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Population Registry

The run population registry contains a list of known or inferred serial numbers representing watch movements that have survivied from this run. This list is intended to provide relative information for deduction and is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all surviving specimins.

Population Registry for This Run

Total Known Population In Run:

Percentage of Total Run:

Image Serial Number Run Position Primary Identification Method Discovery Date
Image Credit: Sergeant
4C5143 #-34857 Collection June 11, 2016
Image Credit: bwalder
4C7884 #-32116 Collection March 13, 2016
3 4C9181 #-30819 Collection April 08, 2015
4 4C42548 #2548 Collection November 09, 2017
5 4C45355 #5355 Inferred
6 4C47007 #7007 Inferred
7 4C78541 #38541 Collection November 10, 2017
8 4C84092 #44092 Collection May 17, 2019
Standard Deviation of Known Examples: 30,960.87 (Expected: 14,433.90, Δ16,526.97/33.05%)

Note: If you would like to add your surviving example to this population registry, please upload images of your watch to your collection account with the proper manufacturer and serial number.