced to meet the demand for an a t ‐ tractwe hlgh‐g’rade thl‘n model that could be depended upon as an accurate time‐ ' ‘ " =,. - ’ ' ~ A ' v ' 1 4 k F ' l l a l d . E G r T e O e N n Mo r wO El ?n g l d c h a s e d casg. Etfied. Butler~ finish or lined ack. mbossedraisedfiguredial ETON MODEL £0} v} 14k Fgleg.dGéeer; orfiwhsilte gloldgigasekd case. toe, uter n‘ orine ac. Center cngravleddial ' ' TCC011 safety Cth~ . '*I ' w a» “ » .. , ' ~I, ‘ j, 4 \ A NEW THIN MODEL 12 SIZE 17Jewels; Adjusted to THREE Positions , “ V ‘ ' A i k g” 75} , } 7 2°} > 7 SPECIAL quality tempered and hardened compensating balance; double roller escapement; steel es‐ cape Wheel; gold c e n t e r wheel; Breguet hairspring; p a t e n t regulator; concaved and polished winding wheels; Illinois Motor Barrel and . * , These movements are made of the finest materials obtainable and are thoroughly dependable. SIDE VIEW AND MOVEMENT 2:0} These movements can be had in specially designed andextra heavysolid gold or platinumcases. Priceson application. p ' w a y as to plaée them within the reach of the great masses. ' At first watches w e r e made by hand, and because of their intricate mechanism, a year was usually required to construct. a" single watch; From time to time the Swiss invented mechanical devices to expedite the hand work, until when watchmaking was introduced in America, much of the work was done by the Swiss on machines. At first the American watchmakers imported this machinery from Europe, until the Swiss government became alarmed at the possible loss of their business by new world competition and enacted laws to prohibit the sale of their machinery o u t of their own country. This enactment threw the inventive American upon his own resources‐ thepositionin whichhehasalwaysbeenstrong‐ est‐with the result that ways and means were gradually thought out and developed, which under other conditions than necessity would never have been evolved, the final result being the highest standard of efficiency in watchmaking ‐‐the American product. Since 1870 the slogan of the Illinois Watch Company has been quality rather than quantity. The standards set up by the Company at this early date have been i m ‐ proved upon by the inven‐ tion of ingenious devices in special machinery, until the watches made by the Illinois Watch Company are a rec‐ ognized standard of efficiency in America. rim which is made of brass, is welded to an inner r i m of steel, these t w o metals having a g r e a t difference in linear expansion due to changes in temperature. The rim'ofthe wheel iscut intwo places allowing a free movement of a portion of the rimto expandor contract away from, or toward the center of the wheel, consequently, when the temperature rises, the brass on the outside expands more than the steel, causing the r i m to bend in, thus placing a portion of the weight toward the center, resulting in a gain of time sufficient ~to compensate for the loss which would otherwise manifest itself. With falling temperature, just the reverse is t r u e w a portion of the weight of the r i m being thrown away from the center of the wheel, causing a loss in time sufficient to compensate for the error. ‘(0 HE balance with its hairspring is the most vital part of a watch. The weight of the balance in connection with the tension of the hairspring, provides a means of regulating and“ "maintaining“ a correct" and uniform measurement of time. Compensating "balance wheels are formed of t w o strips of dissimilar metal, usually of brass and steel‐the reason for this being to cor‐ rect an error caused by one of the laws of nature‐that of expansion and contraction. The effect. of changes in temperature onthe hairspring is somewhat different, however, as a fall in temperature causes the spring to shorten and become stiffer, which causes a g a i n , ‐ the reverse being t r u e with a rising temperature. . The compensating balance is the only means * CHASED EMPIRE Greenorwhitegold. Moiredial. 1 ARDENED compensating balance with timingscrews;doublerollerescapement; steelescapewheel;goldcenterwheel;Breguet hairspring;patent micrometric screw regula‐ tor;safetyscrew center pinion;concavedand polished winding wheels; recoil safety click; rayed pattern damaskeening; gilt lettering. Fitted in the following cases: 14k filled Bassine case 14k filled green gold Empire,case 14k filled green or white gold, chased Butler or etched dial l4kfllledgreenorwhitegoldchasedEmpirecase 14k green gold Bassine Calumet case 14k white or g r e e n gold, chased Queen case, Butler finish or lined back 14k green gold Bassine, inside cap, case 14k heavy, green gold hand made chased border (special shape) case with cap, spe‐ cial luminous or fancy dial RaisedFigure, Luminous or EngravedDials,on PlainEmpire01'PlainBassine,extracharge CHASED EMPIRE Green or white gold filled. En- graveddialasshowninboxabove. \ " A lxfiA‘his"J non A Eh» Auturrzd The Autocrat is a high‐grade durable and accurate timepiece “at a medium price. Awatchofwhichanymanmaybeproud. , l xi} fl* an,» Autnrrat CHASED EMPIRE Green and white gold filled. Raised figure, luminous. engraved center or 5,4, ~ g Above Illustration Three‐Quarters Size ' PLAIN EMPIRE Green gold filled only 17Jewels; Adjusted to Temperature and lsochronism \( . )r ~( )I ‘x‘ ,1 ~( )/ \( 7, . \( )r \( )r ‘( )r \( . )r ‘ w )r w‘ /‘ W H W W0W W W W W W'W W W I/’ In the r i m of the balance wheel are a number of small screws, which make it possible to weight the balance according to the strength of the hairspring. Two of these screws are mean t i m e screws, which afford the m o s t reliable means of correcting the t i m e of a watch after being in service. Turn them toward the center and the watch goes faster,‐turn them from the center and the watch goes slower. The same kind of screws are used in the balance of the finest chronometers, and the same method is usedto regulatethem. As themainspringdrives the train of the watch the power is gradually released by the action of the escapement. The function of the balance wheel and hair‐ spring is to controlthemovementof theescape‐ m e n t so that the power from the mainspring willnotbetooquicklyreleased. Asthepower is released, the balance wheel moves alter‐ nately back and forth, approximately three‐ fourths of a revolution‐its movement in t u r n l I NDOUBTEDLY, m o s t persons who have looked i n t o a watch have noticed the peculiarly shaped wheel, having teeth n o t at all like the ordinary teeth of a gear wheel. This little wheel is known as the escape wheel and has a most important function to perform in a watch. The escapement takes its name from the fact that i t ‐ ‐ i n connection with the balance mech‐ anism‐allows the motion imparted to the train by the mainspring to escape, or r u n down, at exactly the proper rate. If the escapement were removed the mainspring would r u n down immediately and the watch would have no being controlled by the hairspring, one end of which is attached to the balance staff, the other to the balance bridge, thus limiting the degree of motion of the balance wheel. Breguet hairsprings are used exclusively in all Illinois watches. They are so called after an early watchmaker, who first conceived the idea of bending the outer coil of the spring in such a way that the entire spring will open and close uniformly as the balance oscillates, in‐ stead of tending to open and close more on one side than on the other, as an ordinary flat spiral spring would do. In addition, the use of the Breguet hairspring precludes the possi‐ bility of the coils catching in the regulator pins when the watch is jarred or dropped. There is more skilled labor and time spent ontheassemblyandadjustmentsoftheIllinois balance and hairspring, than is required to produce entirely, many of the timepieces on the market to‐day. timekeeping properties whatever. The escape wheel works in connection with the pallet, a small anchor-shaped steel lever, having at i t s ends peculiarly shaped jewels, so arranged that one of the jewels will alternately engage the teeth of the escape wheel, causing an oscillatingmotionofthepallet. The pallet is connected to a small lever called a fork. The power is imparted to the balance by the action of this fork on a jewel pin, set in a small steel disc on the balance staff, called the “roller." Each t i m e the balance receives an impulse from the fork and roller, it is returned after swinging through i t s proper angle, by the tension of the hairspring. gfietfamfiqwmodyhema/ HE SANGAMO SPECIAL is the highest grade 16‐size railroad watch made. This move‐ m e n t was designed especially for railroad men, and others who follow the more strenuous occupations and desire an exceptional watch of accuracy and dependability. MONTGOMERY D I A L . 7.3 extra quality ruby and sapphire jewels; gold settings; adjusted to temperature, S I X positions and isochronism; spring tempered compensating balance with gold screws including timing screws; double roller escapement; friction s e t ruby roller jewel; rounded t o p pallet jewels; steel escape wheel; gold MOVEMENT train; patent micrometric screw regulator; safety screw c e n t e r pinion; Illinois Superior Motor Barrel; concaved and polished winding wheels; safety recoil click. These.movements are fitted, rerated and timed in their specially designed cases at the factory. an nvww 1.www www 4.www VWV Vie)“ www www 7-sz1 ifwwfioyghs Complete Watch Open Face Only 23 Jewels Adjusted to SIX Positions Fittedin 14kfilled extra weight screw back hinged bezel case, or In 14kextraweight,solidgoldjointed case, with inside cap IN cheap watches many imperfect stones are used, Which are similar in appearance, but lack the necessary hardness of ruby and movements are adjusted in six different positions and in addition are adjusted to various degrees of temperature and isochron‐ ism, in fact these high-grade watches receive every care and attention of skilled specialists, which assures a most excellent timekeeper. Every good watch should have n o t less than 17perfectjewels, locatedasfollows:‐ Center wheel . Third wheel . Fourth wheel . Escape wheel . Pallet 81arbor . Balame staff Roller . Total In 19jewel watches, the t w o additional jew‐ elsareplacedonthebarrelarbor,orareusedon the escape pinion. In 21 jewel watches the ad‐ arbor, and in the 23 jewel watches they are used on the m o t o r barrel arbor. sists of the following parts:‐ made of good material but which have been found defective, due to poor polishing or other defeCts, are also usedin great quantities in cheaper movements. A perfectly true and polished ruby or sap‐ phirejewel reduces friction to a minimum and assures long wear, while on the other hand a poor jewel is worse than none at all. High-grade watches made by reliable m a n u ‐ facturers are usually graded according to the number of jewels; however, the mere fact that a watch contains a large number of jewels is no assurance of its being a good timekeeper. High‐grade American watches, containing 17, 19, 21 or 23 jewels, as a rulevare more accurately adjusted t h a n watches h a v i n g less jewels. As an illustration,‐the 21 and 23 jewel "Bunn Special" and "Sangamo Special" THE following are the advantages Of the Illinois Superior Motor Barrel used in all 16 and regular 12 size models:~‐ 1‐‐The separate winding hub permits the making of necessary repairs or replacements, by simply removing the barrel bridge. l‐Barrel 2‐Barrel staff 3‐Barrel cover 4‐Snailed hub S‐Ratchet 6‐Ratchet hub 7‐Ratchet cap with barrel staff u p ‐ per jewel. incl75 2 ‐ T h e jewel bearings are located at the extreme ends of the barrel arbor, reducing the friction to a minimum by permitting the use of very’small pivots. 3‐_‐‐Permits the use of a thinner mainspring, with the result that the watch runs longer. 4‐Permits of a more accurate isochronal TO assemble, the ratchet hub enters- the lower side of the barrel bridge and the triangle at the top on the ratchet side. Next, place ratchet on triangle followed by the ratchet cap with arbor jewel, on ratchet. These should be fastened together with the three screws which enter the ratchet hub. It is absolutely unnecessary to disassemble parts 5, 6, and 7,_ to replace a main spring. Remove Barrel Bridge Only by removing the three barrel bridge screws. To replace the barrel bridge, locate the wind‐ ing' hub on the barrel boss so that it will be centrally located with the main spring hooked. centrally and pressingdown lightly with the we; 1 level 2 CROSS SECTION ILLINOIS MOTOR BARREL lower Plate 4 . ‘( (3: , A <0: 4 »} C" Q éO/WW\Q‘1 The Bunn Special is the recognized stand‐ ard for all railroad service. The thou‐ sands ofthese watches in the hands of rail‐ road m e n everywhere have proventhe supe‐ riority of these m o r e merits, ADJUSTED TO SIX POSITIONS Will r u n in excess of o hourson0116 wm‘ dm‘ g. : ‘y 7 \ .A A‘ I 1 ’§} \ S 7 7?) L , ‘ (i 4 Selected e x t r a quality ruby and sapphire jewels. raised gold settings. Special rating and timing. Double roller escapement. Conical pivots. Best quality Breguet hairspring ILLINOIS Superior mainspring Recoil safety click. Special quality hardened and tempered c e n t e r a r m compensating balance. Gold screws including mean time screws. Rounded a r m polished gold train wheels. Entire escapement cap jeweled. Beveled and polished steel escape wheel Safety center pinion. Patent micrometer screw regulator. - ‘ THE BUNN SPECIAL is an extremely high‐grade, dependable, durable and excellent timekeeper and is unquestionably the m o s t popular railroad watch made in America. The Bunn Special is adjusted to SIX positions, temperatures and isochronism. Will pass the inspection on any railroad in the United States, Canada or Mexico SPECIAL FEATURES 0 Plates highly polished and artistically damaskeened. ?7 ‘5’: The 23 Jewel Bunn Special Contains the Illinois Jeweled Motor Barrel 5} OPEN FACE ONLY LEVER SETTING, I6 SIZE 3/4 PLATE MODEL I Madewitheither23or21jewels Regularly furnished with double sunk enameled dial -Montgomery Numerical Dials furnished on these movements when specified, without extra charge Concaved, polished and rayed winding wheels. 4s E y," clockwise" With tweezers until ratchet hub “squareventers winding hub. The barrel bridge ‘Will'then'become properly seated. The m o t o r barrels used in the thin 12size models are oonstnmtedonthesamegeneralprincipleexcept thewindinghub. In replacingbarrelin move‐ _ " BOUT thirty years ago, the railroads of the country awoke to the fact that a large number of collisions and other accidents were due to the varying time kept by the watches used by their men. A time inspection was installed, making it compulsory for every man to have his watch inspected at regular intervals. These inspec‐ tions convinced the railroad officials of the necessity of presenting their difficulties to the watch manufacturers, who proposed supplying them with movements which were rated and adjusted so they would r u n uniformly in the hardest and m o s t exacting service. The first of these watches were adjusted to temperature and three positions and gave much better service than the former unadjusted watches, but as yet were n o t all that was de‐ sired. In their efforts to still further increase the timekeeping uniformity of their product, the watch manufacturers adjusted their move‐ ments to t w o more positions, making a total of five, as is n o w required by all railroads m a i n ‐ taining a time service. The increased number of adjustments added greatly to the efficiency, accuracy and u n i ‐ formity of the timekeeping of the watches, but it also added considerable to the cost. The ”Five Position Watches" were such an improvement over the “Three Position Watches" that this company decided to adjust their high‐grade railroad watches to “Six Positions" to assure reliable timekeepers re‐ gardless of the position in which they were placed. It requires from eight to twelve months to complete a high-grade watch, a large p a r t of this time being spent in adjusting the move‐ m e n t to the different positions, temperature and isochronism. ment, place the barrel, first in barrel bridge turning the barrel until main spring becomes hooked. Then, holding barrel and barrel bridge with tweezers slide barrel under cen‐ terwheeluntilcentrallylocated,pressinglightly on barrel bridge until it becomes properly seated. The “Bunn Spe‐ cial"and“Sangamo Special" m o v e ‐ ments are adjusted to six positions, as illustrated and in the order named :‐ First position‐ dial up. Second position ‐dial down. Third position‐‐ twelve up. Fourth position ‐three up. Fifth position‐ nine up. Sixth position‐ six up. These move‐ ments are run a minimum of twen‐ ty‐four hours in each of these posi‐ tions. In case a move‐ ment fails to come within the required limits, it is dis‐ assembled a n d c a r e ‐ fully inspected to determine the cause of error. When the trouble is located, 18Size, 21 Jewels, Adjusted 6 Positions 21 ruby andsapphire jewels; gold settings; adjustedto temperature, SIX posi‐ tions and isochronism; compensating balance; gold screws including t i m i n g screws;doubleroller;steelescapewheel;Breguethairspring,patent micrometric screw regulator, safety screw center pinion. beautifullydamaskeenedwithblack enamel lettering. double sunk dial. A. Einmln 16 Size, 19Jewels, Hunting and Open Face Adjusted 5 Positions Extra quality ruby and sapphire jewels; raised gold settin s; accurately adjustedto temperature,fivepositionsandisochronism;verycare ullyratedand timed; special quality hardened and tempered compensating balance.with gold screws including mean time screws;rounded a r m polished gold train wheels; double roller escapement; beveled and polished steel escape wheel; one piece polished pallet and fork; sapphire pallet jewels and jewel p i n ; best quality Breguet hairspring; safety screw center pinion; Illinois superior mainspring; p a t e n t micrometric screw regulator; recoiling click; concaved, polished and rayed winding wheels; screws are chamfered and slots cornered; double sunk glass enamel dial; plates and bridges have chamfered edges. are nicely finished and artistically damaskeened. The 19jewel Bunncontains the lllinois Motor Barrel. 16 Size, 21 Jewels, Hunting and Open Face Adjusted 5 Positions 21 ruby andsapphirejewels; gold settings; adjustedto temperature.fiveposi‐ tions and isochtonism; special quality hardened and tempered compensating balance, with gold screws including m e a n t i m e screws; exposed double roller e s c a p e m e n t ; sapphire roller and pallet jewels; beveled steel escape wheel; entire escapementca‘pjeweled;conicalpivots;beveledandpolishedgoldcenter wheel; patentmicrometricscrew regulator;bestqualityBreguethairspring;patentsafety screw center pinion; concaved, polishedvisible winding wheels; friction fitted dust band; double sunk dial; damaskeened in bright striped p a t t e r n ; black enamel lettering. 16Size, 17Jewels, Adjusted 5 Positions Double roller,steel escape wheel, gold train wheels. ‘‐ the parts responsible are destroyed,~‐new ' parts substitutedand the movement again placed on tests“ It mightbeWell to state that it is more diffiCult toadjust a m o v e m e n t in t h e “ s i x u p , or “sixthposition" than in any other, clearly 0 THE performance of every Illinois watch is observed for a period of t e n days and each day is compared with a master mean time clock, and regulated to railroad requirements. Watchadvertisingusuallymakes amysteryofadjustments. It isnomoreorless EACH Illinois watch is subjected to a temperature run for twenty‐four hours in temperatures varying from 40° to 95° Fahrenheit. Corrections and adjustments are then made to the balance and temperature runs repeated until the watch is within the required limits. The fact that a watch has a INTERESTING ment. Watch your own timepiece and note how many times it will be in the sixth position in your pocket, particularly when you are loung‐ ing in any other than an upright position. than making every'part exact, so that it, will properly‘perform its duty. Every part that does n o t harmonize perfectly with e v e r y ' other part,must beadjustedto thedesiredcondition, which requires the highest degree of skilled workmanship. compensatingbalance,meanslittleunlessit is subjected to the proper temperature tests, and sufficient time taken to make the proper adjustments. Before the advent of the com‐ pensating balance, watches had temperature errors Varying from four to six minutes every twenty-four hours. The balance in- our. 12 size watch runs approximately 18 miles per day. If your watch misses one tick every hour, o u t of a total of 18,000, it willlose approximate‐ ly 33 seconds a week. . The “Bunn Special" and ”Sangamo Special" watches will run for more than 45 hours without re‐winding. More than 4,000,000 Illinois watches are being carried in the pockets of satisfied users. Some of the screws in illlinois watches are so small they can scarcely be seen with the naked eye. Some run 260 threads to an inch. A ,watch ticks 5 times per second, 300 , - times per minute, 18,000 times per hour and 432000 times per day. The tick is caused by the impact of the escape wheel tooth against the pallet jewels. under construction for approximately a year _and require more than 3500 operations to com‐ » plete them. Approximately 85% of the cost ' of a high-grade watch is labor Your watch should be cleaned and oiled at least everyeighteen months to give the best results. ' Na. 4111 23 Jewels, Hunting and Open Face 12 Size 23 e x t r a quality ruby and sapphire jewels; gold settings; adjustedto temperature, six posi‐ tions and isochronism;spring tempered compen‐ screws; steel escape wheel; double roller; gold t r a i n wheels; Breguet hairspring; p a t e n t regula‐ t o r ; safety screw center pinion; safety recoil click; Illinois Superior Motor Barrel; double sunk dial; is accurately constructed and highly finished in every detail. ' Entry Illinois mugfirlh mm; in fully guarantnh m 11: pert)?! in tnnaimfiimt nail in he a aatiafarmtg timrkrrpn A. Einmln 21Jewels,HuntingandOpenFace , 12Size‘ 21 ruby and sapphire jewels; gold settings; adjusted to temperature. five positions and isochronisrn; special quality hardened and t e m ‐ pered compensating balance. with gold screws including mean time screws; exposed double roller escapernent; sapphire roller and pallet jew:els: beveled steel escape wheel; entire escape‐ ment cap jeweled; conicalpi., filaeveledand polished gold c e n t e r wheel; I 't micrornetric screw regulator; best quality Brewer hairspring; patentsafetyscrewcenterpinion: eoncavedand polished visible winding wheels: double sunk dial: damukeened in bright striped p a t t e r n : black enamel lettering. Hunting or Open Face Na. 4115 17 Jewels, Hunting and Open Face 12Size 17jewels;oreidesettings;adjustedto tempera‐ ture; springtemperedcompensatingbalancewith timing screws; double roller escapement; hard‐ pallets; sapphire jewel pins; gold. beveled and polishedcenter wheel:Breguethairspring;patent micrometricscrewregulator; safetyscrewcenter pinion; perfect self-locking setting device; con‐ caved and polished w i n d i n g wheels; safety recoil click; damaskeened in bright striped p a t t e r n . A veryattractive,wellfinishedandthoroughly dependable m o v e m e n t . If firmer matrhra rnnlh he mm.grab: fur grab», flit? 311mm flair]; 0111. 11111th make them ' Na. 3115 17Jewels, Hunting and Open Face 16 Size 17 jewels, polished settings; adjusted to t e m ‐ perature; hardened compensating balance with timing screws: double roller escapement; steel escape wheel; rounded arm train wheels; gold micrometric screw regulator: safety screw c e n t e r pinion; concaved and polished winding wheels; recoilsafety dick; double sunk dial; striped rayed \fimrial‘ 19 JeWels, Hunting and Open Face Adjusted 3 Positions 16 Size or 12 Size Lever or PendantSetting 1 9 jewels; adjusted t o t e m p e r a t u r e and three positions; spring tempered compensating balance with timing screws; double roller escapement; sapphire pallets and roller jewel: steel escape wheel, rounded arm train wheels; gold center wheel; Breguet hairspring; p a t e n t regulator; r e ‐ coil click; double sunk dial. N11. 7115 17Jewels, Hunting and Open Face r 16 Size 17 jewels: polished settings; adjusted to t e m ‐ perature, fourpositions; hardenedcompensating balancewithtimingscrews; roundedarmtrain wheels;polishedgoldtopcenterwheel;tempered and polished steel escape wheel;'best quality Breguet hairspring; safety screw center pinion; micrometric screw regulator; concaved winding wheels; recoil safety click; double sunk dial; gilded screws and regulator; beautifully damasf keenedi'n narrowstripedpattern. A watch that"is an exceptionally durable and accurate timekeeoer. A watch that mended. c a n be conscientiously recom‐ \ (A ‘a PRACTICALLY all retail jewelers main‐ tairi'?‘repair departments with competent ' men in charge who are capable of making repairs and’adju'stments. It is sometimes necessary, in isolated cases, j Do not send watches direct to the factory,‐' The Illinois Watch Company does n o t any questions regarding case repairs should be taken up through your jeweler with the case manufacturers, MAGNETISM Magnetism in a watch is the result of its being in close proximity to a magnetic field. If your watch becomes magnetized it is us‐ ually a very simple matter for a watchmaker to determine the cause of the trouble, in‘which case it takes only a few minutes to demagnetize the movement GENUINE MATERIAL It is impossible to lay t o o much stress on the questionofgenuinematerial. Ifyouwantgood results.never let a watchmaker, regardless of how competent, repair your watch unless he uses genuine factory material. Years of experience and large sums of money have been spent by watch manufacturers to determine the proper metals and materials with which to make the various parts,‐-it is with cheap and inferior materials {which lack the necessary w e a r i n g qualities and finish, with the result that you cannot depend upon your watch to keep satisfactory t i m e , ' The above is particularly t r u e and jewels. of staffs, ‐ pinions www (a)A )\&,(o kfhn WRIST WATCH MOVEMENTS IllinoisWristWatchMovementsarehigh‐gradeandmadefortimekeepingpurposes‐notmerely asornaments. Attractive cases may be selectedfromstock at your retailjeweler. EVERY ILLINOIS W A T C H IS FULLY GUARANTEED To BE PERFECT IN CONSTRUCTION AND To BE A SATISFACTORY TIMEKEEPER No.907, 19Jewels No.903, 15Jewels 5-H em» nr 151211211 91mm» Movements Only 19 and 15 ruby and sapphire jewels; compensating balance with timing screws; double roller escapement; Breguet hairspring; safety screw center pinion; polished winding wheels; recoil click; silvered or gilt metal dials; full or three‐quarter opening. The 19 jewel movement has a steel escape wheel. Only delivered fitted in cases supplied by jobbers Made in o p e n face only. May be fitted with hunting dials ' , asillustrated with or without second hand n g g w ‘ w “Y"were“"1.0“we.We; Q 1:1;' A )\m/( ; Rigid exm,( Li’hA . hgfix “(31A * ufi‘ku “(63A hfiA * “(61,1 >\J’? I A {f LAFAASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATORY ' .{it if I7 «z: I;, 7 <5_~ § : 34‘ <§ :-> L 34‘ Q i» ‘( ILLINOIS WATCHES‐A RECOGNIZED STANDARD OF EFFICIENCY IN .AMERICA '» . V ‘i 'f w y ‘t )/ \( yr \( . )' \( )’ ‘( j’ \( A )’ ‘( )’ ‘t Q V WWWWWWWWWWW THE ILLINOISWATCH COMPANY MAINTAINSA MOSTCOMPLETE ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATORY,ASILLUSTRATED,WHERE ACCURATE TIME IS DETERMINED BY ASTRONOMY AND RECEIVED DAILY BY WIRELESS This telescope is set to swing on the meridianof Spring‐ field,whichis89°39’10”west, andpointsnorthand south. Observations at the Illinois Watch Company's observatory can be taken from the north, the south and directly overhead as there are specially constructed openings for this purpose in the north and south walls as well a s a removable shutter across the roof of the transit room. In the eye‐piece of the transit instrument is a series of parallel vertical spider lines as well assev‐ eralhorizontallines. Theobserverturnsthetelescope to the point where the particular star should cross at the appointed time andnotes the time of passage over each of the vertical spider lines. The average of all these times will be the clock time of passage or sidereal time from which the m e a n solar t i m e is calculated. THE CHRONOGRAPH Illinois Watch Company's Astronomical Observatory By means of this instrument, which is connected elec‐ trically with the Sidereal and Mean Time Clocks, it is possible to n o t e the slightest variation in either of these master clocks. Therecordofeachisdrawnuponapaper record sheet‐placed upon a large cylinder‐by a foun‐ tain pen asthe cylinder revolves. As each space repre‐ sents a sixtieth p a r t of a minute it can readily be seen EQUATORIAL TELESCOPE Illinois Watch Company's Astronomical Observatory Springfield, Illinois This magnificent instrument was designed by the watch factory experts, and all its parts, with the exception of thelenses,weremadein theworkshopsof thecompany. It is conceded a marvel of accuracy and is considered thefinesttelescopeofitssizeinthecountry. It hasan eightandone-halfinchlenswithafocallengthof twelve feet. Asillustratedabove,thistelescopeislocatedinthe revolvingdome of the observatory where,on clear nights, theastronomer in chargecordiallywelcomesallwhowish to see the wonders of the heavens. THE CHRONOGRAPH ILLLNOIS'“MNTC}IES spath e . THE 6 position 60 hour Sangamo Special is the highest grade railroad watch made. ,. This new model, combining the skill of master watchmakers with the finest materials obtainable, is guaran‐ teedtorunmorethan60hoursoneachwinding‐thegreatestimpr0vementmadeinrailroadwatchesinyears. The fact that these watches w i l l r u n 60 hours on one winding n o t only greatly increases the accuracy, but affords a factor of safety impossible w i t h any other railroad watch. , The s ecial cases asillustrated are by Wadsworth, and are of unusual design. They may be had in 14k green, white or ye l o w gold filled, or 14k green, white or yellow solid gold. They are hinged front, hinged back and hinged inside cap, and are particularly adaptable for presentation purposes. The e x t r a heavy bows on these cases are rigid, this being an entirely new departure which has become very popular within the past few months. MOVEMENT SPECIFICATIONS Jewels‐23 highest grade ruby and sapphire. Adjustments‐9‐‐ 6 positions‐heat‐cold and isochronism. Jewel Settings‐‐ Raisedsolidgold. Balance‐Springtempered,compensating, with solid gold screws, including timing screws Trainwheels‐GOld. polished and beveled. Eucapement‐Double roller and entire escapement cap jeweled. Roller Jewel‐Red Rubgl Pallet Jewels‐Red ruby, rounded top. EscapeWheels‐ tee], bev‐ eled, polished and hardened Hairspring‐Breguet, special qual‐ ity. Center Pinion‐Safety Screw. Winding Wheels‐Steel. concaved and polished. Regulator‐Patent, micrometric screw. Click‐Safety recoiling. Ban-el‐Illinois Superior Jeweled Motor. Dials‐Choice of‐Railroad arabic, Montgomery numer‐ ical double sunk enamel or Butler finished silver dial with railroad figures. Fitted in 14K filled green, white or yellow gold, e x t r a weight, jointed case with inside c a p Same, Keystone Fittedin 14Kextra weight,green jointed case with inside c a p . . Same, Keystone The 6 position60 hourSangamoSpecialsarepackedin attractive aluminum cigarette boxes. A 23 JEWEL, 16 SIZE, RAILROAD MODEL The cases. de‐ signed by Wads‐ worth. are the result of their years of experi‐ ence in the mak‐ i n gof fine watch cases. These movements are fitted.timed and rated in their cases at the fac‐ tory.Bothstyles ol' cases are made with screw back and bezel. the metal usedbei much thicker t an is usually found in standard 16size cases. The bows asserts: ' 233.3323; " gig‘mr‘ifsggmé » 'f’ ' t, ' 21JEWELS AMERICA’S MOST POPULAR RAILROAD WATCH giTmSScijblefp; Us or II" w o r k through 1:2;th move- , \ , , , ~ THE 60-hour 6 position Bunn Special is the “last word" in 21 jewel railroad watches and is unquestionably the greatest railroad watch value that has ever been offered. For more than aquarter century the Bunn Special has enjoyed anenviable reputation for its mechanical perfection, durability and excellent timekeepingqualities. TheBunnSpecialoftoday‐similartopreviousmodels of this movement is the pioneer and leader in the railroad watch field‐a super-timekeeper‐having incorporated in its construction a m o t o r barrel of special design w i t h a mainspring sufficiently long to r u n the watch for 60 hours on each winding. ‘ Movement Specifications:_ Moron BARREL‐Illinois Superior with 60-hour mainspring. JEWELS‐21 selected red Ruby an Sapphire. ADJUSTMENTS~SiX positions. Heat, cold and isochronism. E W E L SETTINGS‐‐ Raised solid gold. BALANCE‐Spring tempered compensatinfizciih solid godscrews. includi t i m i n g screws. TRAIN WHEELS‐Polished old, beveled PEMBNT‐Double roller an entire escapement c a p jeweled. ESCAPE HEEL‐Steel, beveled, polished and hardened. HAlemlNcs‐Breguet, special quality. WINDING WHEELS‐Steel, concaved and polished. REGULATOR‐Positive micmmetric screw. CLICK‐Safety recoiling. DIAL‐Double sunk enamel or metal. . ILLINCHS VVATCHJES SPRiNo 14K White or Green Gold ThesecompleteBunnSpecialsarepackedandshippedin Sam attractivealuminum boxes,asillustrated,which m a y be lOK usedfor carrying cigarettes. STANDARD FOR TIME SERVICE ON ALL RAILROADS COMPLETE WATCH 16SIZE ILLINOIS WATCHES SPRINGFIELD STANDARD F O R TRAIN ”SERVICE "| ‘HE railroad movements illustrated on this page will pass the time servrce inspection on all railroads. With the exception of the 21jewel, 18size Bunn Special, all of the watches illustrated are equipped with the Illinois Superior Motor Barrel, and are guaranteed to r u n 60 hours on each winding. These movements are the highest of each particular grade and are made of the finest materials throughout. The 21 jewel 60 hour 6 position Bunn Special is also supplied as a complete watch, in a specially designed case, being fully described on the opposite page of this insert. The other movements illus~ trated are sold as movements only, and being standard in size may bereadily fitted to cases of your o w n selection. STANDARDFORTIMESERVICEONALLRAILROADS Sixty Hour Bunn Special 16Size 21Jewels. Adjusted 6 Positions. (Same descriptionas23jewel, with exception of lllinois Superior Jeweled Motor barrel.) BunnSpecial 18Size. 21Jewels Adjusted 6 Positions. With double sunk ial .00 Same, Keystone Sixty Hour Bunn Special 16Size,23Jewels Adjusted 6 Positions. A d j u s t e d to heat, cold and isochronism: raised gold jewel settings; spring tempered com‐ pensating balance with solid gold screws; polished gold beveled t r a i n wheels; double roller escapement and entire escapement cap jeweled; steel escape wheel; Bremet hair‐ spring; concaved and polished steel winding whee 5; positive micrometric screw regulator; safety recoil' click; Illinois Su or Jew. eled MotorBil-rel,double sun enamel or metal dial. Price Same. Keystone... Price............ . Same. Keystone. “asmm”m f. Shaman-u ' v , spat .00 16Size, 19 ewels, Open FaceOnly. Ad‐ justed to 5 ositions. This movement has the lllinoisJeweled m o t o r barrel 343.00 Same. Keystone 48. Commercial Grades HE movements i l l u st r at ed herewith are all high-grade, accur‐ a t e and depend‐ able timepieces, ranging in grade from 17 jewel ad‐ justed to 23 jewel 6 position adjust‐ ed. They are n o t sold as compl ete watches, but may be readily fitted in standard cases of any design by wholesalers or re‐ tailers, thus afford‐ ing an unlimited assortment of cases from which to choose. No.706. 17 ewels,HuntingandOpenFace,16Size. 17 jewels; po ished settings; adjusted to temperature, four positions; hardened compensating balance with timing screws; rounded arm train wheels; polished gold t o p center wheel; tempered and polished steel escape wheel;.best qual‐ i t y Breguet hairspring; safety screw center pinion; micro‐ m c t r i c screw re ulator; concaved winding wheels; recoil safety click; dou le sunk dial; gilded screwsand regulator; beautifully damaskeened in narrow Striped pattern. nFace,12Size. watch that is an timekee er Same, eystone. . exceptionally durable and a c c u r a t e No.410. 23Jewels,Huntingand 23 e x t r a q u a l i t y r u b y and sapphirejewe s; gold s e t t i n g s ; ad‐ justed to temperature, six positions andisochronism;spring te'mpered compensating balance; gold screws including tim‐ ing screws; steel escape wheel; double roller; old train wheels; Breguethairspring; p a t e n t regulator; sa e t y screw center pinion; safety recoil click; Illinois Superior Motor Barrel; double sunk dial; is accurately constructegegrag Same, Keystone ~, ,. \ J A. LINCOLN. 21Jewels, Huntin and OpenFace, 12 Size.21rubyandsapphirejewels: gol settings; adjustedto t e m erature, five positions and isochronism; special quality ha ened and tempered compensating balance, with gold screws including mean time screws; exposed double roller escapement; sapphire roller and pallet jewels; beveled steel escape wheel; entire escapement ca jeweled; conical pivots; beveledandpolishedgoldcenterw eel;patent micrometric screw regulator; best quality Breguet hairspring; p a t e n t safety screw center pinion; concaved and polished visible winding wheels; double sunk dial; damaskeenéd in bright striped t t e r n ; black enamel lettering. . Same, eystone No.405. 17Jewels,HuntingandOpenFace,12Size. 17 jewels; oreide settings; adjusted to temperature; spring tempered compensatin balance with timing screws; double rollerescapement; har enedandpolishedsteelesca e wheel; sapphire pallets; sapghirejewelpins; gold, bevele and pol‐ ishedcenter wheel; reguet hairspring; patent micrometric screwregulator;safetyscrewcenterpinion;perfectself-lock‐ in setting device; concaved and polished winding wheels; saety recoilclick;damaskeenedin bri ht stripedpattern. A very attractive, well finished an thoroughly depend» able movement $26.00 Same; Keystone SPRIN t L 407and707. 19Jewels.Huntin andOpenFace,Ad‐ jsusted 3 Positions, 12Size or 16 ize. Lever or Pendant tions; sprin tempered compensating balance with timing screws; dou lc rol er esca m e n t ; sapphire palletsand roller jewel; steel escape wheel?erounded a r m tr'ain Wheels; g'old c e n t e r wheel; Breguet hairsprin'g; p a t e n t regulator; recoil click; double sunk dial Same, Keystone 12 size, No. 407 Same, Keystone. . . . Only on 16 size No. 707. .$32.50 . 33.00 No.305. 17Jewels.HuntingandOpenFace.16Size. I7 jewels, polished settings; adjusted to temperature; hard‐ ened compensating balance with t i m i n screw; double roller escapement; steel esca e wheel; roun ed a r m train wheels; goldtopcenterwheel; reguethairspring;patentmicromet‐ ricscrewregulatorzsafetyscrewcenterpinion;concavedand polishedwindingwheels;recoilsafetyclick; doublesunk dial; striped rayed p a t t e r n damaskeenin , black enamel lettering. A watch that can be conscientious y recommended. 5 Same, Keystone . . . . . . .‘r ........ . 50 l4k solid green gold; engraved Em ire case;etched raised figure dial. . 1 00 Same, Keystone 200.00 coil bar and pinion click; concave pendant s e t t i n g mechanism of in movement. 14k solid white gold: e casezspecial raisedfigure of 18k 3 plied or steel figures. 3180.00 ISglr‘nc. e y s t o n e 220.00 Same, Keystone \. 14k solid e x t r a heavy white gold hand carved case with inlaid black enamel decoration; Butler back with sterling silver dial with 18k applied figures $180.00 Same, Keystone 220 00 MovementandSideViews 14k solid white gold, e x t r a heavy hand carved case with Butler or etched backs. Etched dial with figures in Same, Keystone SPRI E EXTRA THIN 12SIZE 21 JEWELS‐8 ADJUSTMENTS EI‘HE Illini is the highest grade thin model watch made in America and has no superior. These exceptionally fine movements are supplied only in 14k and 18k solid gold cases of the m o s t exclusn’re and artistic designs, and are particularly adapted for presentation purposes. _ 21 e x t r a quality ruby and sapphire jewels; special t e r n red compen~ sating c e n t e r a r m balance, aving gold screws inc uding timing screws; adjusted to temperature, five positions and isochronism. Breguet hairspring; double roller escapement; hardened and polished steel escape wheel; patent Illinois Superior jeweled m o t o r barrel, both pivots of barrel staff operatin in sapphire jewels; patent re‐ raved Empire ialwithchoice and po ished winding wheels; exceptional simplicity entirely size watches made in Ameri‐ ca.Althoughverythin,these watches are exceptionally fine timekeepers and are thoroughly dependable. customers who desire to compare watch values: 19 ruby and sapphire jewels, raised settings; adjusted to temperature. five positions and isochronisms; special q u a l i t y hardened and tem red center arm compensating balance; dou le roller escapement; sapphire roller and pallet jewels; beveled steel escape wheel; con‐ ical pivots; gold center wheel; p a t e n t micro‐ metric screw regulator; best quality Bre u e t hairspring; recoil click; Illinois Superior ew‐ eled Motor Barrel; concaved and polished winding wheels; perfect pendantsetting device entirely in movement; damaskeened in bright striped p a t t e r n ; black enamel lettering. These watches are without ques‐ tionthehighestgrade,bestlooking and greatest values on the market. PIONEER MODEL 14K filled green or white gold. full chased inside c a p case. 5 cial etched center dial w i t h inlaid ename fi ..875.00 Keystone latest and m o s t design and may be had in either solid or 14k gold filled. ‐ The following list of s ecial featureswillundoubte ly be i exclusive NGFIELD is run“- ) ‘ ‘. I. x7, BARRISTER MODEL 14K green or white solid gold, full chased center and bezels, inside cap ease. new proc‐ ess etched dial_with ancient Roman fi ures inrelief. ...,..............‘...,......$1 Same. Keystone ACORN MODEL 14K filled green or white gold. inside cap case. silver etched or embossed raised figure dials ' $7 .00 Same, Keystone. . . . 84.00 MOVEMENT VIEW back. Sterling silver inlaid figure etch‐ ed center dial. Queen ease. .$ 75.00 Same, Keystone............. 90.00 Inside cap case. ..............85.00 Same, Keystone........... Eton Model 14k’filled, green or white gold chased case. Etched, Butler finish or lined back. Embossed raised figure dial, asillustrated in box. . . . . . . . .$50.00 Same, Keystone . 60.00 4 14k fillCd, green 0!“ WhltC gold ChaSCd THE ARISTOCRAT OF WATCHES 17 JEWELS‐6 ADJUSTMENTS THE Marquis-Autocrat is one of the thinnest and highest grade 17 jewel watches made. ' These movements are made of the finest materials throughout and have many superior features n o t usually found in watches selling within this range of prices. These beautiful watches are ideal gifts under any circumstances and may be depended upon to give satisfactory and faithful service. Specifications : 17Selectedrubyandsapphirejewels, jewels insettings, adjusted to three positions,heat.coldandisoeh‐ ronism. Special ality tempered and hardened compensating balance. Double roller escapement. Steel escape wheéll’ Gold center wheel. Breguet hairsprinf. Patent regular adjustments Coneaved and polished winding wheels. lllinois Superior m o t o r barre . Recoil safety click. cas¢_ Etched, Butler finish or lined back. Center engraved dial ..$50.00 Same. Kevstone............. 60.00 ILLINOIS WATCHES SPRINGFIELD MAKERS OF HIGH-GRADE WATCHES EXCLUSIVELY -: / 7 ‐ . 1 7 J, EW E L S Adjusted to Temperature and Isochronisi'h MEDIUM-PRICED watch that may bedepended u onfortaccuracyanddurability. Thesewatches are ful y guaranteed by the makers to be reliable and to givesatisfactory service. . ‐ Hardtn-6 compensating balance; double roller escapement; stee ./ "escape-wheel; gold center wheel; Breguet hairspring; patent mi‐ crometric screw re ulator; safety screw center‘pinion; concaved and polished win ing wheels; recoil safety click; rayed pattern 141:filledgreengoldplaincase.. ...'..................$38.00 Same, Keystone..............;........................ 45.50 14]: filled green or white gold, chased center Butler dial . . 43.00 , Same, Keystone..............$48.00 14k filled green or white gold, full chased case..................$43.50 S’ame, Keystone ............. THE MARY TODD 18/0 size ladies’ wrist watch is offered asanextremely fine, high-grade watch which may bedepénded upon for its excellent timekeeping qualities in addition to its especially artistic appearance, beauty and refine‐ m e n t . $80.00 and up. Keystone $92.00. 6/0’SIZE WRIST W A T C H MOVEMENTS The watches illustrated below are n o t furnished by the manufacturer ascomplete watches. The cases illustrated damajfieening;*gilt lettering. Fitted in the following cases: MAKERS OF HIGH-MEWATCHES EXCLUSIVELY MAKERS OF HIGH-GRADE WATCHES EXCLUSIVELY Chased Green or white gold filled. Raised figure, lumi‐ nous, engraved or special Moire dial.........$43.50 simply indicate s o m e of the No. 907, 19 jewels various styles made by No. 903, 15 jewels 19or 15ruby and sapphire jewels; compensating balance with timing screws; double roller escapement; Breguet hairspring; safety screw center pinion;polishedwindingwheels;recoilclick,silvered or gilt metal dials; full or three-quarter opening. The 19‐jewel movement has a'stecl escape wheel. Only delivered fitted in casessuppliedbyjobbers. Madeinopenfaceonly. Maybefitted with hunting dials asillustrated, with or without second hand.