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U.S. Watch Co. (Marion, NJ) George Channing
Serial #3127

Image of U.S. Watch Co. (Marion, NJ) George Channing #3127 Movement
Movement Image
Image of U.S. Watch Co. (Marion, NJ) George Channing #3127 Dial
Dial Image
Image of U.S. Watch Co. (Marion, NJ) George Channing #3127 Case
Case Image
Manufacturer U.S. Watch Co. (Marion, NJ)
Grade George Channing
Serial Number 3127
Size 18s
Model 37
Jewel Count 15j
Setting Key
Finish Gilt
Case Material Goldfilled
Case Manufacturer J.A. Brown & Co. (G.W. Ladd)
Case Grade/Model
Case Serial # 3134
Case Details Low S/N indicates this is a very old Ladd case. Heavy wear on case, some wear-thru on both covers, pendant and bow. Case is marked with G. W. Ladd Patent June 11 67 on case rim. Case has 4 hinges, coin edge, and is what I believe to be a "drum" case. NAWCC posts indicate the Ladd cases were more gold "clad" than gold filled, with the heavier layer of gold on the outside and a lighter gold plating on the inside. Old Ladd advertisements state that they used no less the 14K gold. Ladd's main claim to fame was in the stiffness of the cases and their patented hinges.
Dial Material Enamel
Dial Type Single-Sunk
Dial Style Roman
Dial Signing Name United States Watch Co.
Dial Details Unusual United States Watch Co. scirpt.
Movement Markings George Channing
Marion, NJ
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