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Due to the lack of existing factory records, our Hampden Watch Co. database has been reconstructed using observations of known watches.
As a result, the information may contain inaccuracies. Please let us know if you have details that can improve the database.

From the American Horology Archive:
Hampden Grade Molly Stark Pocket Watch Movement

Hampden Watch Co.

Grade: Molly Stark

Manufacturer: Hampden
Manufacturer Location: Canton, Ohio
Movement Serial Number: 1399391
Grade: Molly Stark
Model: 3
Estimated Production Year: 1900
Size: 3/0s
Jewels: 7j
Movement Configuration: Hunting
Movement Finish: Gilt
Movement Setting: Lever
Plate: 3/4 Plate
Regulator: Plain
Adjusted: No
Railroad Grade: No
Dial Feet Locations: 13, 38.6, 54.4
Movement Markings: Molly Stark
Canton, O.
Database Version: v48.129

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Data Verification Reports

Anonymous · August 15, 2019

Serial Number 1396478 was reported as accurate.

Anonymous · August 4, 2019

Serial Number 1399400 was reported as accurate.

Anonymous · July 5, 2019

Serial Number 1396269 was reported as inaccurate.

Note: This gold cased watch is a small-to-mid-sized
ladies pocket watch. It bears no "railroad"
inscription on the gold colored works. However,
it does state "MOLLY STARK" (Hey, remember the
famous lines from the American Revolution "There
are your enemies, the Red Coats and the Tories.
They are ours, or this night Molly Stark sleeps a
widow!" It probably dates from 1900 (as indicated
on-line) as it bears an inscription on the inner
case lid that reads "EDITH HILL 1901". There was
no indication on the works that I could identify
that stated the number of jewels -- but I doubt it
would be the "23" indicated on line.
Curator Response: Thanks for the report. I have modified the runs to align your serial number with the adjacent run of Molly Stark movements.
Changes since this report was submitted:
Grade changed from Special Railway to Molly Stark
Size changed from 18 to 3/0
Jewels changed from 23j to 7J
Movement Configuration changed from Openface to Hunting
Movement Finish changed from Two-Tone to Gilt
Adjusted changed from Yes to No
Railroad Grade changed from Yes to No
Plate changed from Full to 3/4

Anonymous · June 9, 2019

Serial Number 1398251 was reported as accurate.

Haarie 44 · April 13, 2019

Serial Number 1397988 was reported as accurate.

Anonymous · June 13, 2018

Serial Number 1397249 was reported as accurate.

Anonymous · January 12, 2018

Serial Number 1398326 was reported as accurate.

Anonymous · February 23, 2015

Serial Number 1398726 was reported as accurate.

Changes since this report was submitted:
Movement Setting changed from Pendant to Lever

Anonymous · October 6, 2014

Serial Number 1399305 was reported as inaccurate.

No further details were submitted with the report.
Hampden Grade Molly Stark Pocket Watch Movement