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Rockford Watch Company Railroad Time Keepers Catalog, 1882

The Rockford Watch Company published this catalog in April 1882 to showcase the complete line of early Rockford watches, from the exceptional movement featuring 15 ruby jewels to the innovatively thin 18-Size 3/4 model.

TIME KEEPERS, ROCKFORD, I L L I N O I S . (9) This Company carries in stock afulllineofPat’entGold Cases a n d S i l v e r Cases o f t h e best quality, and solicits the ordersof itscustomersforthe same. O u r movements a r e n o t ' jobbed. They aresoldto retail dealers only. F o r prices a n d other infor‐ mation, address ROCKFORD WATCH 00.. Rockford. Illinois. A l l these Movements a r e n o w supplied with our New Patent Reversible Centre P i n i o n . 1his Company makesa Spe‐ c i a l t y of Quick T r a i n Movements for Railroad use, in a l l i t s grades, both K e y a n d Stem‐ Winders. NU GOODS RETAINED BY THE GUMPANY. When a s k i n g f o r P r i c e s , d e a l ‐ ers should send Business Card, a n d a l s o g i v e References. 2 A L L COMPENSATION B A L A N C E . This movement is made in both nickel and gilt, but in stem-Wind only. This watch is fully adjusted, is a full-jeweled movement running in rubies, set in gold. In appearance and time-keeping qualities inferior to none. We know of no use for a watch for which this movement is n o t fitted. Whoever Wants a. beautiful and reliable time-piece, let h i m buy a 15 Ruby. ROCKFORD W A T C H COMPANY. 3 k 15 JEWELS-ADJUSTED. This is a full-jeweled, adjusted watch. In respect to durability’and excellence of finish, is unsUrpassed by any full-plate movement of like grade. It isused by manyrailroadopera‐ tives, and has, in a l l cases, proved to be a closeandreliabletimekeeper. Forconductors of passenger trains it is especially adapted, having a neat and finished appearance, com‐ bined with great durability and strength. 4 QUICK TRAIN WATCHES. This is an 18size, three-quarter plate move‐ ment, much thinner than our full plate; is full‐ jewelled, in settings, fitted with Patent Regulw tor, and close running. It fits in same cases as full plate movements, but we can also supply special (thin) cases in silver, gold joints, 25 oz., both open face and hunting. T H E RAILROAD WATCH. 5 15 JEWELS. This is a full-jeweled watch, is regulated closely, and has given satisfaction to all who have carried i t . It has no superior among full-plate watches of like grade. This move‐ ment constitutes the regular standard of full‐ jeweled American watches, is inferior to none of them, and can confidently be relied upon for the ordinary service of a business man’s time-keeper. When tried has never been found wanting. 6 THE RAILROAD WATCH. Finished in nickel, and damascened in a variety of styles, fitted with Patent Regula‐ tor, four holes jeweled in top- plate, (in settings) closely regulated, and suited to the inost exacting service. ALL HAVE A QUICK TRAIN." 7 This movement is jeweled in pairs, in escape and pallet, and, in accuracy, is little inferior to the full‐jeweled watches, While much cheaper. Fully warranted. 8 PALLETS EXPOSED. This is a half-jeweled movement, is finely finished, and, in use, is an accurate and reliable time-keeper, one of its merits beingits great durability. This watch is particularly recom‐ mendedfor the use of those railroademployes Whose limited salaries preclude them from the purchase of the more expensive full-jeweled movements. L i k e those, it is sold w i t h a.f u l l warranty. CHEAP FULL-PLATE WATCHES. The train of this movement is finished like the preceeding. It is jeweled in the 3d and 4th upper pivots. Fully warranted, andunsurpassed as a.time‐ keeper by any movement of like price. IO SUNK SECOND D I A L S . Our cheap, plain-jeweled movement. The workmanship of train and escapemem; and materials used, are the same asin finer grades, PATENT CENTER PINION. 11 To parties who make a specialty of our goods we furnish free of charge Framed Sign, Show Cards, Out for Newspa’fper, Pamphlets, AND OTHER ADVERTISING MATTER. 12 RAILROAD WATCHES. The Company sells its goods only to retail dealers in Watches, for local trade only. Prices will be given in writing to responsible dealers. The Company sells no goods to peddlers, clothing houses, hardware dealers, jobbers, or commission men. Nor does it permit its goods to be used as‘premiums for newspaper subscriptions, gift concerts, gifts to customers by wholesale grocery houses, or in any similar way offered for sale. We would impress on all our'cus- , tomers the importance of keeping an accurate record, showing when and to whom each movement was sold, with No. and grade. Ofiice of. ROCKFORD WATCH COMPANY, 7‘ifoclcfo'rd, I l l . , A l e 1 5 , 1882. Notice to Retail Dealers in Watches. We beg to call attention to o u r goods and to our method of conducting business. I. Being unsurpassed as timekeepers by any watch of the same price, our move‐ ments will satisfy your customers, the aim ‘ OftheCompanybeingtoexcelinreliability ‘ rather than in quantity or cheapness. ‘ I I . Being closely regulated, having a quick train, possessingunusualstrength and durability, and fully warranted, they “sel‐ dom require repair. I I I . The ROCKFORD is the only Com‐ pany which sells its goods to retail dealers only and directly. I V . For Railroad or other exacting watches. Of their extraordinary perform‐ ance in the hands of railroad Operatives we have numerous testimonials. ‘ For prices, or other information. address (P. 0. Drawer 2640.) ROCKFORD WATCH COMPANY, ROCKFORD, ILL. ” T E E ‐ n '%