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Elgin Winding Indicator Watch Pamphlet

1 I 2 MADE IN 18 SIZE OPEN FACE 19 AND 21 JEWELS I WATCH I ELGIN WINDING INDICATOR Diagram of Elgin Winding Indicator M x¢>~§~§\\ I-IE ELGIN WINDING INDICATOR is of the posi‐ tive motion type. It consists of a planetary gear, with three radiating trains, one of which connects with a winding wheel, another with a member of the time train, and the third with the indicator handAonly eleven parts in all, exclusive of screws. The moving parts of the Elgin Winding Indicator are all toothed wheels; there is no slipping friction, nor is there a n y necessity for disengaging the indicator while setting the hands of the watch, and consequently the indicator hand c a n never get out of its proper relation to the winding and time trains. ' Referring to the diagram, the planetary gear is the one which carries two small wheels ( o n e on either side) that revolve on the same axis at some distance from the axis of the gear itself; the larger of these two small wheels is driven directly by the train, which con‐ nects with the winding or “main” wheel, and indirectly by the rotation of the planetary gear about its axis; the smaller drives the indicator hand train. The two small wheels, being fast on the same shaft, always turn to‐ gether, so that, whether the larger o n e is turned by the winding of the watch, or by the rotation of the planetary gear through its connection with the time train, (both of which actions m a y be going on at the same time,) the indicator hand is certain to move correspondingly and indicate the true state of the winding. Elgin National Watch Company.