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Stem Wind & Mech

Charles P. Corliss

June 22, 1897

Patent #585025

Patent Number:585025
Description:Stem Wind & Mech
Inventor(s): Charles P. Corliss
Assignee:Elgin Natl Watch Co
Patent Date:Jun 22, 1897
Registration Type:Patent
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This pendant setting mechanism was a patented design created by Charles Peletiab Corliss, model maker at the Elgin National Watch Company factory for nearly three decades. His setting mechanism was a simple and elegant solution, worthy of implementation in Elgin’s new 16-Size thin model (Models 6 and 7). One of the primary benefits was a cam along the perimeter of the plate that provided the ability for the movement “to be readily changed from setting position for the convenience of running the movement for time when disconnected from a case.”