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Location: Chicago, Illinois and San Francisco, California

Years of Operation: 1870-1876

Predecessor: Newark Watch Co.

Successor: California Watch Co.

Organized from the purchase of the Newark Watch Co. and Purchased by the California Watch Co, January 1876

Production Jewels: 7-20 Jewels

Production Sizes: 18s

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Company Timeline


The Newark Watch Co. is purchased by the Cornell Watch Co. from Grand Crossing, Illinois.


A factory is constructed in Grand Crossing at the cost of $70,000 to house the operations of the Cornell Watch Co.

Nevada State Journal, Reno, Nevada
Saturday, November 21, 1874

November 1874

The Cornell Watch Co. is moved to San Francisco, California in hopes that cheap Chinese labor can lead to a more profitable venture.

Oakland Tribune, Oakland, California
Monday, September 20, 1875


The Cornell Watch Co. is moved to Berkeley, California and renamed the California Watch Co.