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Hampden Special Railway
Serial #768318

Image of Hampden Special Railway #768318 Movement
Movement Image
Image of Hampden Special Railway #768318 Dial
Dial Image
Image of Hampden Special Railway #768318 Case
Case Image
Manufacturer Hampden
Grade Special Railway
Serial Number 768318
Size 18s
Model 2
Jewel Count 17j
Setting Lever
Finish Two-Tone
Case Material Goldfilled
Case Manufacturer Dueber Hampden Watch Co.
Case Serial # 4306827
Case Details Marking:
Guaranteed To Be Made of
Two Plates of 14 Karat Gold Over Fine Hard Metal
And To Wear For 20 Years
Anchor in Shield Mark
Dial Material Glass Enamel
Dial Type Single-Sunk
Dial Style Arabic
Dial Signing Name Hampden fancy logo
Dial Details Fancy Dial Blue & White
Gold Embellishments
Movement Markings Special Railway
Canton Ohio
safety pinion
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