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N.H. White Price List of American Watches Manufactured at Waltham, Mass. 1880

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Digitized Date November 13, 2019

%Watchmaker and Jeweler. $443 Broad StLree Newark, N. J. fl; ‘AMEBESAN WATfiHESx 1? Qt? Q/ M UF -\L w RED AT v WAL“,_AM3 m a g s “ 1886. M u gto me please state filjty o u received P r i c e L i s t N 0 . 4 8 , 0 0 0 . w ] l a w : a n [ l b w / f a t a l Sheet Mowing Sty/w o f Lmz’z’m’ and Gen/s7 Solid Geld C/minx, which [ w i l l ”mi/far stamp. N. H. WHITE & Sox’s PRINT. 441 Broad S t , Newark, N. J. TO THE PUBLIC. in resenting the present Catalogue it afiords me pleasure to c a l attention to the fact, that, with increased facilities, which are now unsurpassed by any other similar house in this country, I am able to ofier inducements not to be found elsewhere. The Watches herein described should not be classed with those sold by the various novelty dealers at f r o m $2 to $6 each. neither should any one expect to get a reliablewatch at any such price when it must be evident to every thinking person that, of all articles made, watches require the finest workmanship andthe best material. Therefore,goodwatches as well as other articles of mechanism requiring fine machin‐ ery and the most skillful workmen, can only be produced at a fair price. T h e value of a watch should never be judged simply by t h e appearance at a casual glance. My Silver watches f o r $15 look as well as the ones for $50, and the $35 Gent’s Goldl Watches look as well to an inexperienced person as the ones that sell f o r $300. It is thereforeof the utmost importance, since appearances are so apt to deceive in regard to actual value, that you should purchase only o f a responsible jeweler in whose representations y o u have confidence. I started'businessvon the fundamental principle of selling gdgoodarticleataslowapriceasit could possiblybeafford‐ ' , and have never deviated f r o m the same nor misrepre» sented in order to effect a sale. On this basis every watch sold proves a living advertisement and nelps sell many more, and hence it is, that in addition to my regular jObbing trade, I have been able to build up the most extensive retail local trade done here, and at the same time to extend the retail trade by mail through all the states and territories, and e v e r ) to many foreign countries, always giving the same general satisfaction as though the goods were purchased in persen‐ over my counters. The American Watch Company of Waltham, Mass., (the largest in the world), make watches at as low prices as they can be afforded and give satisfaction. Being a jobber, not only enables me to buy close and sell cheaper than the small dealers, but also to be among the first to get all improvements as soon as they are made,while in many cases it is a long time before the small dealers are able t o get t h e m ‐ As a guarantee of my responsibllity, as well as a proof of my reputationasafirst-classdealer,yourattentionisrespect‐ fully called to my list of references, embracing some of the Watches worth having can never be purchased at the nom‐ - When ordering be sure to give NAME, To w n , COUNTY and STATE in f u l l . If y o u have a Post-Oflice B o x , always send the number, . 1 p p r r o o m m i i n n e e n n t t b b u u s s i i n n e e s s s s “ “G Ga as se es s h h e e r r e e a a n n d d i i n n N N e e w w Y Y o o r r k k C C i i t t y y . . t t o o ‐ ‐ gether with the several Express Companies and Newspaper hlblishers of our city. Reference might also be made to the publisher of any paper in which my advertisement has appeared, for, should he not know, he can easily ascertain about my responsibility. Thanking the very generouspublicfortheliberalpatronage received during‘the past ten years, and, hoping by the 5 me fair dealing with all, to merit and receive a continual: e of the same, I am, Very Respectfully Yours, \ N. H. WHITE. READ WITH CARE BEFORE ORDERING. In orderings.watch,pleasedesignateboththenumberand the price; it it is a silver watch state whether a Smooth or Engine Turned case is preferred; if a g o l d watch state whether Engine Turned or Engraved Case is wanted. I sendthesewatchesbyExpress,withbillto collectonde‐ livery,to allpartsoftheUnitedStates,withprivilegetoopen the package and examine thewatch before paying,and if not satisfactory it need n o t be taken. In regard to who pays the express charges, I wish it distinctly understood that when the money is sent with the order, I will pay all express charges,sothatthegoodsare deliveredfreefromanyexpense vhhatever,butif sent0.O.D.thebuyeristopayallexpress\ 0 ar es. ‘ I cgan also send the Watches or Chains by m a i l (registered), tirimypart of the country, if I receive the money with the O e r . I wish all to understand that. these goods are warranted to give satisfaction, and should any fail to do so I will will‐ ingly exchange them or Refundthe Money. 1 only quote prices of watches and chains in this list, still I deal in all kinds of Jewelry, all grades of Spectacles and Eyeglasses, Rogers a Brothers Plated Ware, such as Cas‐ tors, Butter Dishes, Cake BasketsJ Napkin Rings, Knives, Forks, Spoons, k c ; Fine Cameo, Onyx and other Stone Rings, Solid 18carat Wedding Rings, Etc. I will furnish prices on any of the above mentionedgoods on receipt of an inquiry stating what is wanted. W I nremitting,alwayssendPostOficeMane;Orders when possible,as they are the safest, or Drafts on New York ( M y : when neither can be obtained, send the money in a Registered Letter. Every Post-Master is required to register a letter when requested. 3aea3EmE.85eSAa»a»4n§n.a53u3_ze3a2mn3na. k6m3QmEh565c‐uo9mofi7a_m0nae”dfiw E.cE2Qméda=S34e?;95eM2:es5s5a5iu3065.?m5:282 fiEfiMGZ7>mZ4EGm1H®QM.OZeEOBW £3,3.a05an QdOQHmME.FHOflfimHOHZNmMm>HE{FF NO. 176,$5.50. N 0 . 177, $5.00. b NO.181. $6.00. v a! 405deixw fl ’ i fi N O . 179, $4.50. A aHw:emZvueHhwFa3SmdEaAofiEcEdmDc5n8EBfimuaOaog5mBm.&can‐5‐35t 17 ~~443 BROAD STREET, NEWARK, N. J. ' ASnus cmumua goes in the hands of many strangers in all parts of the coun‐ try and asthere is somany unreliable dealers advertisingto send various goods on receipt of the price, I deem it only my duty to give a l l the reference within my reach. As to my general character and standing in society, I would refer all to any of the following societies and lodges, of which I am a member in good standing: The Board of Trade of the city of Newark. CentennialLodge,No.216,Knightsof Honor. Northern Lodge, N o . 25, F. a A. M. ‘ HarmonyChapter,No.9,R. A. M. Friendship Lodge, No. 16, Knights and Ladiesof Honor. If a n y w i s h Emblems, Badges or information concerning the same, I can supply them on as favorable terms as any other reliable house can. 'TH|MBLES. I have good heavy solid Coin Silver Thimbles at 50cents each. Fancy Engraved Thimbles, 65 cents each. They will be sent by mail at above prices free of expense. FIELD, OPERA AND SPY GLASSES in all styles and at all prices, according to the quality and size. Spy-Glasses of best makes as follows: 14inches long, $2.50. 16inches,$3. 23inches, $5.50. 29inches, $1.60. They each have three draws and are the best in the market. FieldandOpenGlassesfrom$5to $16each,accordingtothe sizeandquality. OnreceiptofpriceI willsendfreeofcharge any pricedOpera or Field Glass you may order, from $5 to $15 such. It not what you wish,I will change and guarantee the Same to suit both in quality and price. 18 N. H. WHITE, J EWELER, REPAIRING leE WATCHES. To thosewhoarenotconvenienttoathoroughandreliable watchmaker, I would say that with the improwd postal sys‐ tem you can now send a watch with entire safety to any part. of the United States in an unsealed, registered package for 20cents. I send several hundred this way every year with‐ out a single loss or accident. I have strong and light wood boxes expressly for this purpose, which I will mail to any address f o r 7 cents in stumps. Those who prefer m a y send by express, still I consider the mails just as safe and very much cheaper. I employ only the very best workmen and can do your watch cleaning and repairing iu the best manner for much less than is often charged by those who scarcely know what agoodwatch is, much less how to repairit. I donotsay this is always the case, but it is veryoiten, and many learn it at their own\expense when too late. ‘ SILVER CASES FOR AMERICAN WATCHES. “20z.case....... \ 3 u . . $6.10 5 oz. case....... $14.25 9.15 s .., ....... _16.90 4 “ .... ..11.40 S “ ............. 21.00 Stem Wind Cases cost $1.00 extra. Open Face Cases cost same as Hunting. Solid G o l d Cases cost f r o m $30.00 u p , ac‐ cording to weight and quality. BRIOES OF MOVEMENTS ONLY. B r o a d w a y , 7 jewels, Nickel Bal.. Broadway, 7 jewels, Exp. Bal... A.W.Co. Sterling,7Jew., Nick‐ K e y Wind. $6.30 7.00 Stem Wind~ $ ‐ ‐‐ 8.25 9.00 12.00 19.11) 25.50 36.00 60.00 el ............................ ‐ ' Bal A.W.Co. Sterling,7Jew. Expan‐ ......................... ‐ . 8.80 sion Bal W m . E l l e r y , l l Jew., Exp. B a ] . . P . S . B a r t l e t t , l l Jew. Exp. Ball. W a l t h a m W a t c h Co., 1 5Jew., 14.75 ’ ' 20.00 30.00 ‐ - Exp. Bal. Appleton, T o., A Jew.Y Exp. Bal................... Crescent Street, Adj., L5Jewels, Exp,Bal............. ............ ..... .. 19 The A meriean [ V a t e h Co. haspublishedthe[allowing letter to protect their regular agent:from hemgunder. $0151by those who sell the Movement: andnottheCases made by the American Watch Co. of Waltham, Mass: In buying Waltham Watches, the public will avoid imposi‐ tion by observing the following indications : . F i r s t ‐ T h e gold quality o f every good case made b y u s i s distinctly stamped in flaures on the back of the casewith our trade mark, “ A . . Co.," and a certificate bearing the number of the case, guaranteeing such quality and signed by our agents, Robbins & Appleton, accompanies each. Every silver case made by us is stamped “ A m . Watch Co., Waitham, M a s s ‐ C o i n Silver," o r “ A m . Watch Co" W al‐ tham, Mass‐Sterling Silver,” according to its quality, and w i l l be accompanied by a certificate signed by R. E. Robbins, Treasurer, guaranteeing the same. Second-«All of our movements have the name “Waltham” plainly engraved upon them, whatever other olf our trade marks, distinctive of grades, m a y be there. This notice is rendered necessary by the fact that certain dealers and watch-case makers are in the habit of separating our easestfrom our movements and putting the cases upon worthless movements made by other manufacturers,and the movementsinto worthless cases, also marle by others than ourselves; thus, in both instances, making up complete movement, under cover of which both kinds of watches are fraudulently sold, as beingentirely of our manufacture. We therefore give notice that we assume no responsibility either for the quality of cases that do n o t bear our trade marl: or for the performance of our own movementsput intothem excepting “when any fault in performance is clearly traceable to original detect in the movement itself. It is hardly neces sary tosay that badly made and badly fitting cases are sure to affect injurionsly the performance of the watches‐of course we assume no responsibility f o r the movements other ‘ than o u r own, in whatever cases they appear. Weaddthatthereisnonecessityfortheuseof suchcases upon the Waltham movements, as there is for their use upon » other American movements, the makers of which have no case factories of their own, we being the only company that groducecompletewatches. Ourgenuinecasescanalwaysbe ad when demanded, by those who wish to own a Waltham watch warranted in every part. Observe, therefore, that. every genuine Waltham watch bears our own trade mark in both case and movement. ' N. H. White, of Newark. New Jersey, sells our Genuine Watches with our make of cases, and we can recommend h i m as a reliable dealer. l . AMERICAN WATCH CO., , By R. E. Ronsms, Trees. A CARD. The Watches described in this Price List, bear many diflerent names, yet they are all made by the same firm and in the same factory. The name is only to de‐ note the grade. I have a separate price list for the trade, also a list of Genuine Materials for the American Watches; they will be sent on receipt of your business Card. For several years past, I have quoted prices on the Elgin, aswell asthe Waltham Watches; 1find the de‐ mand for Elgin Watches so limited that it scarcely pays to'liave them on my catalogue. On an examina‐ tion of my books, I find the sales to average thirty‐ uine(39)Waltham, to one (1)Elgin Watch. This aver‐ age is for two year’s sales, and I think it is a fair com‐ parisonof the relative value of the two watches. Every WALTHAM WATCH I sell, except those marked BROADWAY, is accompanied with the follow‐ ingCertificate. , ~ American W a t c h Factecy. W A L T H A M , M A S S........1 8,_. Ti f : z': to czrtz’jj/ t/zat LE V151? I/VA T C H N.o............ MOVEMENT, trade mark, APPLET O N TRA CY Cw C0., (or any ol/zergradqit maybegivenfor), WALTEA/11, MA SS., w a s manufaa‘ured at o u r w a r / e ; a n d is g u a r ‐ anteed by u: lo 6: made of the best materials, on flu m a y ! apprawu’primz’ple, andpormne: every regm'n'te FOR i n : AIERIBAll W A T “ company, R. E. ROBBINS. for a reliable Timz Keeper. F” any defea‘ in mater‐ ial,workmamhifiorperformance underfairmag:we at alltime: Ito/daurselw‘: responsiélz. Engrawdwith our trial-m. 21 MiSCELLANEOUS REFERENCE. The following reference has been taken promiscuonsly f r o m my books. They have each bought one or more watchesfromme,andreceivedthesameby mailor express. Except in a f e w cases none of them have visited my store. They are strangers to me, and I have used their names without permission. I request any to write to a few of them and learn whether I am reliable and worthy of patron‐ age or not. Arch Dees, St. Elmo. W m . E. H i l l , Whistler. Sidney Blair,Cla ton. E. J. Jones, St. 11110. A. J. Brooks, Verbena. ARKANSAS. D. L. Thompson, Ozark. J. P. Davidson.Lacrosse. ARIZONA. DELAWARE. Thomas J. Ake, Gumboro. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. W. McQuiston,Washington. FLORIDA. J. A. Parker, Waldo. J. Fogarty, Key West. , GEORGIA. J. H. McKnight, Warrenville. D.II.Burney Blackshear. H.Stave,Co.“P’SthInf’try. Dr.JohnW. Lee,GreenHill. Camp Grant. Thomas Grant, Prescott. CALIFORNIA. G. W. Guinn. Petalumar. Henry Troger, Taylorsville. Benny Staves, San Diego. Peter Collins, Janesville, COLORADO. G. S. Mott, Denver. P. A. Olmstead, Mahonville. Horace Bird, Denver. CONNECTICUT. P. S.Anderson, Dalton. ILLINOIS. Thomas A. LaWes, Eflingham. L. C. Egan, Elmwood. J. Wolz, mascouta. W. P. McGuire, Bethany. T. B.Mackey.Joliet. G. W. Seten, Harrisburg. Chnude Gosslee, Pellsville. Hubert J. Townsend, Steel’s Mills. Chas.T. Smith,Summerhill. Geo.W. Seten,Harrisburg. H. H. Snow. Chicago. G. W. Dains, E. Lichtfield. E. A. Smith, Waterbury. C.D. Buell, Litchfield. John Bamforth, Salisbury. Chas. W. Scranton, Guilford. J. T. Wilbur, No.Grosvenor Addie Williams. Livingstone. IOWA. Dale. Harvey Miller, Faragut. IDAHO. T. E. Houston, Boice City. (Iowa Continued). W. J. Way, Altzi. Ester Armstrong Humeston. AlbertD.Leech,Domielson. J. W. Barlow, Rossville. Jose h Montgomery, Lenox. J. I . Barlow, Rossville. INDIANA. C. W.’Hastings, Union City. James G. Hert, Owensburg. Asberr Hitchcock, “ J. B. dgnr, Alida. Seth Brown, J r . , Thorntown. H. J. Norris, F o r t Wayne. H.V. Fields,Owensburg. Wm. Cooper. Acton. KANSAS. Libby S. Whitney, Creswell. R.S.Palmer.Eden. Isaac N. Town, Plow Boy. F. G. Allis. Virgil. M a r y Scliietzbanm, Eden. J. Mignot, Edgerton. G. W. Scott, “ R. W. Gard, Rockwood. Jas.W. Belknap,Topeka. , KENTUCKY. ville. S.J. Fitzpatrick,Somerset. L. E. Travis, Marion. . Thos. L. Shain, Caneyville. T. 0. Lomoen,Rushtord. LOUISIANA. L. A. Winder, Terre Bonus. luff. . MASSACHUSETTS. Andrew Garrock, Wooster‐ Daniel Chamberlain, Boston. George Forbes, Dalton. W. L. Chilson, Swift River. MICHIGAN. C. E. Thompson BadAxe. William Lind, A louez. T. Mating,Mendon. G. W. Allen, Addison. Charles Bear, Huron City. Washington Rawlader, “Nash‐ W e. S.G.Moffitt. Carson City. R. W. Benson, Fennsville. W. D. Benson, “ MARYLAN D . Wm. W. Boone, Unionviile. Danie]Carr, ChesapeakeCity. M.W.Merrick, E. N e w Market. JamesReid,Boyd‘sStation. MINNESOTA. S. E. Ellestad, Spring Grove‐ James Campbell, Glenwood. G.T. Miles,Audubon. Henry Wilkinson, Cortland. A. J. Stone, Saint Paul. MISSISSIPPI. ' gen)”. Flippin, Egypt. . B. W. Granger, McKinney‐ ville. , MAINE. . Pembka.‘ MISSOURI. eld. J. B. Gum, Mount emon. J. L. Woolford,Younts Store. J. Dixon, Palmyra. Wm. T. Woolford, Potosl. mcry annins, Laflin. G. F. Ferguson, Estill. L. M. Rootes,Bonnets Mills. G. A. Higgins, C h a l k Level. Joseph C.Daniel,Montgomery C i t y . . A. T. Ganet, Keener. MONTANA. E. E. Sprange, Watson. NEW HAMPSHIRE. ' S.F. Reed, NorthDorchester. John C. Pattee,Goose. NEVADA. Henry A. Woodruff, Eureka. A . A . G r i fl i t h , 'l'ybo. F. A. Prescott, “ M. Demings, Camp Halleck. E. J. Applebee, Peoche. NEWMEXICO. ' Otto F. Gentz, San Antonio. J. O. Nabours, Roswell. N O R T H CAROLINA. H. C. Chandler, Hamlet. N. H. Sm‘th, Kernevsville. Chas.A. Noak,Lexington. R. S. Powell, Franklinsville. C. . Jameson, Somerville. HenryD.Sherman,DeRnyter.Smith& l um,SouthOrange. J i n k Jones, Remsen. J. P. Newton,So.Otselic. Ahmson Leake, Whitestone. J. Juaire, Cohoes. F. J. Morrison, Silver Creek. J. 0. Cooper, Dover. D.S..Wri¥ht,Valley Stream. J. H. Pau , Hempstead. J. D. Hopkins,Truxton. J. Manchester,N. Y. City. D. Hermance, Hempstead. W. H. Chidester, N. Y. City. S.H. Russell,-CrownPoint. H. K. Smith, Philimont. Robert Wilson. Willard. Frank Haiss,PikePond. E. K. Norton,Elmira. Peter O’Malley, Jr., Colton. S. Webster, Websters Corners. SamuelBrock,Barrytown. H. W. M nrdock,RousesPoint. H. A. a y, Nelson. Mrs.N. W. Childs, Gasport. T'rhau Prescott,Machias. .7. D. Stansbury, N. Y. City. NEW YORK. NEWJERSEY. Wm. Bowers, East: Newark. P. H. Feely, Milbnrn. Washin t o n Meeker, Orange. F. C . O ’ t e i l l y, Orange. John M. Knight, Stunhope. Geo. Warren, Ruhway. Amos Reed, Hackettstown. C.Ulrich NewProvidence. Lyman . Carey Flanders. Wm. M. Smith, Orange Val. T. J. Allen, Stanhope. S.D. Chittendon.Bloomfield, Joseph H. Bissell, Stanhope. Wm. P. Devor, South Orange. Charles 'l‘uck< r, Orange. CarlSchundt,Chatham. Miss Louisa Johnson, Wash‐ i ir rl lt té ét to on n V V a a l l l l e e y y . . C. S. Graves, Mount Upton. Edward W. West, Dover. Geor e C. Riley, Massena. D. A. Whitney, Bridgeville. G. C. erwilli er,Washington. A. S. Cooke, Hope. F. E. Smith, incinnatns. James L. Smith, Kingsland. B. D. Winans, M.D., Caldwell. T. L. Dancer,Bloomfield. Rev.J. Pope,Johnsonsburg. E l iVanHouten, Belleville. F. Dean, Brookside. Jas. H. Campbell, Caldwell. D. F. Dobbins, Caldwell. E. F. Dodd,Mt.Clair. Jos. Cummings,Oran reVal. Patrick Manning, Bel eville. C. S. Menagh, Orange. Elias Thompson,LyonsFarms. J. W. Grippin, Lebanon. Michael Barry, Orange Val. Jepthn A. Baldwin, “ “ Wm. B. Pollard, Denville. NEBRASKA. M. Hayward,NebraskaCity. F. A. Steinhofcl, Scribner. Jas. N. Yeamans, Lincoln. S. H. Hillard, David City. OHIO. .laolfii IFIvai-ri, Saxton. C.W.Hasiin 5,Fort Recover . - - ran ‘ s , New Geneva. Chas. Petertgm,Fosteria, A-J. Gvrlmrt. West Salem. W. J. Hnine,Furmington. Gen. B. Lewis, Dayton. J. Marsteller, Hubbard’sSta. o, L, Mullen Sandusk , G.C.Weaver, Flomduy’. H a r v e y F. Rupert, Albion. S. J, Johnson, Sedan. Edwin Aldrin, Cincinnaiti. y Ralph KY191} Dudley. M- H. Blrmmghani, Alton. . W- S-Vuudruff.Kltby‐ R- B- Camp, Meshoppqn. ~ H. H. Vancott, New M i l f o r d . 0- M- Puttee, Scotldale. Geo. W- Mornsf Hontzdale. Thos.Kirk Jr. Luthensburg. W.G.Sanderstriftwood. 0 0 “ HOffmflfly Berrysburg. PENNSYLVANIA. 24 M r s . A. E. Wells, W. Salem. C. J. Billingshurst, McArthur. R. W. Whitaker, Langley. Rev. F. J. Swuney, Waynes‐ Wm. A. Lomax, Greenwood. burg. . . F. T. Lockyer Sparinnburgh. IsaacFlamingy RushRun. ’ - w M. J' Lawrence, Cleveland. J. D. F. Duncan, Black Station. TheronFrench,NorthBristol. H'EaStean’GmhamsTummt' Geo. Meyer, New Franklin. TENNESSEE G.J.Kelly,.}{awson. ‘ A.W.Wooten,DicksonSta. J. H. Benedict,Mechanicsburg. A. Briant, Wilton Springs. OREGON. T E X A S . E. L. Easthum, Oregon CitY- Edward McDowell, Galveston. A. G. Sprechcr, Independence. John Jackson, Dallas. N. Hubbard, Independence. A. Morris, D1.mings Bridge. J‘- D- Burr, 911111356: . ggngcfillifisbfigy Etocton. SOUTH CAROLINA. . . - - RandolphClanL,'lhorpsSprgs. C.Hoffman, Berrysburg. J. I ) . U w v n s Porterfield. J. Léonberger, Philadelphia. Orville McAllister, Royer.’ L. H. Sample, Cross Cut. L. W. Moore, Harford. Wm.L.Avcry,Mechanicsburg.F. R. Killredge, u , William Anderson. M m . John A. Egan, Sabulu. W. Thompson,A110ghany City. John 11. Neidi h, Belleiont. Henry Keller, f‘riglitsville. A. C. Bruughler. Indiana. F. N. Wise, Lykens. E.Micklvy 85Son, Cashlown. O.M. Shelp, NewMilford. Rev. W. L'ee, Spattswood. C. Blim berry, St. Petershnrg. W. T. Hottel, Mt.Jackson. Owen Williams, Jeansville. . J. H. Campbell, “ JflS.W. Hays,Hnrveys. PaulSmith,BroadwayDepot. Wm. McClellan, Wind Ridge. Jas. A. Sewers,L i m e River. L. 0. Masher,Dalton. E.H.Grizzurd,BoykinsDepot. ' Z. \ g ‘ , N W Gunn Homer ' ' ’ ' VERMONT. w_ H. Palmer, Danville, J. c. Stickle, s. Shaftsburgh. 1.03.3] Sanderson, E. Towns‐ liend. J. W. Rallinslmus, Newbury. Chas. B. Folsom, E. Dorset. VIRGINIA‐ J. H.Kagey (gicksbnrg. Booker Loy , oydton. W. H. Letevrc Winchester. ' (Virginia Continued). %VW. goydi‘Mongoe Draft. , - ‘ . . tt ewis ur . ~ Robert G' Bickle, Staunton. WISCONSIN- Albert Grey, Mazomaine. i: i.1;r;:2;.lr;ezzz-sm. R.B-we, “5m‐ o. Richard Cole, Melvina. James Henry, Oconomowoc. Michael Ward, Dekorra. Brady Lawson Porters Mills. T- A- Boiee, LaramieQity. Wm. A. Gould’, Hammond. Geo. Glendenuinf). Prescott. Robert Lawson, elaware. P' Towns, Fort Larimie. FOREIGN COUNTRIES. Samuel llartsell, Newbur . Island. British, N. A. J. P. Maddy, Green SuiphurJohn A. Lindsay, Woodstock, . Ca t. James Hewson, Tamra, Speciety Islands, S’th Pacific. G. F. Crummett, Harrisville. E. Heminover, Van Couvers , , WEST VlRGD‘I A - Springs. Burmp & Pitz, Alderson. J. A. SlamghrerJiaymond C i t y. N. B. Canada. Hugh Armstrong, Alston, Co. R. W. burg. In Cumberland, England. 1 ) . Bearing, Williams- Miss 'l‘. Hartdegem Hassen Jas. M. Cor-rel] Lewisbur . Samuel B. Livesuy,Frankxgord. S.J. Heffner,Lewisburg. A. W. Wills, Quinnimont. J. M. Price, Monroe Draft. ~ WYOMD‘G TERRITORY' Cease], Germauy. PLEASE ENCLOSE STAMP writing' l o a m y of the References named. POST-MASTER OF NEWARK CITY AS REFERENCE. I also refer to the Post-Master of this city, GEN. W I L L I A M WARD, who has heldthatpositionoverten years,during which time I have done an extensive bus‐ iness through the Mails, receiving ashigh as 250 letters a day. If my dealings through the Mails were not straightfor‐ ward and entirely satisfactory, he would be the one to first know it. NEWARK REFERENCE. H. M. Rhodes, Commission Merchant. Rev. A. L. Brice, St. Luke’s M. E. Church. “ W. B. VVigg, 8th Ave. “ “ “ C. R. Barnes, Centenary “ “ “ C. Y. Swan, South Baptist ‘f John Remer, Station Agent D. L. & W. R. R. Dr. C. M. Zeh. James Gargan, Grocer. George Stitcher, Engineer. James M. Smith. Butcher. Linus M. l’rice, National Bank Examiner. James Moon, Hatter. C. W. Carpenter, Prop’r Continental Hotel, Frank Gibbs, Conductor D. L. & W. R. R. Wesley Rhodes, Salesman. Alexander Grant, Dry Goods Merchant. Henry R. Baker, Dealer in Groceries, &c. E. G._Faitoute, Coal Merchant. Benj.- F. Crane, Real Estate Agent, , Edward McNaughton, Merchant Tailor. 1-Edwin Parsil, Manufacturer Pearl Buttons. "Edward'A. Campbell, Wholesale Tobacconist. James L. Carpenter, CustomShoemaker. J. B. Burnett, Flour and Feed Dealer, David Stickle, Wholesale and Retail Milk Dealer. J.D. Rhodes,CommissionMerchant. J. B. Frazee, Dry Goods Merchant. W. H. Faull, Cashier North Ward National Bank. J. H. Hahn, Butcher. 1 refer to tile Pulzlz's/zem of [113 following daily and weekly papers, and also to 1/13 Exprfsx Campanif; of fill; Cily: Daily Advertiser, . Sunday Call, ' Hudson County Dispatch, Adams Express Company, Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Express Company, New Jersey Express Company. Evening Journal, Morning Register, . U. S. Express Company,