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Illinois Bunn
Serial #3856373

Image of Illinois Bunn #3856373 Movement
Movement Image
Image of Illinois Bunn #3856373 Dial
Dial Image
Image of Illinois Bunn #3856373 Case
Case Image
Manufacturer Illinois
Grade Bunn
Serial Number 3856373
Size 16s
Model 9
Jewel Count 17j
Setting Lever
Finish Nickel
Case Material Goldfilled
Case Manufacturer Boss, J.
Case Grade/Model
Case Serial # 8531600
Case Details Recased - cost $58 on eBay. Seller description:
Great case no brass showing i took a illinois bunn out of it little ping in back cover. ...can notice it more from the inside rather then out i didnt even notice it untill i snapped a picture of the inside lid
Dial Material Enamel
Dial Type Double-Sunk
Dial Style Arabic
Dial Signing Name Illinois
Dial Details New dial Feb 2016 from eBay. Seller description:
This lot contains a genuine Illinois 16 Size “BUNN SPECIAL” double sunk enamel “Railroad” dial.. This dial is signed “Illinois. This dial is signed in block. The enamel dial is in good clean functional condition but does have a few slight hard to find hairlines. This railroad pocket watch dial with very bold black Arabic hour numerals will fit your Bunn Special! This dial will fit your Illinois 60 hour and 30 hour Bunn Special. These are hard to find dials so do not miss it. The dial feet are at 17.5, 38.8 and 58 minutes after the hour.
Movement Markings
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