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From the American Horology Archive:
U.S. Watch Co. (Marion, NJ) Grade Edwin Rollo Pocket Watch Movement

United States Watch Co. (Marion)

Grade: Edwin Rollo

Private Label(s) in Run:
D.B. Judd - Chester, Mass. // N.J.R.R.&T. Co. // St. Paul Press // H.H. Reed - Brookly, N.Y.
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Manufacturer: U.S. Watch Co. (Marion, NJ)
Manufacturer Location: Marion, New Jersey
Movement Serial Number: 110825
Grade: Edwin Rollo
Variation: No. 43
Model: 1
Estimated Production Year: 1869
Run Quantity: 1,000
Total Production: 10,340
Size: 18s
Movement Configuration: Hunting
Movement Finish: Gilt
Movement Setting: Mixed
Plate: Full Plate
Balance Type: Expansion
Regulator: Plain
Escapement Type: Straight-line
U.S. Patents: D2281, D2055
Movement Markings: Edwin Rollo
Marion, N.J.
Giles Patent
Database Version: v48.129
Research Note: Mixed Setting Types In Run: BS/KS

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rad291 Supporter 20 ยท October 31, 2020

Serial Number 110434 was reported as inaccurate.

Note: 110434 is open face configuration. All other
information looks correct. Movement setting is
specifically key set, on cannon pinion.
U.S. Watch Co. (Marion, NJ) Grade Edwin Rollo Pocket Watch Movement