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American Watch Co. (Waltham) Illustrated Catalogue of Watches (c.1868)

Catalog featuring testimonials and movements offered by the American Watch Company in 1868.

Copyright Status: Public Domain (+95 Years)

Acquisition Date: June 10, 2022

Digitized Date June 17, 2023

ILLll'STBATED CATALOGUE OF THE WATCHES MADE BY THE OF WALTHAM, MASS. AS THESE WATCJJES ARE FOR SALE JJY ALL IIESPECTA..BLE JEWELLER$. 'fHE COMPANY DECLINE ALL OIWERS FOH SINGLE WATCB~S. For facts and all other information, address ROBBINS & .A.Pl'LBTO.N, Genel'al Agents, No. 1.Blil :Broad.~ay, '1ST'. Y". - DESCRIPTICVAETALOGUE. An illustr11tedrecord of the watches produced at the WK.tham Ma.nufactorymay Qenot jmproper1yprefaced 1 witJ1a brief mention of the considerations which induce us to prei,s them upon the attention of intclfigent watch- buvers. 1ittoo11years'1mcccasfuelxperiencejustifiesusinclnim- ing for the \Valt luun Watches peculiarities of excellence which pince 1hem aLove an foreign rivalry. The sy~ tc111whi<:h govern$ their co~traction is their most obvious wurce of merit. The substitution of machinery for hand labor has been followed not only by greater simplicity, l>utby a prooil)lonin detail, and accuracy and uniformity in their time-keeping qualities, which by the "' old methodBof manufacture ure unattainable. The application of machinery to watch-making h&!,\i.n fact, wrought a reYolution in the main features of the busineilR. In conjunction with enlarged power of vro-- - duction, it hAAenabled us to secure the smoothness und eertR.intyof movement which proceed from the perfect adaptation of every piece to iti. phtce. lnstett.d of a feeble, 8luggish, variable action, the balance, even under the pressure of the lightest maim,pring, vibrateA with a wide and free motion. The several grades of watches hava more than a generRI rer,emhlancc, each to its pat4 they: tern are perfect in their uniformity, and may be • 4 bought and sold with entire confidence ai. to the qnali• ties we asF-ignto them. These general claims to superiority are no longer con• tested. .A.nEnglish watchmaker, in a recent lecture be- fore t1rnIlorological Institute of London, describing the result of two months' clo~e obf.erYation at the various ma.nufft.Ctorieisn the United State!., remarkf-worken,; whoi;e cxpertnei§ ,md experience would be alone aufficient to secure for \VH.1- tham iti. high po;,ition. Among other tributary cau~e:;, rna.ybestated the readines.,,wit11which each t1-ucceeding- i1wention aqd improvement has been tei,ted, and, if approved, adopted. We a.re always ready to examine wlrntever expcrie1we, or art, or 11kill,may suggest, but we l\dopt nothing until ex_perimentt, have demonstrated its excellence. In pursuance of thii; rule, we have brought to our aid all the mechanical irnprO\·emcntsH.nd valuable inventions of the Inst fifteen years, whether home or foreign in their origin. ,ve have thus ncquired th~ exc:lu..ive pot-"'e~:;ionof the hei3ttrnd most valuable ~~1)1e11ti! ,nm,· known ;n .connection with watcl1- f' making, and i,:ecured for the \Valtham factory a force and completene83 not shired by any similar ostablish- ment in the world. Thei,e con~tant efforb, to perfect in all ways, and by all 1neans,.hoth the machinery of the factory and the con etrut.:tion of our watches, luwe placed within our means the production of a. greater vruiety in gr!Mle and finish than other American maken, have attempted. In the ,nannfacture of very fine watches we have no competitor in the United States, and only very few iu Europe. 4 The various styles of the.a.ewatches have undergone the severest trinJ.sin the i;ervice of Railway Engineers, Conductors and Expreei.men, the most exacting c1a8S of ,vatch-wearen;, and the presence of over 400,000 "\Valtham \Vat-ehesin the pockets of the peOpleis the best proof of the pnb1ic approval, and must be ac- cepted as conclusive of their superiority by discrimi- nating \Vatch-buyers, ea-peciallyso since the important matter of price is also very greatly in their favor, being at least twenty-fi.\·e per cent. cheaper, quality for quality, tha~1those made elsewhere in the United States. As it would be impo68ibleto d~cribe Thepe- culiarities of each style in the space allotted for that purpose, buyers are referred to respectable' dealers throughout the counb·y, who wi11 cheerfol1;y furnish all neceosary information both as to the bviousadvanta.ge& It la cheaper at first cost than forei,:n competitors; it i1 llimpler; it contaiRs less than half M ma.ny pieces, and every new piece in- volves a new liability to break; it is ea11ierof repe.ir; besides the higher grades are warranted perpetually against all mlahaps ariliiing from any defect or weakne88 ; and it bide fair to be more durable. But how does it keep time! That, after all, bi the only qJJ.estion, Its succe81!must be the beat answer. The character of a watch is solf-re\·eali,ng. Thi1, on its Intrinsic merit&,bad to flght old prejudice, trade combinations, established reputationa. ln ten years 1t has driven out of Olli'market the foreign watchefJ which were our staple importation. After careful tetJting, it ha8 been adopted as the standard on the Pennsylvania Central, New York Central, and other leOO.ingrailways, where oorrod time la au absolute necessity. 'fhe demand for it bu steadily increased. At the \Valtham factory one may read its hisklry. Here a wing, there another, beyond a third, added year by year to moo, the ~~~~;t!t~fa!:~~b;,; !~f;':i::tt;~dl)~ t~!!n~o:u!h: complete watch every two-&nd-a-haltminute@of the working day I TMsinglefactoryinMM81WhU80ttBun,deroneroofandaupe"i- ~~oo'if~~~d!':~~~~N:Cu1!;:kt~~~he wateh-maken "Tlie beauty the precision, the ~tE)r ehea.pnell8,the uniform excellence of the watch,conatructed by machinery BOexqui<ethat the mere spect.aclf>of its operation is poetic, jlradually give the 'Waltham "ratehea a public preferi!nCe which shall not be deceiv- ed.' -Harpe,r'f Wuklg. 3•• 4 8 1 4 ~!! ;:4 i A,:UO&J'5 -4,Y. The t plate watcbet Rre by far the Lest watch(•i:1mndc in the Cnitt'O Statt'ff, !~dtl~l~si~1~tl~!~~~7~t~r!r:ru~fi·e~1'. 11 tt>mptt'd, except at ,va.Jtham. TM,//t icatrli~•(lrt 1w1f'mad, to1cindat tli11-tem. LADIES' WA'l'C'HES. 3 4- ~:e v ;rfd~t "t!';;t!~{:~l/e\~t.i~~tf!;: FULL PLATE WATCHER. Bu-vtr11ll.ooJdrmwmlin'lll.atoiwoflAt3⁄4 plattwatc,.,,,...al.o,IH1.1r1IIIUtra