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Illinois Bunn Special
Serial #3767897

Image of Illinois Bunn Special #3767897 Movement
Movement Image
Image of Illinois Bunn Special #3767897 Dial
Dial Image
Image of Illinois Bunn Special #3767897 Case
Case Image
Manufacturer Illinois
Grade Bunn Special
Serial Number 3767897
Size 16s
Model 9
Jewel Count 21j
Setting Lever
Finish Nickel
Case Material Nickelsilver
Case Manufacturer Classic Watch Case Co., USA
Case Serial # Unnumbered
Classic Watch Case Co., USA (CWCCO, USA), was form March 18, 2018. The idea started in April of 2015 with designing 16S salesman cases. It is US based company with manufacturing facility in Taiwan.

United States made the best watches in the world, not Swiss. The movements are so amazing, craftsmanship is unparalleled in the world. The requirement of Railroad Grade specification is so stringent, it challenged American watch makers to the level no others can meet.

The objective of Classic Watch Case Co., USA is to let the world know and appreciate these masterpieces and remember their legacy etched in history. However, the beauty is encased where no one can see it, so Classic Watch Case Co, USA intends to produce clear back cases (or now commonly known as display salesman cases) so collectors can appreciate and showcase the pride of ownership.

Classic Watch Case Co., USA is founded by American pocket watch collector. We, at CWCCO, USA know that all of the watch case companies of the past do not survive the economy because the demand is not enough to sustain the company. Similarly, CWCCO, USA will also face similar fate. But, we would like to invest and promote pocket watch collection to younger generation of collectors.

Historical Record Keeping

The current 16S display cases being sold is called Pacifica, and it is Size 16S Model 1 - UU. It took 1 ½ year to make with 5 failed molds. This gives us renew appreciation of the preciseness of past watch case makers. Pacifica Model 1-UU will be produced in quantity of 1,000 pieces (500 Gold Plated and 500 Silver Plated). The base metal is Nickel Alloy. It is unserialized and unsigned. Pacifica Model 1 - UU has announced 2 releases, each with 250 pieces (125 in Gold Plated and 125 in Silver Plated). The 3rd release will be in late May or Early June, 2018. At that time, we will also have 1st release of 18S, Atlantica Model 1 - UU (Unsigned, Unserialized). Total quantity of Atlantica Model 1 will also be 800 pieces (400 Gold Plated and 400 Silver Plated). There will be a total of (1,000) Pacifica Model 1-UU and (800) Atlantica Model 1-UU be produced. We will not produce anymore of Pacifica Model 1-UU and Atlantica Model 1-UU after that.

Classic Watch Case Co., USA will only have 15 distributors worldwide.

But first, we need you as our fellow American Watch Collectors to support our effort. If you have any issues or concerns, please let us know to correct them. We want to expand the number of collectors to appreciate American watches. It is sad to see a stunning railroad grade pocket watches that keeps railroad times in 5/6 positions and selling less than $300. So, our initial announcement is only to the world of collectors. We will post on Ebay, where most collectors find their gems, and forums. It is not time yet to show the world. When the time comes, we, together, will rock the world, and the countless collections in your possessions will truly be priceless treasures.

Dial Material
Dial Type Flat
Dial Style Arabic
Dial Details
Movement Markings Bunn Special
Illinois Watch Co.
21 Jewels
Temp. And
Double Roller