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New York Watch Co. Size 16s Model 1872: Overview & Production

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Model 1872* Features

New York Watch Co. Model 16s 1872 Diagram

Movement Diagram

Note: Diagrams and photos displayed are intended to serve as a represenation of this model.
Plate cut, finishing style, jewel count, regulator, and other features may differ between grades within the same model designation.
Size 16s
Configuration Hunting
Plate 3/4
Setting Pendant
Finish Gilt or Nickel
Notes Measures Closer to 17s
Model 1872 Image Gallery

Model 1872 Production

Total Production: ~300
Est. Production Years: 1874 - 1877
Earliest Serial: 9,001
Latest Serial: 9,300
Runs: ~6
Smallest Run: 10
Largest Run: 160
Distinctive Grades: 4

Model 1872 Production Segments

Model 1872 (All Variations): 300 ETP
Gilt: 80 (26.67%) Unknown: 20 (6.67%) Nickel: 200 (66.67%)
Hunting: 300 (100.00%)
Lever: 280 (93.33%) Pendant: 20 (6.67%)
?j: 20 (6.67%) 17j: 100 (33.33%) 18j: 180 (60.00%)

Model 1872 Technical Specifications

Movement Thickness (with dial): 8.68mm
Pillar Plate Diameter: 44.16mm
Core Diameter: 43.16mm
Weight (with dial and hands): 54.81g
Measurement Notes: Upper Plate: 40.51mm, Dial Diameter: 44.18mm, Weight Without Dial and Hands: 46.29g

Note: Measurements may vary slightly depending on features, style, and time of production.

These measurements were taken on movement #9238.