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he BURLINGTON ‐ CWATCH AiN N \ { HEOX \ Q\Q SSS ‐TIMEIS BVT THE MEAS‐ VREOF AN ETERNITY BEYONDALL VNDERSTA‐ ‘NDING. ll Where Quality Counts UALITY isthewatchwordof the O Burlington. And here is just one of many proofs‐a highly significant proof‐of the Burlington’s reputation for quality. Practically every first-class battle‐ ship, dreadnaught and cruiser in o u r wonderful Navy, have Burlington watches aboard: Yes, 353 of o u r fighting vessels, n o w have 6693 Bur‐ lington Watches aboard. Many of thelargervesselssuchastheWyoming, Utah, Arkansas and the Idaho have over one hundred watches and the Battleship Georgia, n o w o u t of com- ‐ mission, had 305 Burlington Watches. We a r e especially proud of the Bur‐ lington’s wonderful success a m o n g the men in our Navy. The constant vibration, extreme heat in the boiler of climate from the arctic to the tropic, arethemostseveretests on a watch. If a watch will stand up and give ac‐ curate service aboard a man-of-war it will stand up anywhere. Page Two OurPolicy: | Surpassing Quality. Direct to the People. The Result: Rock-Bottom Price. Every Sale Makes a Friend. ? Hundreds of thousands of friends. An immense business‐and growing every day. This factory, for a generation, has set a standard of exclusive quality. Making none but high-class watches, it has never tolerated anything but the finest and costliest materials, the greatest possible skill in manufac‐ turing, and the utmost care in testing. The Burlington Watch Company is a distinct and independent selling organization, financially independent of every watch factory in the country. Seventeen years of absolute quality has established for the Burlington Watch a most enviable reputation‐a reputation that no other watch company in the world enjoys, for the Burlingtonis the one watch, yes, the only man’s watch, that is made with 21 Jewels exclusively. When you say you own a new Burlington, that means, that you own a 21Jewel high‐ grade watch. It can never mean that your watch might be anything from a 7-Jewel to a 21-Jewel. If it is a Burlington, it must be 21 Jewels. Our Quality Policy: Quality‐more Quality‐and still more Quality. That is the ladder-on which we have climbed, until today we hold the unique position of being the only watch company in the United States selling nothing but 21-Jewel men’s watches. All other companies sell many grades of watches. When you say you have a watch, even though you mention a well-known brand, it may be thatyourwatchhas7Jewels,15Jewels,17Jewels,19Jewels,or21 Jewels‐ in fact, it means nothing. But not sowith the Burlington. If you say to a friend, “See my new Burlington,” it means 21 Jewels every time. No other company has ever dared to adopt our radical quality policy. No other watch on the market today, has so high a quality standing as the Burlington. ; OurPricePolicy: Our PricePolicyisjust asradicalasour Quality Policy. We are selling direct to the consumer at the lowest rock-bottom price. Your Jeweler cannot buy a Burlington one penny cheaper than you can. When we adopted our radical rock-bottom price policy, we also an‐ nounced that watches being sold for $60.00, $75.00, $100.00 and $125.00, could be sold at wholesale for as low as the Burlington rock-bottom price. This was a startling announcement to almost everyone. Some laughed at i t ‐ some said our statement was not true. At any rate, it created a great sensation and caused a good deal of criticism and comment. A l l Criticism‐Punctured: Our competitor’s criticism, however, was almost as shortlived as a soap bubble. The bubble had not assumed a very large size when it was punctured by the facts brought out in a lawsuit brought by the United States Government under the Anti-Trust Act, against the foreign repre‐ sentative of one of the largest watch factories in the United States. This suit unearths a contract between the factory and the exporter, which showed that the exporter was paying for high grade watches less than 25% of the United States list price, on identically the same watch. Justthinkofit! TheUnitedStatespricewasoverfourtimestheexportprice. Can anyone contend that there is any good reason why y o u should p a y four times as much for a watch asthe exporter pays for the same identical watch? N o ‐ o f course no. Bringingthe secret contract to light, proved our contention, ‘“‘that the most accurate and serviceable high grade watch could be sold at wholesale for less than $40.00. The above is not a criticism of our competitor’s policy‐it is simply a defense of our announcement. The bringing to light of this contract, should convince everyone, that it is really absurd to pay $60.00, $75.00, $100.00 or $125.00 for a watch that cannot be more accurate and serviceable than the Burlington, and in all probabilities, is not the equal of the new 21-Jewel Burlington. We refrainfrom publishing names of parties in this suit, but will gladly furnish on request. | Page Four ‐‐‐‐‐ cs vos Best of AllAdvertising Railroad conductors and engineers talked to their fellow trainmen about the Burlington’s amazing accuracy. Owners of Burlington Watches on board United States battleships entered into contests with the owners of other makes, trying out each watch under the most exacting conditions. And so year by year the Burlington reputation grew. Satisfied, enthu‐ siastic customers‐that is what counts. It has certainly counted with the Burlington, for now, today, instead of selling, aswe did twelve years ago, lessthantwothousandwatchesin ayear,wehavehadordersforoverone thousand watches in a single day, and every one of them full 21-Jewels. Our Policy‐Now and Hereafter It has taken us many years to educate watch buyers to the point where they fully understand the meaning of “Burlington Watch” quality, and we intend that “Burlington Watch” quality shall ALWAYS mean “the highest possible grade of watch direct at the lowest possible price.” If wewere to sellour BurlingtonWatchthroughretailjewelers andallow them to “boost” our price, wemight gain some extra profit now‐but time will show that our present policy isthe BEST policy‐the RIGHT policy‐ and hence‐ : We shall continue to sell the Burlington Watch direct to t h e people at the rock-bottom price. We illustrate in this catalogue the very choicest and most exquisite designs in gold strata cases ever put forward by the master of goldsmiths. If you are interested in this rock-bottom direct offer, we invite you to order at once. Respectfully submitted, BURLINGTON WATCH COMPANY. Our Special Offer: In addition to quoting y o u rock-bottom prices, we have decided to offer terms aslow as$5.00 a month, without making one cent additional charge for this accommodation. We originally decided on this method purely for introductory purposes, but having found the easy payment o l f e r at the rock-bottom prices so attractive to the better class of buyers we have continued the offer from season to season. By filling in approval blank on last page of this catalogue, you can get a Burlington for your inspection, without any obligation whatever on your part to buy. Don’t send any money, Sending for a watch is just the same as going into your local jeweler and saying, “I want to see that watch.” You are under no obligation to buy. It does not cost you one penny to see and examine a Burlington Watch. : Technical Descriptionof the New 21-Jewel Burlington Movement feEn 2 ey pou Mi ‘SPECIAL ADJUSTOR | eens HOURHp, Hg f S e ) \ a N . METERREGULATOR Mo, 40, wv |< nic SreeL PINIONS The Markings The Burlington markings will show you the absolute superiority of this fully adjusted movement. The first thing is to open the back of your watch and compare its markings with the markings of any ordinary watch. Here is what you must consider in the Burlington: : Notice the markings on this watch‐the markings éell what a watch really is. permit false markings. A manufacturer may talk or write about his watch, but the law will not permit him to mark it otherwise than correctly. Socompare the markings on ordinary watches with those of the Burlington fully adjusted watch. Fully Adjusted This is the point of a high-grade watch. No watch is really O. K. unless it has been adjusted, and it should be somarked on the movement. And no watch is in every way high-grade unless it isfully adjusted in every way. Do not accept a watch which is merely marked adjusted, for it may be adjusted only as to temperature, and not adjusted to positions. Moderate priced watches, selling at $35 to $40, are often adjusted to temperature and then the manu‐ facturer, as permitted by law, marks the watch “adjusted.” In the higher grade movements of the tactories, however, the markings say, “adjusted to temperature, adjusted to positions.” The double marking, temperature and positions, is a characteristic of only the very finest watches, the most expensive watches, and it is this marking, ‘‘adjusted to temperature” and “adjusted to positions” which you will lind on the “Burlington” offered direct at its exkeniettien price. Adjusted to Temperature The watch is put into a refrigerator and r u n for 24 hours, then it is put into an oven of 100 degrees temperature and r u n for 24 hours. Then it is r u n in normal temperature for 24 hours. It will be found that the watch does not run exactly the same in any two temperatures. This is corrected by shifting and changing the weight screws in the rim of the balance wheel.. After the weight screws have been changed the watch must be tried again in refrigerator and oven and normal temperature, and this process is con‐ tinueduntilthewatchrunsthesameinalltemperatures. Nottenpercentofallwatchesmadeareadjusted to temperature. . Adjusted to Isochronism For the law does not Technical Description (Continued) Adjusted to Positions This adjustment cannot be made until after every other adjustment has been made. The other adjustments to temperature and isochronism are made with the watch in a face up position, that is, the dial pointing u p . Adjusting a watch to positions is adjusting it so it r u n s the same in all positions. For instance, if the watch is face down all bearings are resting on one end. If the watch is face up, they are resting on the other end, and if the watch is stem up the bearings are n o t resting on either end but on the side. You c a p easily see that if a watch is to run absolutely accurate the friction of the bearings must be exactly the same for all these positions. As the Burlington is adjusted to positions, you can readily see friction will always be the same and your watch will r u n accurately. Remember, every Burlington is adjusted to temperature, adjusted to isochronism and adjusted to positions. Every Burlington is a masterpiece. i Ciedinnts watches are often “adjusted to the person” in a sort of a way by the local jeweler. This helps of course toward making a watch nearly right, but the. Burlington, all adjusted at the factory, and accurately adjusted and made right, of course requires no such “personal adjustment.” The Jewels leo The jewels used are the finest grade of selected genuine imported ruby and jewels, absolutely flawless. ©Twenty-one of these chosen gems protect every point which might be subject to wear or friction, or disturbing the nicety of adjustment. The smaller size ladies’ watch has 17 jewels, giving this watch the protection needed for a lifetime of service. Jewel Fitting Thisisanimportantandspecialfeatureof theBurlingtonWatch. Thevalueof the jeweling depends not upon the use of a particular gem, whether peg oer or ruby; neither does it depend upon the number of jewels used. The r e a l value lies in the perfect fitting of eac seid to each individual jewel. Onm a n y a high-priced watch, n o t even the attempt is made to approach t h e perfect individual jewel fittings of the Burlington. Double Jewels Doublejewels,thatis,bearingswithtwojewelseach,areusedin theBurlington,fourjewelstoashaft, or pivot, as it is called. Two of these bearings have holes clear through them, which are ground and polished with utmost care. The other two are ground flat and placed on top and bottom, so as to give a erfect end bearing to the needle point pivot, thus making the small necessary friction exactly the same in whatever position the watch may be. : ; ; Thesedoublejewelbearingsalsoactasa tinyoilreservoir,anda watchsojeweledrequiresverymuch less attention than the watches jeweled in any other way. Hand Work Hand work is another characteristic of the Burlington‐the quality (not quantity) product. While the latest up-to-date automatic machinery is largely used in the factory, we rely for finishing upon the best expert hand work. : ; ; Automatic machinery has made possible the fairly reliable watches which are built to sell cheap, quick and often. B u t Automatic Machines cannot be depended upon for absolutely accurate work. Surveyors’ instruments, fine telescope lenses, astronomical instruments, ship chronometers and fine watches cannot be made by automatic machines. Lever Setting or Stem Setting The Burlington 16size open face is made in lever set exclusively. All other Burlington watches are stem set. The Mainspring Contrary to general belief, the mainspring in fine watches is smaller and not so strong as in cheaper watches. It is n o t necessary to be as strong, because there is !ess friction to overcome on account of the smaller bearings and accurate work. As the mainspring is n o t so strong, there is not so much strain on the watch, hence, the watch lasts a great deal longer and is always accurate. The Burlington 16 size has an extra long mainspring and will r u n more than 40 hours with one winding. T w o Swiss Features Two Swiss features are used in the Burlington. The two points in which the Americans have yet to compete,with the Swiss are in mainspring and hairspring. A certainwell-known family in Switzerland has a secret process which it has handed down from father to son for centuries. Althoug! watch springs are made n o w in almost all parts of the world, no one has ever been able to equal these Swiss springs. The strain is almost absolutely constant, no matter whether the watch is fully wound or is nearly run down. So instead of claiming a better mainspring or hairspring than the Swiss, we frankly admit that these highest. grade springs are imported. We come right out and admit that in our watch is used a certain «mall product from the Swiss market, which is beéfer in a foreign make than any manufacturing of the best Am iean make. és P4 #f *4 : gi : Z 74 aA if : 5) G wae f { ‘ii omNX ‐ < hi 5 = ; ; ‐ Page Seven (5) |E Gold Strata Cases Our case is one of the great features that has made the Burlington Watch particu‐ larly attractive. It is a case made to wear; it is madeboth for durability and elegance, thus differing both from the ordinary gold plated and the ordinary gold cases. Every one of our cases is hand-engraved. ‘The designs are so deeply cut, that only the finest and most expensive cases resemble our designs. But the case is not only elegant, it is also durable, for folded within the layers of gold there is a thin and extra strong sheet of resilient composition metal. This inside sheet and the two strata of gold are welded together by a special process. Thus, this case gets the extra deep cut and artistic design of solid gold watches, and at the same time, this case has superior strength; it will not bend or become sprung as an ordinary gold case will, and it will always keep the dust outofthemovement. Ourdoublegoldstratacaseisalwaysreliable. FactoryFitting‐ Burlington Watches are factory fitted in their individual case and then retimed at the factory‐a great advantage. Twenty-FiveYearDirectGuarantee Our direct guarantee is from usto you,the purchaser of the watch, and not indirectly from the factory through your jeweler. Our direct guarantee means that we will make good on any just complaint either as to workmanship or material in either watch or case at any time‐without red tape andformality‐note, we do not say within ten or twenty years, but twenty-five years. Our guarantee of course does not include cleaning or breakages caused by care‐ lessness or accidents, or tinkering with the watch, but if anything is found wrong with the watch in any way, we will replace the part complained of, or we will repair the watch free of charge, or we will give you a new watch absolutely free. This guarantee is good not only, for ten or twenty, but for twenty-five years, and is the longest and strongest ever given on a watch. WhichDialDoYouPrefer? Whennodialisspecified,weuseourjudgment in selectingthedialweconsidermostappropriateforthe watch ordered. Dial A. Dial B. Dial C. Dial D. Is standard. Is gold and costs 60 cents extra. Is silver and costs 60 cents extra. Montgomery Railroad Dial, is the invention of Mr. H. S. Montgomery, the famous railroad watch inspector, and is being universally adopted by railroad men throughout the world. We charge the regular royalty cost, namely: 25 cents extra, for this dial. (Made in white enamel only.) D i a l E. Radium Night Dial. (16 size, and 12 size) $2.75 extra. Just one word about the quality of the radium usedin these dials. The producers have had this high quality radium that we use, under observation now, for several years. It is so active, that n o t the least deterioration can be noticed in that time. There is as much difference between this high grade radium dial and the ordinary radium dial, as there is between a fine diamond anda piece of glass. Wefind it most practical to apply theradiumtooursilvermetaldials,soarefurnishingthemin thatwayexclusively. Dial F. Stub Arabic Dial‐no extra charge. Dial G. Stub Roman Dial‐no extra charge.: Dials F and G furnished in gold or silver‐60 cents extra. Sizes Cuts on opposite page illustrate exact sizes of all Burlington Watches. The 16 size is the watch on which we have built o u r wonderful reputation and is unquestionably one of the best timekeepers made. This is the smallest and thinnest size allowed on railroads. The 12 size gentlemen’s watch is a very thin model, preferred by those who like a very thin, light watch, a better timekeeper than most a n y 16 size watch that y o u will get outside of the Burlington line. In orderto keepthiswatchasthinaspossible,it isfurnishedin singlesunkdialexolistyay. Thesmallwatchshownontheoppositepageandonpage21istheexactsizeofthenew9 aan“Petite”. It isvery small indeed and in fact assmall asweconsideitr possible to make a good running ladies watch. In order to maintain the Burlington high standard in this small watch it has been p e e p éto have them made in Switzerland. There is a shortage of good watchmakers in the United States and they do not like toworkonsmallwatchesonaccountoftheeyestrain. TheSwisshavealwayssurpassedallothercountries in making small watches. Our direct guarantee is sent with every ‘‘Petite.” e r o|||m u n e] wiPanaeoesee TT T S Page Eight Page Ten Enameled Designs Inlay Enamel Monograms and Autograph Cases are entirely new and make by far the most handsome cases ever produced. You cannot begin to realize how beautiful and exclusive they really are, without seeing one of them. The contrast between the richly colored enamel and the bright gold and the delicacy and skill with which the enamel is inlaid, makes these cases equal in appearance to the classic inlaid work of the Ancient Egyptians. A case of this kind will last forever, and will be greatly prized and handed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom. Justthink,whatapleasureit wouldbetoownawatchsobeautifulandsounique, that every one will covet it. You will be as proud of one of these new cases, aS your mother is of her grandmother’s old wedding jewelry. Your monogram in enamel will be so handsome, that it is bound to be the talk of all your friends, and it is a case that will be as handsome in 25 years as it is now. (See pages 11 and 20.) Autograph Cases Y o u r o w n n a m e , j u s t as y o u w r i t e i t , reproduced e x a c t l y on y o u r o w n watch ( i n either enamel or e n g r a v ‐ ing.) The Autograph Watch is n o t a fad; it is bound to increase in popularity, for it 1svaluable asa means . of identification at banks, post offices and express offices when you are away from home. You only need sign your name and let it be compared with the signature on your watch to identify yourself, Your autograph on your watch gives it a personal individuality, that you are bound to become very much attached to. (See Page 11.) Monograms The superiority of the Burlington monogramsis due to the fact that they are individually designed and engraved by experts specially chosen for their artistic qualifications and ability. After engraving the monogram, it is treated so as to give it a Roman gold finish. The contrast between the bright gold of the case and the Roman gold of the monogram, produces a most beautiful effect. Your jeweler who charges from $2.50 to $4.50 for a monogram, cannot possibly produce the same quality monogram that we n o w furnish for only $1.00 to $1.50. (See page 12.) 3 Remember, we will gladly engrave your monogram and send the watch for your approval, without any obligation whatever This is also true of any special engraving of any kind that you might want Simplysendaroughsketchofwhatyouwantandourartistswillreproduceit foryouwithallitsbeauties. FrenchArtDesigns F r e n c h A r t Cases N o s . 6 3 - 6 4 - 6 7 , l i s t e d o n p a g e 2 1 a r e fi r s t e n g r a v e d b y a v e r y i n t r i c a t e m a c h i n e , t h e n brightcutbyhand. ThedesignsshownareprizedesignsandcanonlybeobtainedonBurlingtonWatches. Emblematic Designs We make a specialty of emblematic designs. Our space allows us to show only a few of the best known lodges. We can however, furnish the emblem of any lodge, fraternity or organization. Our engraved emblems are especially attractive and full of contrast, certain parts of the design being made in Roman gold and other parts having reflecting surfaces. to the order it represents. The price of any engraved emblem is $1.25 extra. $3.90 extra Great care is used in making the emblem true For‘emblems made in colored enamel, we charge : \ Page Twelve al _ Rt, % 2 ae Page Fourteen ;; els Exclusively 4 Ne v fe itty » ig : Sg Sa Page Fifteen e n g aennveretuannxuOnvaGuEssonmexeres® e{erSemenrenernrerinrneumtm erPyePTLir Page Seventeen Page Eighteen _ Burumetor :Z A 130ee if e fe ; iM4: : Page Nineteen a Los7, = ‘ we me . et is‐ A >) Watche Man’sStrap Watch E R E is the watch for the m a n who spends agooddealof his time in outdoor sport. It is as strong and sturdy as it is con‐ venient, and is furnished with the finest of Pig‐ skinstraps. Itisidealfor theofficeandbusiness m a n and all lovers of outdoor sports, in fact, for every m a n who wants to be in position to tell the time instantly and who also w a n t s to feel sure that his watch will stand up in vig‐ orous outdoor life. d Strap watches a r e just beginning to gain the popularitytheydeserve. Theywerethoroughly triedoutby ourarmy boysandofficersduring the Great War. They a r e no longer considered effeminate‐infact, the opposite is true of the new strap watches. They are sturdy and_ mannishin appearance. The cases a r e made of 14-karat Gold Strata stock in either green or white gold. ‘Themove‐ m e n t has |7-ruby jewels with radium dials and hands of the higest quality. : Man’s Strap Watch With ‘‘Sweep’’ Second Hand A new departure in strap watches, and a late addition to the Burlingtonline. It is made with a second handthe full size of dial espec- _ ially for those interested in catching the time in small fractions. It is the same quality as the watch described above, and the general. specifications are the same, except that it has the‘‘sweep’’secondhand. Bestqualityhands and dials. Green Gold White Gold No. 177. $34.00 $35.00 No.178. $35.00 : $36.00 No.179. $33.00 $34.00 No. 180. $32.00 : $33.00 Page Twenty-two Page Twenty-three 2 809 Price$5.00 Each RM. i e These Chains and Fobs are sold only to customers who are buying TE. S on AllChains andFobs: or have bought a Burlington Special Watch. The price of each is $5.00 and may be paid for on the following terms: $1.00 upon receipt of the article and $1.00 a month until the full amount is paid. These payments are to be added to and sent in with the regular watch payments. CHAINS THAT WILL LASTA LIFETIME These chains and fobs are sold only asa m a t t e r of accommodation to our customers who buy or have bought watches. They are the products of our best factories and before listing them we had them assayed at the UnitedStates Mint at Philadelphia, to establish their gold values, selecting, in each instance, the article con‐ taining the most gold. These chains and fobs are fully guaranteed by ourselves and the manufacturers to giveabsolutesatisfactiontothewearer. Somanywatcheshavebeendroppedandputoutofadjustmentonaccountofour customersnothavingchains,thatwehavedecidedto listtheseforourownprotection. Chainson thissidefurnished in YellowGoldonly,except808,whichcanbehadin Yellow,GreenorWhiteGold. BURLINGTON W A T C H COMPANY CHICAGO, ILLINOIS New Combination Dickens and Waldemar Chains In yellow, green or white gold (Yellow Gold sent unless otherwise ordered). Each chain hasa sliding bar and toggle that can be removed. ThechaincanbewornasaWaldemarfrompockettopocket,asaDickenschainandasadoublestrand. Full length is 1314 inches, made of the finest Gold Filled stock and guaranteed to give absolute satisfaction to the wearer, Pricesofallchainsandfobs$5.00each. Termsthesameasgivenonotherside 8 0 3 8 0 4 YF o eb s l l e 8 . 0 G4 oa nl d d o 8n t e 8 0 5 8 0 6 Price of a l l Chains a n d Fobs $ 00 Each. Please specify Yellow, Green or White Gold. APPROVAL ORDER BLANK “ B B BURLINGTON WATCH CO., Chicago, Ill. Dear Sirs:‐Please send me ON APPROVAL y o u r Latest Model Burlington Watch as described below. This is simply a request to see your watch without any obligations on my part to buy. DESCRIPTIONOFW A T C H WANTED I f Initial Monogram i s wanted, give imitials lere n c e ncenecentenn e n t eee eceeneenameeeeneence cecenceaeenea (Printinitialswanted,in large,plainletters‐Thus, A B C) DEateHaenaaBeaeaeAiseae BRCEESONEPstinateGranteeRBaraeWateh:Now.55oo DialsoN ee 16-129Ligneor6-0size Huntingor OpenFace Forchoiceofdialandsizeofwatchseepage9. Standard dial sent, unless otherwise specified. If y o u w a n t Monogram, Lodge or Special Case, fill in specifications below. OnPlainOpenFaceCase,wecanputyour Autograph,MonogramorLodge-Emblemonback. OnPlainHuntingCaseswecan putyour Autographor Monogramon frontandLodge-Emblemor anySpecialDesignon backor leavebackplain. If youwantyourAutographoncase,writeyournameonplainpaperandattachtoorder. If an Emblem is wanted, give n a m e of Lodge or Organization If youwant a chainor fobshippedwithwatch,orderby numberhere.__.-----4---------------------------------onnss n e e SeREEEANeleI)EG e/aBrBmROER O )SHELIAcoSCORNeuRMERISBOE eteeneetePSSaon et ee es Rural Route or Street No. r LTTMRSREeTaerNPM P Q .Address.) o s e j o ShippingAddressee 2 2 How long have you lived in your present township? A 6 2 4 2 i a c i e SeN i a see et u . c raeyapGRer a hs l e ea Are y o u steadily employed?.....................----.------If on salary, please s t a t e If you should move what would be your permanent address?...............-2-2--2----2----------eeesenseorensenteeseseneesceeeeeeeeneenenenscoseacensnamanancenennensses 1 am under no obligation to p a y anything unless I decide to keep the watch. I will go poserto the express office and examineit,andifthoroughlysatisfiedIwillsendcashinfullorwillleavethefirstpaymentwith theexpressagentandagreetopay thebalanceon yourregularterms. Thewatchis to remainyourpropertyuntilthelastpzymenthasbeenmade. (OVER) APPROVAL ORDER BLANK © B BURLINGTON WATCH CO., Chicago, III. Dear Sirs:‐Please send me ON APPROVAL y o u r Latest Model Burlington Watch as described below. This is simply a request to see your watch without any obligations on my part to buy. DESCRIPTION OF W A T C H WANTED 12)U7SROROaneaeOICHaaeaeasMacedcpcigGhanaSena S p A IRSieAoe y e WatchNo...650 ih1SRR eresarene 16-129Ligneor6-0size Huntingor OpenFace Forchoiceofdialandsizeof watchseepage9. Standard d i a l s e n t , unless otherwise specified. If y o u w a n t Monogram, Lodge or Special Case, fill in specifications below. OnPlainOpenFaceCase,wecanputyourAutograph,MonogramorLodge-Emblemonback. OnPlainHuntingCaseswecan putyourAutographor Monogramon frontandLodge-Emblemor anySpecialDesignon backor leavebackplain. If Initial Monogram is wanted, give initials here. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - _ . - . - - - 2 - - - 2 n-nnc-en-nnn- n-ee- n2ee- -ece-eeensencec- eeccec- eeeneteeneseneeeneen nenaeancoesacnenneeenenesnen : (Printinitialswanted,in large,plainletters‐Thus,A B C) If you want your Autograph on case, write your name on plain paper and attach to order. If an Emblem is wanted, give n a m e of Lodge or Organization. How long have y o u lived in your present township? W e e u p a t i o 2n 6 o e a a a k e e e e A g e . . . Areyousteadilyemployed?.._...............---.1.-----.If on salary,pleasestate If you should move what would be your permanent address? Remarks.......... I am under no obligation to pay anything unless I decide to keep the watch. I will go promptly to the express office and - e x a m i n e i t , and if thoroughly satisfied I will sendcash in fullor willleavethefirst payment withtheexpress agent andagree to pay thebalanceon yourregularterms. Thewatchis to remain yourpropertyuntilthelastpaymenthasbeenmade. OVER) Page Twenty-seven ORDER ON REVERSE SIDE If you never have had an account with us, will you kindly give us below the names of two or three merchants with whom you have had credit dealings or that know you per‐ sonally? It will not be necessary to have the parties themselves sign this blank. O U Ie earooeaesaa i TERESe esMEPOaTR e n e r r o egetO M E hMonD M COTOuea t e C C I E u c t Peieoaeea| Address If you never have had an account with us, will you kindly give us below the names of two or three merchants with whom you have had credit dealings or that knowyouper‐ sonally> It will n o t be necessary to have the parties themselves sign this blank. «iL:| gleeAtal A R M E DENR actGe g e c e , SigNCapiceesUsmaf M a a n sss).SOUR OotoR ka ea S e n M T OU t i eeh ee l o l i o i e A a a a a S E V E RO TU c n M n e © a e G O s M R O C M E O P Peee e e Address EE cs ee Page Twenty-eight M E R M a s eI C D : C h a r i ee Howto Order‐OnApproval Nothing to pay unless y o u are satisfied after examination of the watch ‘Remember Our Offer: Send No Money ~With Your Approval Blank Getting a watch from the Burlington Company does not mean that you are under any obligation to buy anything. Sending the approval blank is just the same as going into a jewelry store to look and see if the jeweler has the watch you want. We send the Watch for you to look at first; then AFTER having seen the watch you can decide whether or not to buy. If the beautiful Burlington at its rock-bottom direct price is satisfactory lo y o u , y o u pay $5.00 at the express office after inspection. And the balance you can pay cash less 8% after carrying the watch a few days or you can pay the balance at the rate of $5.00 a month. Prices Men’s open face watches, 12or 16size, 21jewels . Men’s hunting watches, 12or 16size, 21jewels es Men’soctagonwatch,12size,open faceonly,21jewels. The New Burlington. Bulldog, 16size, open face, 21jewels . Men’s cushion square,12size open face only, 21jewels. Men’s New ‘‘Supreme’’, 12size open face only, 21jewels . . . $39.00 The New LadyBurlington 5% ligne, 17jewels Ladies’ ‘‘Petite’’ bracelet watch, 9 ligne, 17jewels . The New Strap Sport Watches 11 ligne, 17jewels : Extras ...... For Radium Dials. 12 or 16 size. See page 9. $2.75 For Enamel Monograms See pages 11 and 20. ForMontgomeryDials e v e r iia te. The patentee’s regular royalty of 25 cents (no more) is charged. See page 9. .25¢ ForGoldorSilverDials.... .60eForDiamondandSetting.--$12.30 See page 9. ForEngravedMonograms... 1.25 These are the regular $3.50 to $4.00 monograms as shown on pages 12 and 20. ForEngravedAutographs... 1.25 See page 11. For Engraved Emblems . . . . = 1.25 See page 19. As diamonds are furnished as a special accommo‐ dation, they should be paid for at the express office ForEnamelAutographsi See 11 at the time the watch is accepted. See pages 11 -85e $5.00 and 21. For Presentation Boxes See page 24. For Chains and Fobs ; satisfied after examination. cases you have ever seen. you today? Just a trial order. ate Burlington Watch Company‐Chicago AUSTEN PAVITTES|| SA Bee . See pages 25 and 26. . 41.50 41.50 43.00 43.00 43.00 46.00 35.00 32.00 $3.90 $3.90 Page Twenty-nine