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Rockford 555
Serial #560590

Image of Rockford 555 #560590 Movement
Movement Image
Image of Rockford 555 #560590 Dial
Dial Image
Image of Rockford 555 #560590 Case
Case Image
Manufacturer Rockford
Grade 555
Serial Number 560590
Size 16s
Model 5
Jewel Count 17j
Setting Lever
Finish Nickel
Case Material Goldfilled
Case Manufacturer Fahys Watch Case Co.
Case Serial # 7425410
Case Details Fahy's
Guaranteed 20 Years
Dial Material Glass Enamel
Dial Type Double-Sunk
Dial Style Arabic
Dial Signing Name Rockford Watch Co.
Dial Details
Movement Markings Rockford Watch Co.
17 Jewels