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E. Howard & Co. Series III
Serial #11706

Image of E. Howard & Co. Series III #11706 Movement
Movement Image
Image of E. Howard & Co. Series III #11706 Dial
Dial Image
Image of E. Howard & Co. Series III #11706 Case
Case Image
Manufacturer E. Howard & Co.
Grade Series III
Serial Number 11706
Size 18s
Jewel Count 11j or 15j
Setting Key
Finish Gilt
Case Material Silveroid
Case Manufacturer
Case Serial # 3011300
Case Details 4-25-18, As seen on E-Bay. Very nice example of a Mershon Regulator. Dial is also very nice. Crisp clean Gold Gilt movement. Starting Bid $799.00

Grade: Series III
Proximity Match: Serial #11706
Proximity: 99
Manufacturer: E. Howard & Co.
Manufacturer Location: Roxbury, Massachusetts
Movement Serial Number: 11706
Grade: Series III
Model: N (size)
Estimated Production Year: 1861-1871
Size: 18s
Jewels: 11j or 15j
Movement Finish: Gilt
Movement Inlay Color: None
Movement Setting: Key
Regulator: Mershon
Railroad Grade: No
Movement Markings: Mershon's Patent
Dial Material Enamel
Dial Type Single-Sunk
Dial Style Roman
Dial Signing Name E. Howard & Co. Boston
Dial Details
Movement Markings N (size)
The N was stamped and is related to an approximate size Sz18, 1 13/32". This is listed on Pg 256 of The Complete Guide to Watched. Its hard to tell with this case, but E Howards often did not exactly fit the common Sz18 cases.