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Howard & Co. Price List of Waltham Watches, 1872

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F0} Ladies” Watches, -- -° - - see page 11 “‘ “ (Jenilemcnk Silver Watches, 2 0 2 . cases, 2 .‘i!H..U 3(l i .- ~ - 4 ~ “A in i u 5,6&8'u. l5 RailroadTimekeeperg - -f~.i. .1 . ‘f.-' g Boys’Watches, * .,. ., t -.e ‘.‘ i “ “ {I ll 4: t: Goid Watches, ' - -' ‐ “ Informationin r e g a ld toExpfess Ch’gs, 1 ”m;mxf~m ,L i They are all reliable timteceepers, and each 1Walt-ch (except those marked Home Watch 00.) is warrant-ed by Special Certificate from the Watch 00. [Although there is no Certificate withthe Heme Watch 00. movement, yet. we warrant it the same as the others.] {HOW ARD &, CO., 865 BROADWAY NEW YORK. 1 -‘*o-‐-uo.---~‐-.--D---*¢omw-QMm' M M n -mo‐“mo‐u‐-.-o-¢‐‐.‐b‐‘M.‐m*‐‐.-.-‐~-Q’--q-.-m-mom..."“«“-m-._~fim-n‐v“‐‐‐--‐‐_ooM'O‐C‐ ln orderlng a Watch please designate both the Number and the Price,if 1tis a silver watchState whether a Plainor Engine Turned case is preterred, and write name and address plainly and in full. We send these Watches by Express, with bill to collect on delivery, to all parts ‘of the United States, with privilege to open the package and examine the watch, before paying, and it n o t . satisfactoryitneednotbetaken. AllEXpressChargesbothways to be paid by the purchaser. But a n y person who prefers to send ' a Draft or Post Office Order, when ordering, can do so, and thus save all Express charges. We can also send the Watches by Mail, (REGISTERED), to any part of the country, if we receive the money with the order. We wish it distinctly understood that these Watches are warrantedtogivesatisfaction,andshouldanyonefailto doso,we willwillinglyexchangeitorRefundthe Money. In remitting,always send Post-Office orders when possible, as they are the safest, or drafts on New York City; when neither can be Obtmned, send the money in a registered letter. Every Post‐ master zs reguzred to regzster a letter when requested. When ordering, be sure to give NAME, TOWN, COUNTY and STATE, in full. If you have a Post-Office box, always send the number. If youarenotwellknownin the localitywhereyoureside,orit there are other persons of the same name, it would be well to have the package sent to the care of some persons with Whom the E x ‐ press A g e n t or Postmaster is acquainted. In writing to us, mention the number of y o u r Price List,- a n d alwaysaddressyourletterin full‐‐ HOWARD &CO., Jewelers and Silversmiths, No.'865BroadWay,’ New York. 2 -HOWARD & Co, 865 BROADWAY, N EW YORK. -‐-‐.-.- W W m Gentlemen’s Silver Watches; m 2 oz. HUNTING cAses. No. A.-‐-‐-‐2 oz. Silver Hunting Case, $16 00 “ HOME WATCH C0.” LeverMovt.’,7Jewels. N00 B . _ 2 OZ. Silver Hunting Case, Sameas No. A, but with 11 Jewels. No. l.----2 023. Silver Hunting Case, “ WM. ELLERY,” Lever Movement, 7 Jewels, Patent Pinion and Sprung-over Regulator. No.2.W2 oz. Silver Hunting Case, Same as l\o. 1, but with 11 Jewels. No. : .----2 0 2 . Silver Hunting Case, SameasNo.2, butwithCompoundBalance. No.4. 2 oz. Silver Hunting Case, 24 00 “ P. S. BARTLETT,” Lever Movement, 7 Jew- ' . ‘ j cls, Patent Pinion and Sprung-over Regulator. No. 5.---2 02. Silver Hunting Case, 26 00 Same as No. 4, but with 11 Jewels. 7.----2 02. Silver Hunting Case, *28 00 SameasNo.5, butwithChronometerBalance. No. 8.-‐--2 021. Silver Hunting Case, 32 00 “ WALTHAM WATCH CO.” Lever Movement, 151Jewels, ChronometerBalance,PatentPinion and Sprung-over Regulator. J" No No. 1 0 . 2 02. Silver Hunting Case, 40 00 A l l the above have the Patent Dust Cap. ‘4APPLETON, TRACY & CO.” Lever Move‐ ment, 15 Jewels, Chronometer Balance, Patent Pinion and Sprung-over Regulator. 4 HOWARD 85 Co., 865 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. fi v » _ m m -.‐‐---‐‐-_--_.o..m‐~w No.B.--402.SilverHuntingCase, 2400 Same asNo. A, butwith 11Jewels. No. 1.----4 02. Silver Hunting Case, 26 00 “ WM. ELLERY,” Lever Movement, 7 Jewels, Patent Pinion and Sprung-over Regulator. No. ,2.-‐-4 oz. Silver Hunting Case, Same as No. 1, but with 11 Jewels. No. 3.‐-‐-4 oz. Silver Hunting Case, Same as No. 2, but with Compound Balance. No. 4.‐--4 oz. Silver Hunting Case, “ P. S. BARTLETT,” Lever Movement, 7 Jew‐ els, Patent Pinion and Sprung-over Regulator. 28 y00 50 00 30 00 No. 5.--‐4 oz. Silver Hunting Case, ,3? 00 Same as No. 4, but with 11 Jewels. No. 7.-‐-4 oz. Silver Hunting Case, 34 00 SameasNo.5, butwithChronometerBalance. No. 8.‐‐-4 oz. Silver Hunting Case, 38 00 “ WALTHAM WATCH CO.” Lever Movement, 15Jewels, Chronometer Balance,PatentPinion and Sprung-over Regulator. No. l 0. 4 02. Silver Hunting Case, 46 00 “ APPLETON, TRACY & CO.” Lever Move‐ ment. 15 Jewels, ChrOnometer Balance, Patent Pinion and Sprung-over Regulator. A l l the a b o v e h a v e t h e P a t e n t D u s t C a p . ‘N “ WALTHAM WATCH CO.” Lever Movement, 15 Jewels, Chronometer Balance, Patent Pinion and Sprung-over Regulator. No.,‘1o.-=--5 02. Silver Hunting Case, ‘ A" PPLETON, TRACY & CO.” Lever Move‐ ment, 15 Jewels, Chronometer Balance, Patent Pinion and Sprung-over Regulator. -m 6 oz. HUNTING CASES. 0. 7.----6 oz. Silver Hunting Case, “ P. S. BARTLETT” Movement. Gentlemen’s Silver Watches. -IN 5 OZ. HUNTING CASES. “ P. s. BARTLETT,” Jewels, Claronometer Balance, Patent Pinion, . and Sprung-over Regulator. No. 8.--‐-5 0 2 . Silver RHunting Case, No. 8.‐-‐-6 02. Silver Hunting_Case, - . “WALTHAM WATCH co.” Movement. No. 10.-‐-‐-6 02. Silver HuntingCase, .. APPLETON, TRACY & c o . ” Movement. IN8 OZ.HUNTINGCASES. No 8 ----8 0 2 . Silver Hunting Case, “ WALTHAM WATCH CO.” Movement. 54 00 62 00 All the abovehave nine: Patent Dust Cap. No. 10.--8-- oz. Silver Hunting Case, “ APP..ETON, TRACY & CO.” Movement. No. l5.--‐-Gold Hunting Case, 14 karats fine, $ 6 5 00 . “ WM. ELLEBY ” Movement, extra Jeweled, CompoundBalance,withFogg’sPatentPinion. No. 16.“Gold Hunting Case, 18 karats fine, SameMovementasNo.15. + * .' _ ‘ 80 00‐ 75 oo No.17.‐‐‐G‘roldHuntingCase,14karatsfine, 7000 “ P. S. BARTLETT,” Movement, extra Jew- eled, Chronometer Balance, Fogg’s Patent Pinion and Sprung-over Regulator. No. 18.~Goid Hunting Case, 18 karats fine, Same Movement as No. 17. No. 10.-‐‐Gold Hunting Case, 14 karats fine, “ WALTHAM WATCH c o . ” Movement, extra Jeweled, Chronometer Balance, Fogg’s Patent Pinion and Sprung-over 'Regulator. .. _ _' ho. 20.‐‐-J’Old Huntlng Case, 18karats fine, 85 00 ' Same Movement as No. 19. No. 21.‐‐‐-Gold Hunting Case, 1Liharatsfine, 85 00 “ APPLETON, TRACY & 0 0 . ” Movement, ex- ' t r a Jeweled, Chronometer Balance, ‘Fogg’ s 22.-‐-‐Gold Hunting Case, 18 karats fine, 95 00 Same Movement as No. 21. ' ‘ A l l the Gentlemen’s Watches a r e exactly the same size, a n d the Casesweightwoounceseach. ForanyextraWeightWecharge for the additionalgold only, Which is $1.00 per dwt. for 14karat,, and 81.25 per dwt. for 18karat": i ‘ 14karatgold wears fullasWellas18karat,butmanypreferthe ' latter, as it is the best quality ever used. ‘ Richly Engraved Cases cost 55?.00 and $10.00 each. 7p 6) 00 _ 1 1 " ._' g, Boys Watches. F o r Boys, and others, who prefer a small size. ---.---~---~- ~ 0.0-- - ‐ We take pleasure in announcing that a new %-Plate ‘W’atch has just been finished, which will suit all those who have hitherto ob‐ jected to W'altham Watches on account of their large size. This watch is a little larger than the Ladies’ Watch, is of sub‐ stantial construction, and embraces all the"latestimprovements. It is called the “ Bovs’ WATCH” on account of its size, but is con‐ Sidered the best watch for the price that has yet'-been made, and IS warranted by certificate the same as the others. . It is also speciallv adapted f o r Ladies, Teachers, or others who «f requireareliabletimekeeper,andyetdonot desireagoldwatch. The Silver Cases for Boys’ Watches weigh 1% oz. each. N0. 50, Silver H u n t i n g Case, steel balance, 7 jewels “ 52, Silver Hunting Case, gold balance, ll jewels,.......... 22 “ 53, Silver HuntingCase, compoundbalance, 11jewels,. . . 24 " 54, Gold Hunting Case, 14 karat, compound balance, ll _ jewels,.............................'.................. 65 ‘5 55, Gold Hunting Case, 18 karat, compound balance, 11‐ jewels, ......,...................................... 75 of a higher grade, and intended for gentlemen who desire a.small size. N0. 56, Silver Hunting Case, extra jeweled, chronometer bal‐ ance,151ewels, .............. . . . . . ‘4 57, Gold Hunting Case, 14“ karat; extra jeweled, chronom-i etcr balance, 15jewels.......... 6‘ 58, Gold HuntingCase, 18karat, extra ,eweled,chronom‐ etcr balance, 15jewels......,.......................... So The name engraved on the above eight watchesis AMER’N. WATCH COMPANY, Adams Street, ,~,Waltham, Mass. ‘ I n ordering t h a n me ration number and p r i c e . Railroad Timekeepers. www \ We invite the especial attention of Railroad Engineers, Con‐ ‘ ductors, Travelers and others, to a new FullPlate Watch, made at ' W'altham, which is of a higher grade than a n y which have yet“ been produced at the factory. A Full Plate “Watch wrll stand more hard usage than any other, and this one has been made to meet the special requirements of those who areengaged in activeOperations. It has a quicker beat . than the other full plate Watches, and on this account is less liable to be affected by the jar of railroad travel ; it is provided with a new style cf regulator,by which the slightest variation,..can be. [ easily corrected, and in order to reduce the thickness it is arragfi, « so that the handsset on the back. _ This grade is made both as Key-Winderand Stem-W'inder. _It is by far the finest full plate movement ever made in this country, and is adjusted to heat and cold. It is named the “ American Watch C0.,” Crescent Street, Waltham, Mass, It is so ‐ ' called to distinguish it from the highest grade of the % plate, which bears the same nameTCrescent Street,in Waltham,being the Street on which the factory is situated. The diameter is the same as the other full plate Watches, but as it is a trifle thinner, it will not fit the usual full plate cases. ”We , havethemonhandin2,3,4,5and6oz.Silvercases,andin42dwt. I 14k.,andin42,50andi60(NW. 18k.gOldcases,atthe following” prices: HOWARD & Go, 865 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. “ W ' m ”om-a“..‐ 9 - Key-Winder Stem-Winder 131-110 ES 0 F‘ Raierad Time-keepers. - flM'“ 2 oz. Coin Silver H’t’g. Case, $52 00 3 “ 6 00 0 7 40 0 “ ' 11200 12700 “ 12500 14000 Engraved Gold Cases, $5 8: $10 extra. And we make the extra Weights to order, Which takes about ten days or two weeks from the time the order‘ls ‘ received, the prices are : Key-Winder Stem-Winder. In 8 02. SilverHuntingCase, 878 00 $92 00 ' u 70 am. 18k. sold H’t’g. Case, 138 00 153 00 u.80u 1 . .“ 1500016500 u90u u u 11 u 1630017800 1a100 u u u. u 11 175 00 190 00 ’ Engraved Gold Cases, $5 (Q: $10 extra. In ordering this Watch, please state that you Wish the R a mGad I ”67126 keeper, give Weight of the case desired 3111.1 the price named on the list. The cases we usually have on I1.1111d are engineturnedbutWecan also furnish plarn or sm ooth ca ses. In N 6‘H ‘C H H 5600-7000 m The 3/1; Plate Watch is so "called in distinction from the Full } Plate. ' In the full plate watch the balance wheel is ABOVE the plate, while in the % plate 1t lS B E L O W ; thus reducing the thickness of the watch about one quarter. It is also one size less in diameter. Being, therefore, thinner a n d smaller, it makes a v e r y desirable watch f o r gentlemen’s use. ‐ These watches are the most erfect specimens of fine mechanism . evermade111thiscountry,an arenotexcelledinprinciple,finish or performance, by any watches of lorelgn manufacture. ‐ _They all have Fogg’s Patent Safety Pinion, a very valuable in‐ vention, which prevents all injury to the delicate parts of the watch 1n case the main-spring breaks. ; ' They have also Extra I ewels and Chronometer Balance ; are ad‐ justed to heat and cold, and have all other improvements that experience has shown to be desirable. ~ These watches are named Am’N WATCH Co., and are made both as Key-Winders and Stem-Winders. PRICES. Iif 3 oz. Silver HuntingCase - - - - ‐ cc46656 cc.‘c__...'.. " 18 karat Gold “ _ “ weighing 42 dwts. c: as 66 46 ca' 66 46 cc _ 135 . £6 46 56 cc cc ca 50 66 140 160 64 as 66 ”cc 6. 46 54 66 145 165 c'.666C66CC'CC5836 150'170 u 66 66 66 66 cc. 62 66 155 175 Anyextraweightofgoldat therate of$25peroz.or$1.25per w t . additional. Vie hes:3 the Stem-Winders in both Plain and Engine‐turned Gold Cases of the extra weights, 70, 80and aoo dwts. ; also E n ‐ graved Cases, and all other styles in great varlety. This Stem-I/Vz'na’e'rin thefl e w style of plainflat cases is very papaZane. T/zeflatsz'a’e engraved with the monogramgives a very ém-zdsome finish. The price, in a heavy case with monogram" engravedz‘e order, z'sfrom$185to$200. HOWARD 85 CO., 865 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. l l m . . .“ fi - “ O O ‐ o fi m ‐ - ~ - ‐ _ a ‐ a ‐ _-‐.-‐‐.-.-m - ‐ - ----.. - A o o a - ~ “ - - . ‐ ‐ -~- -- c - o ‐“ - “- a t .o w ‐ m n m r ‐ The Ladies’ Watch IS MADE. IN Tw-O GRADES ONLY, P. s. BARTLETT, and APPLETON, TRACY & OO. “L.”-0-5M-‐~.‐-o..---.-fl--Jll'-.'-."“~‘g.-.‘ -0‐.‐--‐‐-‐.‐-M* Q ‘l “ 12, ‘~ “ “ 18k.EngineTurnedCase 65 N0.11, GoldHuntingCaSt.14karatsfineP.S.BARTLETT movement,extrajeweledwithGoldbalanceand ,.” 1214311111 “ . 18 k. Extra Heavy,Richly Enameled and Engraved Cases -m . “*MMWM~ 85 a l 1l mprovements............................... $55 1 1 %, Same movement, but with 14k. -Engraved Case 60 " 121/53, “ “ “ “ 18k. Engraved Case... 70 The P. S. BARTLETT movement is n o w also made with a chrono‐ m e t e r b a l a n c e w h i c h c o s t s $ 5 . 0 0 e x t r a ; i f t h i s1 s d e s i r e d , o r d e r f r o m the same number b u t mention the chronometer balance and add $5.ooto the price. "wWM- N0."10, Gold 1‐1untmg Case, 14 karats fine, APPLRTON, TRACY & Co. movement, jeweled, chronomete1 balance a n d a l l improvements. ................. $ 7 0 “ 13%,Same movement, b u t w i t h 14k. Engraved Case 75 ” 14, “' ” 14/2, .“ ” 14E1t'a '“ “ ' .“ “ "1 “ 18k EngineTurnedCase 80 “ 18l;:. Engraved Case..... 85 N0. 0, D , iP.S.BARTLETT, Gold Balance.................... P.S.BARTLRTT, Chronometcr Balancc........... H E, APPLETON, TRACY & CO.,Chronorneter Balance. 50 18 k. Extra Heavy, Richly Enameled and Engraved Case 100 0-‐b‐-*- m ' “hm‐mama-“n.‐ Ladies’Watches,in SilverHuntingCases. TABLE Showing t h e average Express éharges on a Silver Watch,from NewYork Cityto dIfferent States a n d Territorles. These Prices Include the Charges for Returningthe Money. To New York State, Massachusetts, Connecti‐ cut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Pennsyl‐ vania and Delaware, - - - ' ‐ $050to$125 To Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Mary‐ landDistrictofColumbiaandOhio, - - 100 to 175 To Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, VirginiaandKentucky, ‘- - - - 150 to 225 To Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Tennessee and NorthCarolina, -. - - - - - 175 to 250 To SouthCarolina,Georgia,Florida,Alabama, ’ Mississippi, Louisiana, Nebraska, Kansas w: a. andArkansas, - - - ..- -200to300 To Dakotah, Idaho,Colorado,Wyoming, Utah, Montana and California, - -= - - 2 50 to 500 Territory, Alaska, Indian Territory, New ‐ To Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington Mexico and Texas, - - 3 - - 4 00 to 8 00 Ona GoldWatchthe charge is about one-third or one-half more. It should be borne in mind that to some places the charges may be twiceasmuchastoanother,andyetbothplacesmaybeinthe same State, and the same distance from New York. Thus, to a place on aline of railroad,with communication several times a day, it would be much less than.to a place which could only be reached by a long stage route once or twice a week. ‘ byMailin a.mega d.receive them. We have nothing e give our billto the Express Com‐ amount of the price of the _ rice list. The Express Company add to pomts weshall send butinallcasesatourownrisk. 'We are enabled to make this ofier, because when a watch is pa1d for there are no return charges, which is nearly halfthe expense, and we have also an arrangementwiththe Express Companies, by which they take prepaid packages at reduced rates. We do not des1re or urge any one to send us the money in ad- , vance,unlesstheywishto,asouronlyobjectis to reduceexpenses asmuchaspossible,andweWill sendeitherway,withbilltocol‐ lecton delivery.or prepaid,asmaybe desired; andwatchesthat are.paidforby remittancecan.berejectedby thepurchaser,if not order when opened. l L 0 ‘-“"~“Q‘OC‐c-a‐~ -‐-. HOWARD 81; CO, 865 ..BROADWAY, N aw YORK. --- ‐-‐0m-o‐~M-’-~-mQ‐o....-..‐--.-¢--..www-“Mp-m‐Wmfififiu‐‐m-fl '‐-“mm Wo would suggestto those who feel inclined to remit,butyet hesitate f o r want. of confidence t h a t they first write to some friend or acquaintance in N e w York and make inquiries in regard to the standingofourhouse-anyoneinNewYorkcangiveyouthe1n‐ . formation as our establishment is on Broadway, in a prominent locationandwellknownto everyoneinNewYOrkandvicinity. We refer to‐‐‐ The ADAMS. EXPRESS CO., New York. , The UNITED STATES EXPRESS CO., New York. @ The AMERICAN MERCHANTS UNIONEXPRESS CO.,New York. .#WELLS, FARGO & CO. EXPRESS, N..Y. and San Francisco. Or, to the Publishers of any of the Religious, Daily 0: Weekly NeWSpapers published in New York. [FromtheN. Y. Independent,April1,1869.] WeinvitespecialattentiontotheadvertisementofHOWARD& 00.,Broadway,this city. Thefi r m1sentirely responsible,and their statements reliable They have a l a r g e s t o r e a n d a s p l e n d i d d i S p l a y O f fi n e g o o d s , a d a p t e d t o t h e b e s t t r a d em t h e c i t y orcountry. TheysellmoreWalthamwatches,it isstated,thanany other housein the trade. We have known personally and for many years the members of this firm, and do not hesitate to say that all orders entrusted to them will be honestly and faithfullyexecuted. Specialinducements,andentirelysafetothepurchaser,it will be seen, are offered by H o w a r n & Co. to those who send orders by mail. ~ Mr. Beecher on the Waltham Watch. Mr. BEECHER has written us the following letter.-‐-‐ BROOKLYN, October 21st, 1869. MESSRS. HOWARD & CO., Broadway, N e w York. GENTLEMEN:--‐-I am happy to make y o u agood report of the .WalthamW'atchthatI procuredof you. [t has far exceeded my expectations,andleaves me nothingto bedesired.- I have had it about five months, and during that time it has been running by the side of a superlative English Watch, (which one of the first chro‐ nologers pronounces “ the finest Watch that ever came to N e w York,”) and the Waltham Watch has run moresteadily, eVenly and accurately than its foreign competitor. I cannot conceive that a better Watch can be made, and I am proudof it asaspecimenof Americanskillandindustry. HENRY-WARD BEECHER. SPECIALNOTlCE. ' AsweareOftenaskedwhichWatchwerecommend,wewould say that, allthings considered,we think the No.8 Watch,in silver, and N os. 19and 20 in gold cases, and the Railroad Time-keepers described on pages 8 and 9 are the most desirable for the money 'onourlist;buttheyarea goodandthereisnoriskinbuying a n y of them. - , constantly changing, but when an order is received ‘for a Chain, at a certain price, we always make a selection of the most desira‐ ble pattern, and give as good an article as if it was selected by the purchaser in person. Any Chain that does not suit, may always be returned, or exchanged at o u r expense. LADIES’ CHAINS.“ T h e style n o w used is the Leontine, which is a Chain fastened to a Brooch at the neck, and reaching to the waist, with a short pendant chain, to which the key, charms, etc., can be attached. T h e prices a r e $30. $35. $40. $45. $50. $55. $60. $65.,$70. $75. $80“. they are new, have the same appearance as the better qualities. _We have also the n e w style called the Opera Chain ‐--.- this is a The prices range from $25 to $75 for the 14karat, and from $30 to $100 for the 18karat, the greatest variety ranging from $40 to $60 of - the 14karat, and from $50 to $80 of the 18karat. 15 $5to$10each; thoseabove that pricebeingveryheavy,andonly adapted for very heavy watches. We have also the L o n g Curb Guard Chains pure Coin at $7, $9, $12 and $15 each. x \ ForBoysWatches........werecommendthe $3and$4sizes. “ 2oz.Gents’Watches “ "‘ 4 “ 5~“ ‘' u3.&4OZ.U. u,u'.u' '15u.6:“ u5&6oz.61'u 61..u 811IO11. fit 8OZ £C G‘ 14 LC 12 t‘ 15 ts. Informationin regard to Diarnonds,Jewelry of all kinds,'Ster‐ ling Silver, and Plated Ware, W111 be cheerfully furnished on application. injury to the eye. oftheprice. Fullparticularsandpriceswillbefoundmac1rcu1ar which we send on application. A L L 1111111111111 WATCHES Of the same grade are of exactly the same size in every minute particular any movement will fit in any esae Witheuta tj.nstmcnt; every part of these wetchcs are made (like the Spr1'n0“held Riflc) on the interchangeable princi‐ p.‘..e‐‐-that is, if ten watches W e r e taken anart and the wheels, Springs, he. 111Vi}-:cd together, ten perf e cb WetcheS could be 111a1le by pm,i n g them tooether again W1thout any reference t i ) the former combi1ations. , Any Vheel, ScSW, Spriug, or oth1c1' part of a W'altham Watch can alWays be furnished by us Without delay, so if a Watch is injcred, any part ac1alWays be repaired or replaced at a.slight expense. We oft e n l1aVcnquirics in regard. to the difference between Engine 1‘111'11ed and Plain caScs, about Tewels, Chronometer Bela me, 810. Engine Turned C::see are the kind most used, and nine‐ tenths of all the Watches made are finished in thiS style. Plain 088138 are those Which are perfectly plain or S m o oth. A l l the Watches have at least 7 Jewels, only one of Which however can be seen when the case is opened, the others being in the capement and out of Sight; in the Watches With. 1l Jewels, and also in those With 15, o n l y _fi arein Sg1htonthe111ovement.° = ' A Watch With Chronometer Balance is n o t so liable to be affected by the Variatimsof h e a nt d cold as one With a plain-~balanec. . The sizes of the waltham Watches are indicated by the d i a m e t e r o f t h e d i a l h e L a d i e s V V a t e 1l 1 3 1 a r e 1 - 1 0 . 1 0 S i z e ; "he BeyS’ Viatches are ls:0.14. S1ze ; the93/ P19to G e nl e ‐ 110113VVatchcsareYOS.14:andl6 size; andalltheFull Plate VV'a ehes, melnd111113, the Railroad T1mehcepcr are O. 3 ii 0. 10 S126. 1110' falls into the Watch-in factthis is almost the Onlyway [dnStOr d1rtcan g e ti n . Hang a Watch up at night in preferenceto laymgit doWn. N o m a t t e r h O W W e l l y o 1 1 1 W a t c h r u n s , h a v e 1 t c l e a 1e d a t ‐ ‘‘leastonceintWoyears, notsom11chto getthechrtoutas _ to get freSh oi l e s sthan thattime,a n dafterthatthefr1ctlonont h edeli-.' 1l 1 1 . T h e v e r y b e s t W a t c h o i l W 1 1 1 d r y u p i n , ' rcatepartsis WearmgyourWatcho u tfast. No one Would . l o ta steam engine or any other machmery run even a ch . ' ' daysW1thout freshoi], yet many let the1rVVatchcs run night _ a n dd a yfor years Withouta dropof oil, and all at once they .~fi£nd they areWorn outandgoOd for nOthing. ' _,. , Neverletamagnetcomenear aWatch,it Willruin1t‐ "qu1ckerthanfireor Water‐11thesteelpartsofaWatchare once magnetized its Valne as a t1mekeeper1s 31;- an end and noWatchmakercanrestore 1t. ‘ ‘~~+' °, To make a Watch1’1111faSt,move the regulatortowards the F, to make 11: run SloW, toWards the S If a watch Hams or losesan hour or two a day it is caused by the halrsprlngbeing thrown outOf place (Which is uSually caused by someSuddenknock or 1ar)this is mosteasfly 7 fromed1ed and any one Who 11nderStanclsit can push the - _ s: p r 1 1 1 g 1 1 1 0 1 o u t a s t h e c a s e m a y b e , w i t h t h e p o i n t o f a pin,- any watchmaker will do it m a moment, and Without . _. ( h a r gd e W