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Elgin 311
Serial #18830426

Image of Elgin 311 #18830426 Movement
Movement Image
Image of Elgin 311 #18830426 Dial
Dial Image
Image of Elgin 311 #18830426 Case Markings
Case Markings Image
Manufacturer Elgin
Grade 311
Serial Number 18830426
Size 12s
Model 3
Jewel Count 7j
Setting Pendant
Finish Gilt
Case Material Goldfilled
Case Manufacturer B & B Peer
Case Grade/Model
Case Serial # 2020632
Case Details
Dial Material Enamel
Dial Type
Dial Style Arabic
Dial Signing Name
Dial Details
Movement Markings
Contributed to the database by Sheady01 on March 25, 2023.
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