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Elgin 62
Serial #2467

Image of Elgin 62 #2467 Movement
Movement Image
Image of Elgin 62 #2467 Dial
Dial Image
Image of Elgin 62 #2467 Case
Case Image
Manufacturer Elgin
Grade 62
Serial Number 2467
Size 18s
Model 1
Jewel Count 15j
Setting Key
Finish Gilt
Case Material Coinsilver
Case Manufacturer Fontenbach Bros.
Case Serial # N802
Case Details Warranted
Trade Mark
Coin Silver
3 Oz. Coin Silver Case

Case shows no extra screw marks and is era-appropriate, so I assume it is original to the movement.
Dial Material Glass Enamel
Dial Type Single-Sunk
Dial Style Roman
Dial Signing Name National Watch Co.
Dial Details
Movement Markings H.Z Culver
Elgin, Ill.

This is a first year production National Watch Company Grade 62, Model 1 KWKS 18 Size watch in H.Z. Culver finish. Howard Z. Culver was one of the original incorporators and directors of the National Watch Co., incorporated on August 27, 1864. On July 16, 1867, a new watch was turned out which was named H. Z. Culver. The slow train was then adopted on all the new movements brought out and they appeared on the market as follows: J. T. Ryerson, Oct. 14, 1867; H. H. Taylor, Nov. 20, 1867; G. M. Wheeler, Nov. 26, 1867; and Matthew Laflin, Jan. 4, 1868.

The case was likely manufactured by the Fortenbach Watch Case co in Carlstadt, NJ. They never marked their company name on their cases, but it shows the Fortenbach trademark. They were in business from the 1850's until 1871 when the company was bought by Joseph Fahys. So, the case is the proper time frame for this early HZ Culver and probably is original. It is a 3 oz case.

The HZ Culver was listed as National Watch Co.'s second highest grade, just below the BW Raymond and just above the HH Taylor grades. The HZ Culver was listed as RR grade.