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Rockford Grade 905

Grade 905 is a 21j Openface watch maufacturered by Rockford. The size 18s, Model 9 movement features a nickel finish and is adjusted to 5 positions, isochronism and temperature. During the time the watch was manufactured, it would have qualified for railroad service and is considered to be railroad grade. Each movement was fitted at the factory with a double-sunk dial.

Grade 905 Movement Characteristics

  • Size18s
  • Jewels21j
  • ConfigurationOpenface
  • FinishNickel
  • Model9
  • SettingLever
  • AdjustedYes
  • Railroad GradeYes

Grade 905 Production Info

  • Total Production700
  • Number of Runs5
  • Years1898-1901
  • First Serial519,601
  • Last Serial574,300
  • Largest Run200
  • Smallest Run100
  • Most Common Run100

Research Notes:

The Grade 905 represents one of the finest 18 Size movements produced by the Rockford Watch Company. In company catalogs, the Grade 905 and complimentary Grade 805 were positioned just below the premium Grades 800 and 900. According to factory serial lists, a total of 1,000 movements were manufactured within five distinct runs. However, the last run has been determined to be mixed with Grade 905 and Grade 918 movements as the company moved to market the 918 more heavily for railroad service. The Grade 905 was listed with a price of $50.00 in the 1907 Rockford Catalog and was still being offered on the market as late as 1913.

Movements feature a highly detailed nickel damaskeening design with wavy rays emanating from the center under a wide checkerboard ribbon positioned diagonally from edge to edge. Despite the sharing similar characteristics, the Grade 918 features a slightly distinguishable damaskeening pattern with a tight pinwheel design slightly curving from the center origin to the edge under a similar wide checkerboard ribbon. Most movements are marked "Rockford Watch Co. - U.S.A. - 21 Jewels - Adjusted" with some being adorned with the "RG" insignia.

Mixed Last Run:
The last Grade 905 run designated in factory serial lists [574,001-574,500] is mixed with movements finished as Grade 918. While extremely similar, the 905 and 918 feature distinct damaskeening patterns that can be used to distinguish these grades when the grade number is not explicitly marked.

Last Run Observations:

574030: Reported as Marked "918" [NAWCC Forum]
574036: Reported as Marked "918" [NAWCC Forum]
574049: 918 Marked "Rockford Watch Co. - 918 - 21 Jewels - Adjusted - Temperature - Five Positions - Double Roller" [Verified: JH]
574066: 918 Marked "Rockford Watch Co. - 918 - 21 Jewels - Adjusted - Temperature - Five Positions - Double Roller" [Verified: PWDB]
=== Corrected Run: 918 [574001-574100]

574104: 905 Marked "Rockford Watch Co. - U.S.A. - 21 Jewels - Adjusted - RG" [Verified: JH]
574138: Reported as Marked "905" [NAWCC Forum]
574155: Reported as Marked "905" [NAWCC Forum]
574177: Reported as 905 [NAWCC Forum]
574193: Reported as 905 [NAWCC Forum]
574204: Reported as Marked "905" [NAWCC Forum]
574207: 905 Marked "Rockford Watch Co. - U.S.A. - 21 Jewels - Adjusted - RG" [Verified: JH]
574280: Reported as Marked "905" [NAWCC Forum]
=== Corrected Run: 905 [574101-574300]

574360: Reported as Marked "918" [NAWCC Forum]
574374: Reported as Marked 918 [PWDB]
574461: Reported as Marked "918" [NAWCC Forum]
=== Corrected Run: 918 [574301-574500]


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