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Mason Pocket Watch

Mason was a grade of pocket watch movements manufactured by Illinois Watch Co..

The Illinois Watch Co. manufactured watches in Springfield, Illinois from approximately 1869 to 1948. See more information about Illinois Watch Co. or find out more information about your watch by conducting a serial number lookup.

Illinois Watch Co.

Initial Marking: I.W.Co.

Location: Springfield, Illinois

Years of Operation: 1869-1948

Successor: Hamilton

Purchased by Hamilton Watch Co., 1927

Production Jewels: 7-23 Jewels

Production Sizes: Wide Variety

Total Production: 5,600,000+

Factory Building Status: The original Illinois Watch Company factory building no longer exists. However, a later expansion was built to serve as a new frontage for the factory. Part of this addition still stands, and a modern structure has been built around it.

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